CMT’s Sun Records Ep 6 review

This is it. The episode of the birth of rockabilly. Do they butcher it? Read below!

Lets get everything out of the way. First Col Tom Parker. Why? Because I tend to include his reviews at the end and on one week I skipped out on his segments (shame on me!). In this weeks episode he once again proves to me that they could’ve done an entire show on just him. This time he pulls the wool over the eyes of some gentlemen he owes gambling debts to. I won’t give it away but I’ll say that the end gets a little more gritty than the preview installments have been. Oh and he is naked at some point.

Johnny Cash is still overseas. We’re 80% into the show and he has yet come back to America. Though one of his buddies is and the ending to the whole segment will leave you a little saddened. Though the joke one of fellow soldiers says to a guy with an accordian was pretty damn funny.

Jerry Lee is getting wed to his first wife. Who fortunately is not 14 years old or his cousin (I wonder if that pops up later). They seem to focus more on his relationship with Peggy and his jealous (and super creepy vampire date rapist) cousin Jimmy Swaggart than on his piano playing. He hasn’t touched a piano since episode 2 and I almost completely forgot that he plays THE FREAKIN PIANO!! Don’t worry about tickling those ivories Jerry Lee. You just keep staring at those boobs in front of your wife. He was looking so much like a creep that I’m convinced that if he was presented with a piano he’ll try to impregnate it.

Sam smokes in virtually every scene. I reminds me of going to Viva last year and being able to smoke indoors. It was so beautiful!

So finally, I’ll talk about Elvis in the studio. I almost started lactating when the names Scotty Moore and Bill Black popped up on the screen. They need a singer (I’m sure this is not historically accurate) they call up Elvis. At this point I’m getting super excited.  I”m looking like this…


Now I know what happens in real life. I’ve read it multiple times. The guys start goofing around in the studio. They start playing a little more upbeat. Elvis starts singing “Thats Alright Mama”. Sam Phillips eyes bug out of his head. Starts recording. Asks them to do it again. And they cut the first rockabilly song “That’s Alright Mama” (someone is bound to correct me). That does not happen in this episode. Here Elvis is by himself and starts singing “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and the guys jump in at the request of Sam Phillips because they weren’t even in the same room. I hated this so much because of how super enaccurate it was. But at the same time I was giddy over seeing this happen (I was confused). They go on tour later and Sam Phillips most likely has sex with Marion. His wife is currently pregnant. Thought I’d mention that. I skipped out on that out in the last post. Shame if you read this before actually watching the episode.

On a side note the only racial slur in the this episode was towards the japanese! Nice change of pace. We get a Japanese racial slur. And absolute 0 Carl Perkins.

All in all. It is still an entertaining show. You know its all crap. But its like pro wrestling. You know that its not real but you still watch. You have to suspend disbelief. Take it as it is. Much like how “Walk the Line” is one of my favorite movies and it is horrifically not accurate in any way. Holy crap, the first 100 pages of “Cash” literally tells the story of everything in that movie and nothing could be more opposite. I’m surprised Johnny Cash wasn’t portrayed by a Filipino woman! Ok enough of that. Just stop your whining and enjoy the show.

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And as always, stop talking about your car.


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