Lets talk about Gene Vincent

Warning: Originally I was going to do a post called “Top Ten Gene Vincent songs. Other than Be Bop A Lula”. I started writing an introductory paragraph. But ended up writing a 1100 word post without realizing it. So I figured I just forget the songs and just post this. Enjoy!

I don’t drive any more (where in the hell am I going with this?). I used to. When I did I would blast my Gene Vincent Greatest Hits from Curb Records. Even writing this I’m getting flash backs to pomping my hair to a ridiculous height. Cuffing my jeans to a ridiculous length. And driving my Cadillac to get groceries while blasting “Crazy Legs”.  Gene Vincnet and the Blue Caps music is essential if you’re getting into the rockin world (along with Eddie Cochran)(at least I think so, being a fan isn’t mandatory but I might look at you a little weird…double parenthesis!).  I make sure to point out the Blue Caps, because I don’t want to exclude the musicians that worked on these classic. I like to think I have more sense than anyone that works for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Who inducted only Gene into their prestigous club. But to their credit they later brought everyone in. Without Dickie and the gang I’m not sure what kind of memory Mr Vincent would have left.

Image result for the blue caps band

There is a million rockabilly records from the 50s. But no one sounds like Gene Vincent. Like no one. They may emulate his sound a little. But no one can full on sound like him. There are loads of singers that can sound like Elvis to a degree. Johnny Cash has a few good impersonators. But absolute no one is capable of sounding like the boppin mad man who was Mr Craddock (his real last name, thank you Wikipedia!). I didn’t even know what boppin was back in the day. But I immediately connected the term “boppin” with his music. Something so incredibly 50s. Even without the echo I’m sure you could pin point the year. Hell that is almost a lie. There are records he did in the 50s that could pass for 60s. In a sense he and the band was ahead of their time (such a cliche term but for once I mean it).

Image result for gene vincent and the blue capsImage result for kim lenz and her jaguars

Besides sounding like him. No one looks like him (though in the above photo we can see that you can do an epic tribute on an album cover). No pompadour. No tall hair. Just a curly sort of quiff-ish deal. That I think the teddy boys later took and exaggerated a little. He had the sweet clothes of the time. But eventually got an image change. Leather jacket. Black gloves. No one dressed like that. He looks like a vampire! Like Lux Interior’s dad. I know, I know. This goes against anything I would usually talk about on Rockabilly Nerd. I tend to avoid going into looks and clothes. But I’m here to talk about the guy today. I’m not sure if all that was for looks, or he just needed it for riding his motorcycle.


Back to the Blue Caps. Rolling Stone once said they were the first “rock n roll band”. So lets applaud the outdated magazine for actually saying something  noteworthy. To be honest I believe they were second to Bill Haley and his Comets. Prior to this most artists were considered solo acts. Sadly not everyone is remembered for their back up bands (like they should). The Blue Caps, The Comets, The Crickets, Tennessee Two, The Blue Moon Boys, The Pirates, etc. Their musicianship brought less of a hillbilly influence.They still had the stand up (bass bicycle). It was pure rock n roll. Incorporating drums. Stuff like this is why I mostly put the band  in the rock n roll category and not rockabilly. But there are plenty of bands I don’t put the BILLY label that are worth the attention and love.  A good chunk of their music is the perfect bridge between the 50s sound and what came out of the 60s (him and Buddy Holly included). Johnny Kidd and the Pirates definitely owe him a debt. The song “Summertime” was released in 1959 and it screams 60s garage bands (back to what I was saying a couple of paragraphs ago).

On a sadly grim side. I appreciate his workmanship. His dedication. Unfortunately the best example is after April 16, 1960 (and here we are in the 60s). While in on tour in the UK with Eddie Cochran. Both were in a crash that ended the life of 21-year-old Eddie. Gene suffered a terrible injury to his leg that affected him for the rest of his life (oh man this is depressing). Barely a few weeks later his continued the tour on his own. His friend and fellow musician had passed away recently. And he had to have been in terrible pain. But he continued to play the scheduled performances. Imagine that. I know people who can’t go to work two miles away because it is lightly raining outside. And that is why I have the utmost respect for Gene(unfortunately I’m sure he had a few things in his system to cope with pain).

As the 60s hit, a lot of original rockers had no work. Philadelphia singers with no soul filled air waves. British invasion bands were farting on the radio. Luckily Gene Vincent is heralded as a hero in the UK. From what I can tell. Even more than Elvis. Partially cause Elvis never performed outside the across the pond . Gene also lived there for a time . He could go over there to tour. The man still released music but at some point no longer with the Blue Caps. Even doing a song for his fans “Story of the Rockers”. In 1969 recorded with the Hollywood mad man Kim Fowley for I’m Back and I’m Proud (not a big fan of this release but they recorded together which is a cool factoid regardless).Years after his death in 1971 everyone knows “Be Bop a Lula”. I’m not even sure where in the hell I heard it first. But by the time I bought his greatest hits record in my early 20s I already knew that song. It is an american treasure. Along with a good chunk of his (and the Blue Caps) music. It screams :dancing in your socks and riding in your car in style. Its cruising music. Its music for getting all smoochy on your lady music. Its music for getting your first motorcycle. Its writing in your blog about the man himself music. Also for me. This is riding the bus to work with my headphones because I don’t have a car music.

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Psychobilly Nerd: 11 Albums of the 2010s

Wait. Wait. Wait a second.


There you go. Made a few girls upset on here last month. So because I care. I brought you something to cry into when something you like didn’t make it to the list (hi Psychobilly Worldwide on Facebook). Last month I focused on 10 songs (not Top 10…so many angry people and not one noticed that I didn’t put any numbers next to the songs). This month I made room and did 11! Eleven psychobilly albums released from 2010 to 2016 that made me lactate with delight. Ready? Lets get started (stop crying I haven’t even started yet!)

The Meteors “Doin the lord’s work” 2012


I would be tempted to put Power of 3, but I haven’t digested it completely yet. This though! Probably one of the bands best releases in years! Anything post 80s with The Meteors I’m very hit or miss. But this came out and I instantly fell in love. Almost every song sounds like an anthem I should have already known after the first listen (thats bound to make sense to someone). Girl Meat Fever, Hell must be empty, Its a long way down immediately became classics in my opinion.

Frenzy “In the blood” 2010


Are you happy! Steve Whitehouse is on the list! And very much deserving. Every band he plays for are giants in the psycho world (Sharks, Frenzy, Blue Cats). He is legend and shame on me for not bringing up at least one song in my last list Psychobilly Nerd: 10 of the Best Bass Slapping Psychobilly Songs. The bass is ridiculously clear and all the songs are fun. One upping “Nitro Boy”.

Sick Sick Sinners “Unfuckinstoppable” 2014


This is psychobilly that was meant to make you crap yourself. Pure meat headed goodness. Leave your brain at the door. This is for your inner caveman. Now go kick someone’s ass (on second thought please don’t).

Astro Zombies “Frogs Legs”


Have Astro Zombies always sounded this good? This is an honest question. I liked their earlier releases. I became a fan when they decided to do a show in south orange county (poor guys). But I had this on repeat for weeks after it was released. Its a shame because I don’t think I know too many folks that are too into them. Which is a shame. I consider them one the best psycho acts out there (good, everyone stopped crying!)

Koffin Kats “Our Way and the Highway” 2012


(Oh god they’re crying again) The Koffin Kats are incapable of making a bad album! Do you hear that! I could have easily but “Born of the Motor”. But I didnt’ want your computer covered in panties. Always changing just a little each album. And always making it work! For the “haters” be grateful Tiger Army isn’t on here.

Gutter Demons “Showdown at Katacombes” 2014


Canadian psycho gods returned a couple of years ago after breaking up. We all rejoiced! Before putting out their amazingly awesome studio album “Unfinished Business” they put out this live album. I dub this the greatest live psychobilly album ever. Put on the right headphones and it feels like the bass is being slapped right next to your head. And they later found your body in room 209.

Sir Psyko & His Monsters “Til The End” 2011


I discovered Sir Psyko right before the released of this album. This is everything you could ask for in a psycho band. I consider these guys this generation’s Meteors. Please do not hurt me is you disagree. I’m fragile and have 6 kids (or 8…or 1..you don’t know my story).

Demented Are Go “Welcome back to Insanity Hall”


Well that was a lot better than “Hellbilly Storm”. So loud and just what we had been waiting for. Contains the greatest song about a man’s car breaking down and then later joining a women’s mud wrestling team in “Engine Trouble”. Something we can all relate to.

Gutter Demons “Unfinished Business” 2015


These guys literally picked up where they left off. Their first studio album in about a decade. I’m not going to talk about this much. You should have already heard it. “Unfinished Business” totally makes me feel not weird for telling the lead singer than I wanted his sweat to fall in my mouth (don’t you judge me!!).

Retarded Rats “Lost in space and Lost in time” 2013


This release is what happens when Dypsomaniaxe and Torment have a baby and birth it on top a pile of bleached jeans. The most 80s sounding Psychobilly release in years. I should be beaten with a ruler for almost not including it here.

The Magnetix “Boo Bop A Boo” 2011


Love The Meantraitors, but hate their last few albums? Well look no further than The Magnetix. Almost the same band with a slightly more Batmobile influence thrown in there (totally forgot you were crying again). This was psychobilly meant to be listened to with really expensive headphones. Do it! Buy something the rappers endorse and listen to this record!

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Update: Honorable Mention goes to Surfin Wombatz “Dr Sathan’s House of Terrors” 2014


“Planer of the Psychobilly Apes” is enough reason to listen to these guys.



50th Rockabilly Nerd Post!!!

Crack open the champagne. Put on your party hat. And remove the pudding from your feet(that is not a weird american phrase, I legitimately mean it). Its been nearly 6 months since I started this silly page in the basement of my home. On this glorious occasion I am going to do things a bit different. And focus this special post on Rockabilly Nerd itself.


We for starters, I don’t like being called The Rockabilly Nerd. Its the name of the page. Not me personally. I love rockabilly. And if you can’t tell from the stuff in the background of the photo. I’m a complete nerd. Glasses included. We’re not talking about me though.

Drawing (1)

I started Rockabilly Nerd back in April after attending Viva Las Vegas 19. I left. I wanted to talk about it. I realized I had a lot more to say than just about my experience in Vegas. I wanted to blog my thoughts. I wanted to talk about a whole bunch of other things that had been swirling in my mind since I got into rockabilly music.  I know there are others rockin blogs out there. But I feel like I could bring something different to the table.

Prior to this I had done a couple other ventures on the net. A Facebook page dedicated to promoting rockabilly shows in Orange County. Then I wanted to do another one with just funny memes. 13653395_1070691919644936_2353898884163042137_o.jpg

But those didn’t catch on. Until I started this. I wanted to do something different and it caught on. I know, I know I’m not the biggest thing since sliced bread. But I’ve gotten a lot more attention than I expected. Just recently I celebrated a post getting more than 2,000 views. For a nerd that barely goes out to shows any more that lives in a basement that is an achievement. Delta Bombers (only time I’ll name drop) said once that RN is a modernist approach to rockabilly. I’m not talking about being hepcats and cool chicks. Its 2016 and I’m giving it to you like its 2016 (sounds dirty)

I’ve also been shown love by bands I admire. Had people in the rockin world share my posts. And had Q&As with artists I was sure was going to tell me to go f*** myself.


I’ve learned a lot to. I’ve had posts no one really bothered to read: Rockabilly in the digital age. I’ve pissed off a bunch of guys over 40: The Brian Setzer Debate. Also pissed off a bunch of people who I have to assume are 14-year-old girls: Psychobilly Nerd: 10 of the Best Bass Slapping Psychobilly Songs.  I’ve learned to write a lot better than the very first post: Viva Las Vegas 19!!! (it’s a little embarrassing to go back and read). I had other posts no one cared to read :Spooky Rockin Haunts: Rockin tales of the paranormal. I had ones I was convinced no one would check out, and was completely wrong: The Countryside of Harmonica Sam Q&A: Swedish band will boogie in Nashville.

I’ve had attempts at making certain posts that I merely gave up on for one reason or another like..




or this one


If you are reading this, I would like to take this moment to say THANK YOU. I don’t get paid for any of this. But knowing that some where someone appreciates what I do (in a basement….mostly clothed) is payment enough (though if anyone wanted to mail me a pack of Surge soda I’ll tell everyone your band is the greatest ever). You have all made a guy that flunked his entire senior year of Advanced Placement English feel special.

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Spooky Rockin Haunts: Rockin tales of the paranormal

Another themed post for this October. I love spooky stuff. I have Frankenstein next to my bed (some what typical) and a Frankenstein rubber ducky (I don’t takes bubble baths with it….a lot). We have Halloween music on vinyl.  I watch a lot of paranormal shows when I get the chance (there are so many!). So I decided to hunt down some BILLY themed hauntings that are on the net to collect for you (my loyal and devoted readers). Enjoy and may it not be too cold for your skimpy Halloween outfit this year.

The crash site for the Day the Music Died

Clear Lake, Iowa. Is a sad place in history of rock n roll. On Feb 9th, 1959, a plane carrying Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, JP Richardson, as well as a pilot Roger Peterson  crashed in a field. Since then there have been reports of seeing a phantom plane crashing in the field. Supposedly looking just like the one those gentlemen were in the night of the crash. There have also been reports of lights appearing in the sky. Sightings of bright orbs high over the field have also been spotted by locals.

An interesting tidbit. Supposedly Buddy’s ghost has been found at the locations of bars and clubs he had played during the time he was alive. Seems his spirit has somethings in common with Elvis. We’ll get to that in a second.


Buddy Hollys grave

Continuing with the front man for The Crickets. Legend it has it that Buddy Holly’s grave is haunted. But not from Buddy himself. But there are weird superstitious belief involving an angel statue near his grave.

Image result for buddy holly's grave angel

People in the area have said that you must touch the feet of the angel or you may not leave the cemetery alive. Locals and visitors have said they’ve felt a weird presence when they visit Buddy’s grave. Some have said that they have witnessed it crying blood. Others stated that they’ve seen it flap it wings. Look up the show Dead Famous (season 2 episode 7) where they go into detail and go into both the cemetery and the crash site at night (AT NIGHT! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!).

The Louisiana Hayride is full of phantasmagoria

The Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, home to one of the most famous place for country and rockabilly acts back in the day: The Louisiana Hayride. Acts like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Buck Owens, Eddie Bond, Bob Lumen, and Webb Pierce all famously played there. It was a place people tuned into to witness these new hillbilly cats perform.

Word has it that there have been tales of screaming and whispering going on late at night at the building, which still operates to this day. Mostly for haunted tours. Rumor has it that a woman had once been killed in the building and her spirit travels through out the auditorium. Syfy’s Ghost Hunters did a show there not too long ago. They received an EVP recording that sounded like a person talking about a “killer”. Originally I thought they were talking to Jerry Lee Lewis. But he is still alive. And will most likely out live us all.

Stories also consists of ghost touching people and doors slamming on their own. I would love to visit the place so I can try to get an autograph for Johnny Horton. If you can slam a door, then you can hold a pen.

Is it really that shocking that I decided to add an Elvis sighting?

Image result for ghost of elvis

Well there are two kinds of Elvis sighting. There are the Bigfoot-esque sightings, where folks are convinced he is still alive and roaming the world under an alias. And there is the other kind. Where his ghost pops up in Graceland, and Vegas and where ever he damn well please. Other locations include New Orleans and Nashville. Basically he seems to have not stopped touring.

At the Vegas Hilton, its been said that he has been spotted in the penthouse suite. As well as the elevator (I’m a huge fan but I still would most likely crap myself). And basement. He then travels a thousand miles or so to his home of Graceland. Most of what I’ve read. He spends a lot of time in the kitchen. I’m sure he wishes to be able to taste fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches once again(don’t judge, if you had a blog you would make the same joke).

Extra Reading

You can read about a Buddy Holly curse that I did not want to plagiarize.. Feel free to read about it HERE.

Got any better storys involving rock n roll musicians and ghost. Feel free to head to the Contact page and send me a message and I’ll include that either here in an updated post or I’ll make a whole new post. I encourage you to share this on social media. And don’t forget to LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

And as always, stop taking about your car.

Its A Rockabilly World: Reveiw

The music inspired subculture doc. Most have one. Punk has “The Decline of Western Civilization”. Thrash metal has “Thrash”. Hair Metal has “The Decline of Western Civilization 2”. Rockabilly has……..65% of the film “Rebel Beat”. Yes, capturing the essence of the rockin world hasn’t been perfect. Recently a man name Brent Huff decided to capture the elements that make of the rockabilly lifestyle. I got to see it recently and I’m going to give my complete thoughts on the movie. I noticed that in an older post I did, I wrote both good and bad things about a musician, people seemed to just read the first section and continued to send me angry hate mail. Instead of reading the full article and realizing I had a lot of respect for the article’s subject. So in today’s review I’m going to give you rapid fire GOOD and BAD spots from the movie, “It’s a Rockabilly World”. Disclaimer: I don’t have anything against anyone that appears or is interviewed in the film (more like 90% of them). I have 0 complaints about the people in this film. Please do not send death threats.

GOOD: Hey kids, Its Tim Polecat and Eddie Nichols

BAD: Barely any bands are mentioned. Nor are any record labels are brought up.

GOOD:  Gene Vincent gets brought up at least once.

BAD: So many Pin Ups. So many Pin Up models were interviewed in this I some times forgot there were guys in here too. They could’ve edited this and made a decent pin up doc.

GOOD: Jimmy Angel is a bop cat that you’ll wanna hug (at least I do). Once I can say that I feel a doc on just him would be amazing.

BAD: I noticed that a good chunk of this was filmed in Southern California. So I have one question….Where were all the Mexicans?

GOOD: The movie is broken into sections. It has all the normal stuff you would expect in such a film. And I appreciate the “Hot Rod” part is kept relatively short.

At 77, rock 'n' roll vet Jimmy Angel is still going strong in Burbank. He performs June 23 at the Smoke House, and every Wednesday at Viva Cantina.

BAD: There was one lady who basically says that you’re not a real rockabilly if you don’t know anything about cars. On a related note: I don’t know anything about cars.

GOOD: The inclusion of Teddy Boys. The UK subculture consisting of lovers of Rockabilly.

BAD: The inclusion of Teddy Boy Greg. There is a full on discussion about him worth watching though. Fun factoid: He thinks you’re a poser.

GOOD: Can’t think of any at the moment.

BAD: No mention of Teddy boy bands like Crazy Cavan, Lou Cifer and the Hellions, Rebel Ted Rock, King Drapes.

GOOD: Psychobilly gets their own section.

BAD: They show a random punk band during this segment. Showing absolutely no one that I’m aware of in the psychobilly world. Or naming any bands. We do get a taste of it during the end credits to the actual film.

GOOD: Though it is obvious that whoever made this film is oblivious to the rockin world. They at the least did not mention Social Distortion.

BAD: Cleopatra Records owner was interviewed.

GOOD: Ummm…there was a Sun Records poster in the background at one point.

BAD: Wait a second. Cleopatra Records? A label that has had Missing Persons, Christian Death, Quiet Riot….were these guys even trying? Couldn’t hunt down anyone from any rockin label? Rhythm Bomb, Wild, El Toro, etc. Fine, you have Danny B Harvey.

Image result for brian perera

Good: Some might crap all over Drake Bell. But this is a great opportunity. Kids will listen to his music. Hear him talk about Stray Cats and this will inspire his fans to go check it out. So I have nothing to bad to say about him (though I can’t see myself actually listening to him).

BAD: I quit watching Nickelodeon back in 2001.

Image result for drake bell bithcraft

GOOD: The confederate flag is brought up. Bringing up reasons why some like it and some do not. Both sides I feel bring up good points.

BAD: I love Elvis as much as the next guy but to include an Elvis convention hurt a little. So many jumpsuits in a small segment.

GOOD: Viva gets some much deserved love and organizer Tom Ingram gets a good amount of camera time. Along with live footage from last years event.

BAD: There is a few folks interviewed randomly for a split second I question are even part of the rockabilly world. Or fans. Just seem like they went to random places and put a camera in front of anyone with a tattoo.

GOOD: Hey kids its Danny B Harvey.

BAD: I’ve never heard of Switchblade 3. And they are the main band showed through out the movie. That is more on my part.

GOOD: A scene where a couple of pin ups had collected money from a raffle and donates it to a program for veterans. A highlight I do respect the film makers for showing.

GOOD: Another good, because I don’t wanna completely skewer this film. When talking about the history of the music the interviewers were spot on. This is the reason that I had so much hope for this film after the 15 minutes went by. As I stated earlier they could have mentioned older acts and even current (NOT ONE MENTION OF BIG SANDY!!!!).

BAD: Really? No mention of Big Sandy?

On my last post I did a Q&A with Bopflix’s Chris Magee. In it he explained to me how people in the rockabilly scene are weary of outsiders coming in with cameras. I can now see why. It’s not the worst thing that could’ve been produced but these guys could have had some more help. Or put a little more effort to become a bit more knowledgable. For someone outside the scene to watch this film, I don’t think it’ll leave a bad impression. Not like Rebel Beat did with making some of us look like hoodlums. Just be grateful that a major studio hasn’t gotten around to demolishing the rockin  world.

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Bopflix: Q&A with rockabilly’s premiere music video makers.

Are you into rockabilly music? Do you enjoy YouTube? Well chances are you’ve bumped into a video made by the UK film company BOPFLIX! Usually I tend to talk to bands or band members. But I thought that I’d go a little out the box and ask someone responsible for the most popular rockin videos online (as well as awesome DVDs, and promos for events…I really wanted to find a way to include this in here but I figure I’d just type this inside one of my silly parenthesis moments). As much as you probably don’t want to admit it but videos do help bands get exposure. It pops up on YouTube. You click on it and next thing you know you’re buying the album and doing back flips when you find out the artist in the video is going to VIVA. With all that said, below is a little Q&A with Bopflix’s Chris Magee.

Rockabilly Nerd:  How and when did Bopflix get started?

Bopflix: Hi, thanks for taking the time to interview Bopflix. Bopflix started around 2006/7, initially under the name Flipped Lid, but I changed it to something simpler around 2008/9 when the first big documentary I filmed and edited was released – ‘Havin’ A Ball’. I started it first as a hobby then it grew into something that became a day job.

RN:  Have you always been a part of the rockin scene?

Bopflix: I first started going to clubs when i was in my mid teens in the late 90s.

RN:  Do you have a favorite video in your arsenal?

Bopflix: My favourite video is probably The Ladykillers ‘A OK’ because it’s all done on green screen so we had a lot of fun with it, tonnes of freedom!

RN:  How does it feel like to be the most known makers of rockabilly videos?

Bopflix: Well it’s nice of you to say so. I love doing what I do because beforehand there wasn’t much around at all, and most of the time any video person – usually from outside the scene – made any kind of film, it usually misrepresented eveything, making most people on the scene very distrustful of anyone with a camera. The more videos I get to make, the more it helps to promote the scene – the bands, events and people – and hopefully play a small part in keeping it alive, bringing in new people and also recording it for the future.

RN: Any new videos or DVDs in the works you liked to share with me?

Bopflix: I have a new DVD documentary in the works for the Hangar Rockin weekend in Switzerland, music videos for Hillbilly Moon, Twisted Rod, Spo Dee O Dee and more, new promos for events and a whole barrage of session videos with many different artists (and always looking for more to work with)

RN:  Lastly, anything you’d like to say to anyone reading this?

Bopflix: Thanks for watching!

I would like to thank Chris Magee for taking the time to answer some questions. If you haven’t subscribed to Bopflix’s YouTube channel, you can go there HERE. Feel free to share this on social media. You can go LIKE the official Facebook for Rockabilly Nerd HERE.

And once again, please stop talking about your car.

10 Rockabilly Songs for a Halloween Party

I started Rockabilly Nerd back in late April. One thing I’ve been waiting for this whole time is the holidays. The next 3 months expect some themed posts (I’d have something for Fourth of July back in…July but there isn’t too many songs about being Murican). In today’s entry I’ll be unleashing some rockin tunes that I feel would be perfect for your Halloween party. The perfect soundtrack to getting drunk next to a bunch of girls dressed as Harley Quinn.  Oh oh before I continue, please remember. I don’t do Top Tens. I present 10 in no particular order. This isn’t even a definitive list. I do this all for sh**s and giggles.  “I’m so rockabilly I went as myself for Halloween”. Enjoy!

Marcel Bontempi “Old Man Witch”

I know it is a Dave Gardner cover. But the old school horror trailer intro adds the effect. It makes me think of fun halloweeny stuff from when I was a kid. I want this playing while I’m carving pumpkins and being chased by a witch at Knotts Scary Farm(if you’re not in southern California you are missing out).

The Bullets “While you were sleeping”

This is such a creeper song that heaven forbid I didn’t include the stroller. The perfect soundtrack to someones ex showing up to the party unexpectedly. If I were to stalk someone, this would play on my headphones on repeat.

The Sirocco Bros “Devil Bones”

This song unleashes voodoo spirits and should be listened to while wearing a necklace made from bones….like chicken bones. I don’t think the video plays the song in whole. I recommend buying their music immediately. I mean it. Get off your computer. Put your pants back on. Brush your teeth and go buy their album ASAP!

The Polecats “Gravediggers Rock”

Here is one you should have expected on here. Honestly I can’t understand a single lyric in this song. Still the organ and the creepy voice added to this makes it perfect inclusion that no one will cry about to me later about.

Imelda May “Ghost of Love”

I’m going to get so much crap for this. I’m going to get so much crap for this. Don’t care. Unleash the fury. Don’t you dare deny Darrel Higham’s guitar playing. There is a little eeriness to this song. Which helps explain that I didn’t pick this purely cause it has the word “Ghost” in the title.

Jackie Morningstar “Rockin in the Graveyard”

How many compilations have you heard this obscure classic on? 2 minutes and 39 seconds of a nice novelty song where the narrator constantly tells a ghost to wait a minute. I don’t think I would do that.

Kim Lenz “Zombie For Your Love”

Ghosts, Ghosts, Ghosts, and now we got a Zombie. That wants your love. Quite possibly for your brains but allegedly wants your love mostly.

The Rhythm Shakers “Panic”

This is the perfect song to get chased by. If I were to make a movie, this would be in a chase scene. Like a walking pineapple that throws flip flops…..I should never write a screen play.

Twisted Rod “When I watch you”

“I watch you in the shower baby, watch you in the bath, watch you in the bedroom, you can hear my laugh”. Another creepy songs but such a damn good tune from Rhythm Bomb’s Twisted rod.

Terry Teene “Curse of the Hearse”

Terry Teene, Terry Teen, Terry Teen. Terry was born in 1942. Recorded hundreds of songs, using up to 70 different names. Along with rock n roll he also had a side job as a clown. And at one point became one of the people responsible for Ronald McDonald. Also in 2016 (four years after his death) his most well known song (Curse of the Hearse) creeped the hell out of me in my basement room while I was typing this article. Congrats to Terence Knutson.

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