Rockabilly in movie soundtracks Part 1: It Happens

I think we have all experienced this at least once. You’re watching a movie. A song pops up. Your ears pop up like you’re a German Sheppard. You realize a song you know is playing in a movie. You tell your friend you’re watching with that you know the song. And they let you know they don’t care! But besides that, it is nice to see someone you admire musically get a spot in a film. On this addition of Rockabilly Nerd I’m continuing with the themes I started with Rockabilly Songs That Should Be in a Tarantino movie and a little bit on Random Rockabilly Factoids!. Since everyone knows about Charlie Feathers in Kill Bill, I’m going to skip that one.

I’m going to start with something I ran into recently. If you haven’t figured out from the name of this site, I’m a Nerd. So I’m watching Star Trek: First Contact. In the video above around the 1:20 mark, this song pops up.

This Sun Records classic makes two appearances (in THE SECOND GREATEST STAR TREK FILM EVER!). (I promise not to spoil too much) The film shows the first time Human beings make contact with extraterrestrials. They’re at a bar and it plays again. So appropriate that the first taste of earth music we show them would be something from Sun (good thing it wasn’t Flying Saucers Rock N Roll).



Did you see this hunk of crap!? No you didn’t. But I did! My old roommates had a copy of this 97 straight to video threequel. Oh the look of glee on my face when I recognize Mr Heath’s guitar.

There is a scene with a fight. I believe its the kid running away from bad guys wanting to keep Willy captured. I’m probably way wrong. Don’t make me watch this again!!!

Wild Target was released in 2010 starring Rupert Grint (RON WEASLEY!!!!). Only Americans that are aware of this film is die-hard Harry Potter fans…might be true for U.K. folks as well I assume. We get treated to two Imelda May tracks!

First we get this around this beginning during a chase sequence. Then later we get “Mayham”.

Its actually a good movie. I recommend checking it out if you have the chance.


I know that you are going to lie to me and say you have never seen this. You have. I’ve seen it. You’ve seen it. Your cousin saw it. It is the rockabilly porno. Released by Vivid Alt back in 06 (I think that was the year). A division of Vivid (come on you all watch porn!). They wanted films that targeted sub cultures and stuff not touched before (there was this terrible Betty Paige theme one back in the 90s that I so so so did not see). This one was pretty cool. It was my introduction to the band 13 Cats believe it or not. As well as Luis Y Los Wild Teens.

I was going to show another video but that contained a little nudity. And I assure you I would never ever post nudie videos on Rockabilly Nerd. But the next song I’m about to post had a girl dancing around showing everything. Just close your eyes and use your imagination.

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Jittery Jack Q&A: The Definitive Rockabilly Nerd Q&A!

Do I even have to explain who Jittery Jack is? You should be a fan by now! Either you were rockin out in the 90s to his earlier band the Raging Teens. Or you’re in the rockabilly scene nowadays and checking him out at Viva and the New England Shake-Up. If I were to make a list of modern day acts I’d put him in my Top 10 (I kinda already did, putting his latest album on my list of Ten of the Best Rockabilly Albums From The Last 5 Years). Pretty soon Jittery Jack and his guitar genius Miss Amy will be reuniting the Raging Teens next month for the Shake-Up and Mr Kevin Patey was nice enough to answer some questions for me while he was in France. The results are below (read everything in a Boston accent!).

Rockabilly Nerd: Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions. How did the idea of a Raging Teens anniversary show come about for the New England Shake-Up?

Jittery Jack: Beck Rustic, (Head Gal in Charge of the New England Shake Up), it was all her doing.  I had mentioned it was the 20th anniversary of the Raging Teens and she asked if we’d do something to commemorate it.  This time we’ll have Keith “Shoeless Shubey” Schubert on drums so it’s a real reunion!

 RN: Is this going to lead to any other activities with the Teens?

JJ: Unlikely.  Everyone is busy doing different things, Keith owns his own restaurant so taking time off is difficult.  I never say never but this is likely a one off.

 RN: Which event do you like to do more? The Shake-Up or Viva?

JJ: Viva is a lot of fun, a chance to see pals from all over the world, I truly love playing and even attending.  The Shake Up is close to home and organized by a great pal, not to mention fast becoming one of the biggest little weekenders in the world.  I’d have to say it’s a toss up!

RN: Any new material in the works? If so anyone going to be involved like Shorty Poole again?

JJ: I’m hoping to head up to Maine when I get back to the States to do some recording with Sean Mencher using the Event Records original studio equipment.  Miss Amy will be on guitar and as much as I’d love to have Shorty onboard I don’t think he’s ready for another New England winter.  That being said I always bounce my ideas by him and I’m sure he’ll be involved in the mastering process.  I love working with Shorty, I recommend him to everyone!

I recorded a record last summer in the UK, “Darrel Higham meets Jittery Jack”.  It is being pressed right now and should be out any day.  We recorded at Embassy studio which is Darrel’s own place.  I wrote half the songs and sing on all of them.  It was a blast to record, hopefully everyone digs it!

 RN: I really enjoyed your web series “Havin a time”. Is that over with or do you plan to do any more in the future (the bathtub interview was genius).

JJ: It’s been on hiatus for a bit as I’ve been busy but I do hope to revisit it again soon.  It’s funny, I didn’t really think anyone was watching but lately so many people have been asking me about it that I think it’s time for another episode.

 RN: From one dad to another, here is your chance to plug your daughter’s stuff haha.

JJ: Yeah!  My daughter Annabelle is an incredible singer/songwriter/guitarist.  Her style is sort of indie/folk and I think she’s got a bright future ahead of her.  She just did a full West Coast tour and I’m sure when school is over (she’s only 17) she’s going to be eager to get back on the road again.  Her debut album, Polaris is available on Spotify and iTunes etc…  give her a listen!

RN:  Is there anything you would like to say to anyone reading this?

JJ: Thanks for all the wonderful support I get all around the globe.  Hoping to continue the touring activity into 2017, lots more Europe, love to get back to Australia and of course the US, West Coast.  We’re tentatively heading out to your neck of the woods in November so I’ll keep you posted on dates. Cheers Billy!

Cheers to you Jack…Jittery Jack…Kevin? Thanks again for being awesome enough to particate in this. Hope to see you this November here in Cali.

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Come back next time when I’ll harass everyone asking for Social Disortion to  play at Viva.


10 Of The Best Bass Slapping Rockabilly Songs Part 2

You made your voices loud and clear! There is so many great songs that show off that sexy wooden instrument (the doghouse bass, double bass, ….bass bicycle) that simply doing 10 songs was not justified (you can read the original list HERE). So I decided three months later. Its time to whip out 10 more. This list includes suggestions from comments left here and my Facebook page for Rockabilly Nerd. I would like to thank YOU the reader. For metaphorically throwing a water balloon full of ketchup in my direction to get my attention. I will make sure your voices are heard! Time to enjoy ten MORE of the best bass slapping rockabilly songs!

High Noon “Bluebonnet Boogie”

Good god listen to that bass solo! I’m not too big on instrumentals but this is essential slapping (try saying “instrumentals but this is essential slapping” three times fast).

Willie Kevin and Todd “Be my baby”

I would like to thank Mr Turgis from The Rockabilly Chronicle . He mentioned the High Noon song above as well as this one. High Noon of course I’ve loved for a good while but….I have no clue who Willie Kevin and Todd are. I’m typing this totally clueless to them. I’m not totally sure how old this song is. But this bass playing is hypnotic and I think its telling me to either rob a bank or dance.

Brian Setzer Orchestra “Drive like lighting(crash like thunder)”

I’m gonna get so much hell for this! I absolutely love the bass slapping in this song. Its one of the best things BS has ever done. I know I know, this is his “swing” band. But this is not a swing song at all. Its neo-rockabilly with a horn section.

Jack Earls “Crawdad Hole”

People threw a few songs in the hat. This songs got mentioned more than any other. That is some perfect 50s Sun bass slappin. I want some crawfish after listening to this sexy number.

Dale Rocka and the Volcanoes “Midnight Ball

Here is where I pop up something newish. Great album opener for a great album. The bass playing here is as steady as a teenage couple from a mid 90s sitcom(if you’re not american, I apologize if that made no sense).

The Delta Bombers “All Through The Night”

The mandatory Delta Bombers mention of the week. At this point I’m surprised I haven’t done an entire post dedicated to my fellow bearded warriors of rock n roll. Listen to this. Play Air Stand Up Bass then sing along to the song while making eye contact with the person to your left.

The Cramps “Daisys Up Your Butterfly”

I remember listening to the album Stay Sick and realized I was hearing a stand up bass (bass bicycle if you will…… one calls it that). It’s a beautiful thing to see one of the bands that were playing rockabilly and rockabilly inspired music in the US during the 70s using the international symbol for rockabilly (I promise to not type rockabilly again for another paragraph or so). Update 8-24-16: After posting this I was sent an email telling me that this is not a stand up bass. Its an electric bass and the clicking sound is from the drums. Oh boy did they pull the wool over my head. I’m keeping on the list in honor of the band.

The Blue Cats “The Tunnel”

I wanna thank Norwegian reader Jorden messaging me today about my posts and sneaking in this song. I have to agree. It’s such a slow song with such a fast pace slappage (not a real word but I’m going to use it from hence forth).This band was and still is brilliant.

Roy Kay Trio “Fightin Bop”

On the minority side of the rockin world. A traditional band that doesn’t include a drummer. This is one of their most rockin tunes. Playing this song on a loop will cause you to tap your toes to the point that the soles will wear out to your socks.

Elvis Presley “Mystery Train”

How dare I almost hit the end of this list. And not include some Bill Black! If it wasn’t for him none of the above songs would even exist. Bless him and all of Sun records.

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5 reasons: I wish I was going to The New England Shake-Up

This year after loving the rockabilly world for so long I finally did it. I went to Viva Las Vegas. I had the time of my life. Did I get my fill….NO! I wanna travel more. Also I wanna write about more than stuff that is going on within driving distance of my southern California town. Most of you reading this are probably not from the same spot as me. I wanna appeal to you folks. How do I talk about an event I’m most like not able to go to (I work for a living). By letting you know the reasons why I wish I was going! In this new feature: 5 Reasons. If I can’t be there. I will give you 5 reasons I should be there. So read below 5 reasons I wish I was going to The New England Shake-Up!

#1. Bloodshot Bill and spaghetti!


Canada and Italy! The two are as synonymous with one another like…..cocain and waffles ( Ricky Bobby reference anyone?). My favorite one man band from up north (he is basically the only one I’m aware up, I just didn’t wanna type Canada more than once….oh crap this parenthesis kind of defeated that purpose) performs the opening night. What is my second love, behind live shows? Food! The Sturbridge Host Hotel will have spaghetti and meatball dinner specials. Just looking at that flyer makes me wanna chomp down on my screen.

#2. The Raging Teens 20th Anniversary.

I’m a big fan of the music of Jittery Jack and Miss Amy’s guitar playing. Unfortunately I got into Mr Patey’s music only in the recent years. So when I found out there was a band before them I had to give the Teens a listen. Moments like this shouldn’t be missed. It’s great that a weekender like this can bring bands back for one night. Suck on that Coachella.

#3. Learn to Jive and Stroll!


Besides the bands playing, the other attraction at shows are…the people themselves. At an even like this there is probably a big crowd up people dancing between band sets to the DJs. The more the merrier in my opinion. I definitely need a class. I got no rhythm and two left feet (I feel I’m quoting a song and it is not coming to me at all). If I was there I would jump in there immediately to learn how to…..stroll…


Jeez I was kidding!

#4. High Noon and a killer line up of acts and DJs


High Noon and Three Blue Teardrops on the same bill! Raging Teens as I mentioned before. Kim Lenz! Babe Miller! Marti Brom!The Rip Em ups! Dave and Deke combo! Cash O Riley (remember when I included him on my post Random Rockabilly Factoids!). Every year when the bands are announced I drool over who is playing. Beck Rustic (the event’s organizer, creator, and apparently someone that can fit in your pocket) has made sure that this event has its down identity compared to other events (your Vivas, your Nashville Boogies) . I can envision myself having the time of my life !

#5. I wanna experience what a weekender is like on the East Coast.

This one is completely personal. I went to Vegas this year for the first time ever. I got bit by the traveling bug. My brain is swirling. Wanting to venture out. I’m curious on what its like throughout the United States (and outside the country but you know….baby steps).. I wanna rock out constantly. It is a drug and I’m addicted. Plus I want clams. But alas. I’m not going due to work. Feel bad for me.

Look, that’s me!


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Come back next time when I’ll car jack someone and rob a grocery store so I can head out to The New England Shake up.

Lets watch some 80s rockabilly music videos!

The 80s…I lived 7 years of it. Barely remember that decade to be honest. I think the furthest I can remember is 1988. Or not. I was to busy wetting the bed and not learning how a calender works.I was oblivious to the rockabilly world. Except for the Stray Cats but I learned about them through a Disney movie (read about that HERE!) and nostalgic VH1 specials on the 80s. You can imagine the shock of someone my age finding out that there were rockabilly videos back during said decade. Thank goodness for YouTube! I can view these gems at will. I don’t have a clue if any of these aired on MTV or whatever they had over in the uk……feel free to tell me in the comments. Lets sit back and watch some. (there is at least two where I question if they are from the 80s or the early 90s, if I was wrong let me say… what?)

Ray Campi with Rockabilly Man. I love Ray actually had a video. I first saw this on the Rebel Beat documentary ( future review coming in the future). This one looks fun and who doesn’t love Rockin Ronny!? You lie Ray. You do not have a greasy pompadour. But I still think you’re awesome.

Robert Gordon doing what he does best. Performing killer covers(I made at least 10 of you mad). I think this Johnny Burnette one is his most well-known cover. Nothing flashy just a nice performance and some lip syncing ( I once had to explain that all music videos involved lip syncing and this basically started an angry shouting match…thought I’d share).

Neil Young and the Shocking Pinks with Cry Cry Cry. Not a cover of the Johnny Cash classic. I merely posted this for shits and giggles. Did anyone like this album?

Shakin Pyramids with Take A Trip. I wish there was a better quality. For a band that was more on the acoustic side I feel so much energy here! Stop squinting your eyes it will not get any more clearer.

Ladies and Genltemen A-Ha with “Take On Me”….bad joke. No it’s “Make that Move” by The Rockats. This had to have been recorded over the pond on their mtv. I can’t imagine seeing this here in the U.S. It’s too awesome. Oh boy and I gave Brian Setzer hell on The Brian Setzer Debate. I question if I should have even put this video on this list but I do like this song. On a side note I really want to get a bunch of people together to reenact this video.

The Riverside Trio ! A Blackpool band on a pier playing a nice amalgamation of american styles with just three members. Impressive!…Was the guy at the beginning supposed to be funny. I don’t know…..I’m going to lose sleep over this.

I remember running into this video when I first got into the rockin world. And I read the name “The Polecats”. I wanted to find out who they were. Searched them on YouTube and this popped up and I fell in love.

I would like to point out that David Hidalgo had the greatest goatee of all time. Also for some reason I assume that all of The Paladin’s performances start with someone yelling “POWER SHAKE!”. That last one was horribly false. Nice video but I really want to reach through the screen and hand everyone a towel! Mighty sweaty in the venue.

Another Polecats video “Make a Circuit with Me”. I have the single for this song so I get all giddy when I see it in the beginning. This looks like this is straight out of a classic episode of Doctor Who (my favorite tv show!). I’m pretty sure it is based on the it since Tim Polecat is a whovian (there we had a nerd moment on Rockabilly Nerd).

This video along with almost all the videos (not the Neil Young one) makes me wish I was born a decade or two earlier. And in a different continent. I would kill to know what it was like in the 80s. I need to get my hands on a Tardis (second Doctor Who reference on this post…I’m on fire today!)

Ladies and gentlemen, THE GREATEST ROCKABILLY MUSIC VIDEO OF ALL TIME! This is art. I’m not saying this because Mark Liddel used to be one of my customers when I worked in Orange County. This is serious 80s rockabilly! The 69 action in the cars is gold! Everyone needs to see this at least once!

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Come back next time when I’ll dress up like I did when I first got into the music and explain to everyone that I’m not a mechanic, tattoo artist, or barber.

Psychobilly Nerd: Smell of Kat Q&A

Due to how popular my first attempt at doing a special Psychobilly Nerd post went. I’m going to make it a monthly feature. I’ll do one of my normal features here but involve rockabilly’s sexy cousin Psychobilly! This month though is special. Americans are waiting for the Long Beach Psyclone (the Viva of Psychobilly here in the states). Each year fans of the music wait for the line up that Brando (the guy that books it and basically is helping keep the scene alive in southern California) has kept secret from everyone. When we finally see who is playing. There is always a good handful of acts on the list that causes everyone’s head to explode. For me it was Spain’s Smell of Kat. I discovered these guys on YouTube a few years ago and loved what I heard. Very 80s rockabilly with some balls included. A band overly worthy of playing at Psyclone. In celebration of the event coming. I wanted to talk to some acts playing. So I hunted down SOK’s lead singer Javi. He agreed to answer some questions from an excited fan. The results are right below.

Rockabilly Nerd: Thank you very much for agreeing to answer some questions. You’ll be coming to the U.S. next month for Psyclone, is this going to be your first time over here?

Javi: Yes, it will be our first time in USA and hope not the last! We are really excited about it!

RN:  A Dream of a Thousand Kats is an awesome EP! How did that recording come about?

Javi: Thanks for your kind words! We are really happy with that EP, it was our first release in 17 years! A limited edition of 330 copies were made and it became sold out in 4 months!
The 4 songs on that EP were already wrote before our split up in early 2000’s, so when we came back, we reworked them a little bit and recorded them for our comeback 7″ and we are really happy with the result!

RN:  I also see that you have more material coming with “Why So Serious?”. Anything to expect?

Javi: Yeah! That’s the tittle of our upcoming 7″EP, two original songs (Why So Serious? and Toxic Love) and a cover version of One Cup of Coffee (and a cigarette) reworked on SOK style!
You can hear a preview of it on the following link;
We recorded the three songs early that year in El Rancho Loco Rock and Roll Studio, that P. Paul Fenech owns in Italy, he produced us and did a killer work and he even played the second solo on ” Why So Serious?” and sounds amazing! We are really excited about  this release!
The limited edition 7″EP should be avalaible from september 2016, we really hope we get it on time to bring some at the Psyclone!

RN: Are you excited to be heading to this part of the planet next month?

Javi: Yeah! Sure, really excited to go to the USA, where Rock and Roll and Rockabilly was born! It will be a blast!

RN:  I notice your fans are mostly Psychobilly types out here. Do you consider your music psychobilly or neo rockabilly?

Javi: From the first day, on 1994, we always thought about ourselves as a Neo rockabilly band, but often we are labelled as a Psychobilly band.
We really define our sound as Neo rockabilly but as it doesnt exist something as a Neo rockabilly scene, guess we belong to the psychobilly scene anyway

RN: And finally, is there anything you would like to say to anyone reading this?

Javi: First, thanks to you for your interest in SOK and to all our american friends, see you soon at the Psyclone!!
Like us on facebook, www.facebook/Smellofkat to be informed of our upcoming gigs and releases and ask to the promoters in your area for us! We are ready to rockin’ in your town!

Once again I would like to thank Javi (or is it Javier….I should’ve emailed him asking first…or do I call him Dave) for being so nice to take the time to answer my questions. And in record time no less (I got one band I’ve been waiting almost two months on). The info on P Paul made me lactate a little.

Come back Next time when I’ll hand out condoms outside the Seaport Marina Hotel so no one has a Psyclone baby.

Rockin Album Reviews #3

It is that time of the month again. It’s time for Rockin Album Reviews. Where I review a bunch of albums I’ve come across and explain them in my whimsical and witty style. Please note, I’m in no way kissing anyone’s butt in doing these reviews. I do review albums I do not like. Also, Rockabilly Nerd does not like every album and band I hear. If I’m not a fan I just take the high road and don’t bother wasting my time talking smack about the album here.Plus if it isn’t my cup of tea but I know there is a fan base for it I’ll let that fan base know what to expect. With that said enjoy and go buy some records!

The Same Old Shoes “Real Gone Sessions” (El Toro)


Lets start with Italy’s answer to High Noon. Rockin debut! First thing I have a to say. Recorded the way I like it, on tape!  It sounds like they were pulled right out of an obscure compilation and cleaned up with some lemon pledge and BAM! You got some authentic rockabilly. I totally forgive them for having the word “baby” on three song titles. I declare these guys are worthy of appearing at viva one day. Recommended for fans of High Noon or Mike Bell and the Belltones.

The Retrobaits “Your Squeezes Don’t Leave Me” (Western Star) download (2)

One of the members of The Retrobaits gave me a HELLO on Facebook. When I realized they were on Western Star I immediately checked out their latest album. It definitely has that Alan Wilson feel to it. But these guys are very much their own. A few things came to mind about this album. One was I get flashbacks to The Jets in this album.  Mostly in the slow songs that appear (this record has more ballads than your average rockabilly album). But there are plenty of uptempo songs to give it a good balance. This is “dance in your living room with your lady” music. This is music for the love bugs. This is music to make out with your significant other to. This is what you play when you grab someone’s buttocks.  This is perfect for driving around in your car on a long car ride with your lady. This is what you listen to if you refuse to switch to water based pomade. This album will cause at least one baby to be made. That is all I’m saying.

Silvertooth Loos and the Witch “Witch Music” (Sleazy)61jIaz0SPyL._SS500_SS280

I touched on this recently on my list Ten of the Best Rockabilly Albums From The Last 5 Years. So you already know that I love this album! It’s as if the The Cramps were stuck in the swamp living off alligator meat. I’m a fan of Almon Loos’ music especially with the Hoop n Hollers. This takes it to the next level. Some of the sexiest guitars I’ve heard in a while. It almost touches on psychobilly but almost (it barely dips its toes in the waters). In the rockin world this is the most unique release in ages and I heavily recommend grabbing yourself a copy.

The Starjays “Bang! Its the Starjays” (Rhythm Bomb)61K6GHT2h5L._SS500_SS280

Once again a band I’ve mentioned a band before (you can read my article about Rhythm N Blues HERE). But I recently snagged this album up (digitally on amazon cause I was sitting at home and wanted to hear it immediately) and it is another crown jewel in Rhythm Bomb’s arsenal (I’m terrible at expressions). I’m not even going to hold back that I think this is the best thing Roy Kay has ever done (Roy Kay Trio are amazing but….I really like this!). Angelatini became one of my newest favorite females singers after hearing this (I hear she is the Cadillac of women). Musicianship it tight. To make this sound so authentic takes some very talented players. “Bang It’s The Starjays” sounds like they grabbed some obscure 40s recordings and sprinkled some crack on them (Dave Chappelle reference….also I sort of said some thing similar earlier in this article…….I do what I want). This will cause you to snap your fingers and shake your hips until you hear a weird popping sound.

The Meteors “Power of 3” (Mutant Rock)81Ucl-2+LNL._SX425_

If I can talk about Rhythm N Blues, then I can veer into psychobilly! P Paul could do an album with arm pit farts and I would probably love it. One of my favorite bands period, they have surely changed over the years. I beleive they sound even more tough and scary with each release. With every decade their sound changes just a little but keep it psycho and billy. In the 2010s these guys are releasing some of their best material. This is a great follow-up to “Doin the lord’s work” which was one of the best albums released in years. Extra cool points for doing a very original cover of  “I’m the wolf man”.I’ll admit after the first listen I was a little put off by the recording of the vocals. But after a while every song is stuff in your brain. This album will leave you feeling like you can whoop someone’s arse. I sure do and I’m a total pacifist.

Gene Vincent “Boppin N Shaking Italy” (El Toro)


Recorded for Italian television, less than a month after the passing of fellow musician Eddie Cochran (oh dear….thats really sad….kind of regretting typing that and now I understand why the ads for this fail to mention it…lets just forget I said anything). We got 2 great songs recorded in front of a crowd that obviously loves Mr Bi Bop a lula! Both tracks are awesome. “Blue Jean Bop” is one of my favorite rockin tunes. How in the hell was I not aware of “Sexy Ways”. I love this song now and will play this while dancing in the kitchen in the future in front of my girlfriend.

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