CMT’s Sun Records Ep5 Review

Hey everyone its Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish!

We are now at week 5 of CMT’s mini series, Sun Records. I can’t help but feel there are a bunch of rednecks saying “Hey they’re finally saying the N word on CMT! Gather up the moonshine!”. Speaking of racist rednecks, the episode starts with Dewey Phillips running into a couple of men shooting their guns at the sign for the radio station Dewey works for. The DJ is drunk and high as a kite and also very mad at the station so he joins along with tearing the station to shreds with his new-found friends. Until they realize that he is the reason they are shooting at the building. In a slight twist, it turns out they are parents upset that he plays that “jungle music” that is corrupting their daughters. They then proceed to beat the tar our of him. Once again…….all parents are dicks! (if this is your first time reading my reviews for the show I recommend going back and reading them as well.)

We run into Elvis whose clothing style is influenced by Marlon Brando’s performance in The Wild One. Besides the outfit, the scene is a little forgettable.

images (2)

But if you ask me, I think he looks more like the drummer from the Reckless Ones than The Wild One.

download (17)

But we finally get to see him cross paths with Sam Phillips (Elvis, not the drummer for the Reckless Ones). Magic happens. Elvis plays “My Happiness” for his parents later. Where the TV version of Elvis’ dad shows how he is the king of dicks for this particular episode. Fortunately I don’t think we are going to see any more of Johnny Cash’s dad in the series. Which is good, because we can only take so many dicks (stop giggling).

images (4)

Jerry Lee Lewis gets a little action with a girl who the actor would never be able to get in real life. That is all I’ll say.

The big centerpiece for this episode is Sam Phillips’ assistant getting him to go to a prison where they meet a group of murderers and convicted rapists who have started a singing group. The lead singer Johnny Bragg (who makes it clear that a white jury was going to convict him purely based on him being black) gets a temporary taste of freedom and records with Sam. I was taken aback a little by the performance by Darius Rucker. Whom we all know as the former lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish and now has a thriving career as a country singer (the biggest twists happen in real life..though I wouldn’t call his music real country).

download (18)

We also witness the nicest way a woman could ever convince a man to leave his wife. But unfortunately Marion gets a “oh hell naw” moment that had me going “oh my lord child!”. Just watch the episode. I don’t wanna spoil everything.

They should just do an entire series on Col Tom Parker. I love how he finds ways of swindling people out of money. Including his client Hank Snow (an amazing country artist that I’m sure no one that watches CMT has ever heard of, since country now a days uses drum machines). Next week looks to have a little more of him (in a bath tub…..). I’m strangely looking forward to the next episode. I hope they can reenact the creation of rockabilly without shitting on the legacy (like they did with Johnny Cash’s dad and Elvis’ dad…oh crap I forgot to mention Johnny Cash in this episode, umm  he proposes to his girlfriend over the phone via song. I don’t think it happened that way in real life. Could someone tell me if he did. Anyone else think she is hot? This parenthesis has gone on way too long….. seriously these guys are more than half way through the series and absolutely no Carl Perkins…none! What the hell!).

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And as always, stop talking about your car.



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