Q&A with Frantic Flattops’ Frank De Blase

It was a total mistake. About ten years ago, I sent someone to grab some CDs for me. I was getting into psychobilly music so I gave my friend a list of bands to get. On that list was the band the Frantic Flintstones. Later the guy hands me a bag full of music in a manner that looked like a drug deal went down. As I was going through everything. I was so sad to realize that in the collection was not Frantic Flintstones but a CD by a band called the Frantic Flattops. Well I was bummed but I still gave it a shot. I ended playing the hell out of the album. I loved it. Everyone knows how much I love their music. Mentioned them one of my earliest entries, My fantasy weekender band list. I can honestly say I’m not sure I would’ve been into the rockabilly world if it wasn’t for these guys. With that said,  a few days ago I was looking at that entry and wondered about the members of the Frantic Flattops. So I used my skills (10 seconds on Google) and looked up their lead vocalist and guitarist Frank De Blase. Sent him an email. And he was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to answer a few questions for a fan like me. The following are the results.



Rockabilly Nerd: Thank you very much for agreeing to answer some questions. Could you give me a short history (or long) of the Frantic Flattops. What years were you active?

Frank De Blase: I founded The Frantic Flattops in 1986-87 in Rochester New York. At the time there was no local rockabilly scene whatsoever, plenty of garage, punk and blues, so we shoe-horned our way in and built up a following. We started touring in 1989 (thanks to rockabilly wildman, Joe Clay, who introduced us to a promoter in Washington DC ) in an old station wagon. We hit cities like Buffalo, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, Richmond, Charlotte, and Atlanta. We also hit Canadian cities like Toronto, London, and Kitchener. Our fan base continued to grow and we started running into other rockabilly bands. We started inviting them to play with us in Rochester and a scene began. We Toured Europe twice and played as The Blonde Bomber Ronnie Dawson’s backing band from 1992-1994. We disbanded in 2003 and I briefly played slide guitar in a lo-fi blues band called The White Devils.

RN: What was your favorite memory or best moment of your time with the band?

FDB: We lasted almost 20 years on the road. I made a lot of great friends, danced with their girlfriends, raised hell, broke hearts and played some fantastic shows. I mean,  I made my living with a guitar, what more can I say?

RN: Hi Fi Honey had an impact on my life personally. Anything you can say about the recording of that album?

FDB: Looking back, HI FI HONEY was an amazing recording. I don’t know how we pulled it off with such a crude set up. We recorded it live with just two mics in the room. Mono. No overdubs or studio stunts. As we became more involved in the rockabilly scene worldwide it was apparent that a lot of bands were concerned with being traditional or period correct. We weren’t. We played a little too fast and loud for that — we were the Frantic Flattops for Christ sake! And HI FI HONEY proved that. I still love that record.

RN: What have you been up to nowadays

FDB: I have parkinson’s disease so unfortunately I can’t play the guitar anymore. I do perform in a beatnik jazz ensemble called Busted Valentines though. I host a weekly radio show featuring local bands, write as a music critic for CITY NEWSPAPER, and I’m a published crime fiction author. My newest novel, A COUGAR’S KISS came out last week on DOWN & OUT BOOKS and is available at amazon and Barnes and Nobel. Pick up a copy…

Rockabilly Nerd took the liberty to add a link to the new novel HERE!


RN:  With shows bringing back Raging Teens and High Noon from that era, is there a chance of The Frantic Flattops doing a reunion show? Or has anything happened like that that I’m unaware of?

FDB:  I run into a lot of bands who listened to the Flattops when they were coming up. They’re the next generation and it thrills me to here we were an influence. I get asked to sit in and sing often…but as far as a reunion, I don’t think so it wouldn’t be the same without me playing the guitar. It was a cool moment in history that I love to reflect upon  but I think digging it up would undo all the cool, we did.

RN: Is there anything you would like to say the people reading this?

FDB: Thanks for remembering us after all thee years…

No, thank you! I’m definitely wanting to check out his book. Maybe do a Reading with Rockabilly post here or something along those lines.


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Rockabilly in the digital age

I’m sitting on my lap top. I got a stack of records here….and a stack of records there. A shelf full of CDs….. And I’m playing music from computer from the CDs I’ve ripped into my laptop (a Wild Records comp). Times have changed. Now, I’m 32 years old (It’s the The Brian Setzer Debate all over again) so my fondest memories of getting music was buying a stack of CDs. At a record store! Or at the mall if I was lucky. I’ve found stuff at thrift shops. It wasnt until recently I’ve been ordering them online. As a teen every now and again I’d get a burned disk from a friend. Even younger I would borrow a friend’s compact disc. Treated it like Gold. And record it on a cassette (now I’m wondering what happened to that collection). Getting flash backs?  So it is kinda funny that just a couple of years ago I jumped on the bandwagon (I don’t consider this a trend) and got a record player and have been hunting down records since. But there is still music I’m playing on my computer. Something I don’t think anyone in the 50s or even the 80s would ever think we would do (maybe they did, I was either not existing or peeing the bed during this time).

I feel the rockabilly world has the most dedicated fans when it comes to actually buying albums. If you go through my personal Instagram you are bound to see a ton of photos of me holding up albums I just got and wanted to share to the world that I have these gems in my possession after getting them mailed from Germany. And I’m not the only one. CDs and records are frequently posted online. This blows the mind of people outside the scene. One guy I know posted a comment in complete shock that someone bought the physical copy (that is what their calling it nowadays) of an album. They were almost disappointed. Oh, should I have bought the digital version….no. They couldn’t believe someone actually put money into music. It was almost unheard in this day and age.


Today’s generation has it so easy. They don’t even have to leave their house. They can go on their computer…..hell even their phone! Buy an album digitally. Download it to their phone. Then there was the others. They download it off an app (ILLEGALLY). Or go to a website and get the music off a video from YouTube and get that on their phone. In this day and age every song out there is on that site. It is ridiculously easy. And in my opinion…wrong. I’m not going to lie though. I do download songs in that manner. Now I feel there is a right way to do this. Don’t download the whole album! That makes you an a**hole (admittingly I’ve done this in the past but I’ve grown up since). If you are listening to anything from the rockin world, chances are these guys have side jobs to make ends meet. Lazy lazy and cheap people don’t wanna show their appreciation by doing the right thing and actually BUYING THE ALBUM. I recommend downloading a couple of songs. Like 3. See how you like what you hear on your headphones. Then go buy the album. Artists have to eat. They need money to fund tours so you can see them live! I recently did this with Silvertooth Loss and the Witch, I loved what I heard and immediately bought the album….digitially. We’ll go back to that in a second.

Alrighty let’s get into Spotify! I had an account for nearly 3 years. Taking breaks for a month  here and there. Mostly for money reasons.Oh god it is a treasure trove of music! So many albums and bands right there to stream. So heavenly. The second an album by an artist I liked was available I would be up and save it to my app. Oh the sheer joy of when a band that didn’t have anything available finally put up their discography (Delta Bombers for example!). This was awesome but there are drawbacks. One is that it is too much of a good thing! So much great music at my disposal that I could barely soak it all in.I would hear and album and think its the greatest thing since slice bread. Then realize that I hadn’t heard it for a while because I ran into like 6 or 7 other instant classics. Its like the fable about the king that had everything and becoming bored. I hate to admit to it. But I got bored. I had to get rid of my account. Put all my music I already had and upload them to my lap top and phone and I discovered that having the app made me not appreciate the music I already had with me since I never played anything I already owned. I’ll get it again at some point. Purely to check out albums I haven’t heard yet and use that as a way to figure out what to buy.


The rockin scene full of folks that buy records, 45s, and CDs I noticed that there is almost shame when someone mentions buying an album off Itunes or Amazon. One guy I talked to recently bowed his head in shame after admitting to it. Now I’ve heard the reasons: The sound quality isn’t the same, it’s not how they listen to it in the 50s (they didn’t have compact discs either), the artists don’t get that much money off downloads (I’ve been told this by a couple of bands). Now I own a few albums digitally. My reasons are mostly because they are foreign artists and I don’t wanna pay nearly 25 dollars on a 4 song EP disc. So I choose to pay $3.99 for a download off amazon. Another factor is paying the shipping charges. I don’t mind the costs but then there is sometimes an added 5.99. Postage prices are the reason I dart towards the merch section at shows like I was shot out of a cannon so I don’t have to pay that. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve paid an amount for an actual CD that I am totally going keep to myself (this has happened a couple of times where I didn’t pay attention to how the amount converted from European money to American and didn’t realize it until after I purchased it…wow. Lesson learned!). Another factor, I get impatient and want the album to be mine asap. Though I use that as the same reason for paying more than the usual for an album. Oh I’m a confusing person to know. But let’s get this straight. I love the sound of music from all forms!

Last point I’ll bring up. The sound. Some folks have done some complaining about people only wanting to listen to music on phone. Here is where there is a generational gap. When I grew up, a good chunk of the music I listened to were from compact discs in a portable player that I listened to on headphones. I did this going to school. While at school. Breaks at work. Coming home from work. I didn’t get any type of mp3 player until 2010. In 2011, I got a smart phone and started exploring the digital landscape of music. And with headphones or ear buds constantly improving I can hear some amazing music ON MY PHONE! I’m not always home to listen to my records (didn’t say vinyl or vinyls) or my CDs. Its more practical and it works. I can pop in an album made on tape. Put on a cd. Uploaded to my computer. Downloaded to my phone. And rock out.

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Rockin Rhythm n Blues to go with your rockabilly.

Rhythm n Blues, it has changed a lot over the years. A lot more than rockabilly. RnB now a day is more like hip hop beats over some girl or guy singing about grinding or something along those lines. Today’s youth has no clue that long ago this genre was put on artists like Elvis Presley, Wynonie Harris, Bull Moose Jackson, Trini Lopez, Little Richard and even Chuck Berry. One of the precursors of Rock N Roll. It’s a hint of swing, with a hint of blues. Just a little more UMPH to it (I’m not sure how that sound effect is supposed to be spelled out). A lot of great and danceable records came out during the 1940s and early 50s (60s as well but I try to avoid that decade here). So back to what I was saying. It has changed. But much like rockabilly artists that have brought back the raw sound of the time and made it their own. There was bands right now as we speak playing authentic 40s and 50s style saxophone (saxamaphone) fueled, upbeat, finger snapping, guitar tickling (no one uses that term but me. that virtually just came to me now and I regret nothing) rhythm rockin blues. I have to emphasize the rockin part cause these bands fit in perfectly at Viva, Rockabilly Rave, etc.

Now, I’m no cool kid. I’ve only been enjoying bands like this for a couple of years. I graduated from rockabilly and expanded my musical knowledge (Thank you Del Villareal). First time this came to my attention was when I noticed a local band had brought in a guy named Nico Duportal to play in my town. I looked him up and realized he was on Rhythm Bomb records. A record label I had become a fan of thanks to their roster featuring top-notch rockabilly acts. I went to see them and was blown away by his guitar playing. Magnificent 40 and 50s style blues guitar. French guy singing like he just jumped out of an old black and white movie based in New Orleans (fun fact he sung a song with Big Sandy that night). A few weeks later a talented lady named Jai Malano came by the same place and did a song with the same band. Same label and Nico and similar style. Even recorded an album with his back up back The Rhythm Dudes (or His Rhythm Dudes….maybe we could consider them Her Rhythm Dudes…I’ll ask later).

I like to take this space to say. Despite popular belief. The french are awesome people to be drunk around.

Ridiculously soulful voice backed by an amazing rocking band backing her up. I definitely encourage everyone to pick up a copy of Rocket Girl on Rhythm Bomb.

Prior to going solo she fronted The Royal Rhythmaires out of Texas.

Those two artists (and DJ Del Villareal for playing some mighty fine tunes on his radio programe) got me on the path to check out more. Next was Cherry Casino and the Gamblers. Even more “saxamaphone” goodness. Their lead vocalist could sing me to sleep (and it wouldn’t be weird at all even though we’re both guys). In fact their album “Hi-No-Love” has been playing the whole time I’ve been writing this. I would keep on going here. But I want you to click the video below and enjoy one of Berlin’s finest.

U.S., France and Germany aren’t the only ones having fun (one of the few times I can say that sentence). Italy’s Backseat Boogie (though more on the rockin side) gives a whole lot of rhythm and a whole lot of boogie! I’m sort of cheating the system here. You could very well call them a rockabilly band with a sax (saxamaphone). Just listen to the following track.

I’ve gone over this album before HERE. But I love the Wild Records release Alex Vargas “Smooth as Ice” from 2012. Just a tremendously awesome batch of great songs. This is a baby makin album. Worthy of having your panties thrown at the speakers. Even if you are a guy. You should go to the store. Buy a pair of panties. And throw them at your speakers.  I’d include Gizzelle in this category but I consider her more Soul than the subject of this article. That will be for another day.

A band that really caught my attention recently are the Starjays. These guys have so much hype behind them that I absolutely had to own their debut album “Bang! It’s the Starjays”. That album is packed full of toe tapping goodness. I’ve had this on repeat since I got it. Gotta love the duel singing with Roy Kay (from the Roy Kay Trio) and Angelatini. Their back up band knows what they are doing. Much like the recent Cherry Casino recording, these sound so authentic you could almost convinced me they got a TARDIS to go learn a thing or two (sorry I feel I should put more “nerd” stuff in these posts….also sorry if you had to google TARDIS after reading this).

One act I see a lot of from my friends overseas are the Ray Collins Hot Club. No lying here. I’m fairly unfamiliar with these guys. But for you guys I’ll include them in this article. After a few tracks I think I’m gonna have to invest some more time in checking these guys out!

Now these guys don’t get enough credit….The Kings of Nuthin. I didn’t say these guys got me into more rhythm n blues mostly cause I just loved their music. I didn’t need a label for them. They merely made music that rocked my socks off. I feel some folks try to put them in some kind of punk or psychobilly hybrid category. But I view them completely as RnB act (I’m not going to shorten that ever again. I type RnB and I feel like I should be typing about 90s slow james). Just a really drunk one.Unfortunately they are not around any more but I would like to think they influenced the musical rockin world in some way.

I keep thinking seeing Nico Duportal put me on this path. But really I think I already was. I was into Kings of Nuthin a decade ago. And I snagged that Alex Vargas album when it came out 3 years ago.. Maybe I was already was on a path. It was just a natural progression. If you are in the rockabilly world and you haven’t checked out any of these bands. Let me be the one that exposes you. Go check out every band I’ve mentioned here. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.

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Conan O’Brien is a rockabilly guy

Long before I got into the bass slapping, sexy guitar sounds of rockabilly. I was a chubby kid that loved (still loves) silly outlandish comedy. Who was the king of comedy for me? One person I admired, was Conan O’Brien!

I would wait and maybe sit through a few excrutiating minutes of Leno to see what that red headed wonder had in store for me. For my generation I considered him our Johnny Carson (though I never once ever watched Carson even back in the day). He was smart, goofy, and had wild hair that I would never ever emulate. As much of a music nerd as I’ve been over the years, I tended to skip the live acts on his show. I just wanted a laugh or a poop joke from Triumph. Little did my chunky self know that I was missing out on some amazing artists that I would later idolize.

Yep, that was Big Sandy and His Fly Rite Boys back in 1996. I thought that was interesting. Does Conan love the BILLY?

Turns out he does! Big Sandy isn’t the only artist to appear.

Ronnie Dawson playing Monkey Beat ! This set was “Action Packed”…get it? I believe he is back up by High Noon!

Robert Gordon, legendary rockabilly revivalist popped up back in 2008 (I know the date because it’s on the video, I didn’t have to do any intense research for that). Ridiculously funny, and with an amazing taste in music. I wonder if he has tried to record any rockabilly?

You can do better than this!

Okay better! I’m not a fan of Jack White, but its pretty awesome to hear that Eddie Cochran classic played on national tv in America! That is unbelievably unheard of now a days!

His house band, Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable band did a gig with Deke Dickerson!

Here is our homeboy impregnating a crowd with Brian Setzer! (I won’t make a joke involving them starting a band and calling it “Conan O’Brien Setzer”…you’re welcome)

He is good friends with JD McPherson (I wanna be friends with both….a man can dream).

He also mourned with us recently over Scotty Moore . Video of his thoughts on his passing HERE.

God bless him! All this time, didn’t realize he was cooler than he already was.

Being a goofy guy growing up. Then becoming a goofy adult. I’ve ran into people who weren’t so kind about my love of rockin music. Some telling me that this music isn’t for people like me. These types of people think that to live this kind of lifestyle you have to be some type of hoodlum of some sort or even some type of punker. For me, to see someone like Conan be into this style of music makes me feel like I have some type of validation. Of course over the years I’ve ran into plenty of respectful, goofy and funny people who love this. But Coco (you’ve been waiting for me to call him Coco, I know it) to me is the king of comedy and goofy goodness. I’m happy he is playing for the same team. Thank you very much sir.

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Psychobilly Nerd: 11 bands not mentioned by Alternative Press

Psychobilly, Rockabilly’s blood relative. Many years ago my life was changed forever when I was introduced to psycho rockin music of the 80s. Bands like The Meteors, The Cramps and (oh god I’m ashamed to admit it) The Horrorpops were the gateway drug to my obsession to Rockabilly Music. To celebrate this music I’m gonna call this page Psychobilly Nerd for one day. What inspired this? Well, a little emo pop punk magazine called Alternative Press released a list of essential psychobilly bands. I’m a fan of every band on the list (except Creepshow!!) but…it could have been longer. More bands could have been mentioned. This is a semi mainstream page, so I understand they aren’t fluent in the psycho world. So I decided to take the bull by the horns and make a list of my own.  Enjoy!!

1.The Quakes

Recently celebrating their 30th anniversary, these guys are the earliest examples of American Psychobilly (suck on that Tiger Army).  Still going and recording. They’re not the fastest band in the psycho world but songs like “I don’t come from nowhere”, “I miss you”, and “Psychobilly Jekyll and Mr Hyde” are classics.

2. Torment

I wish Simon Brand was alive today. I absolutely love Torment. I remember going through some Klub Foot footage and fast forwarding through some of it and I landed on these guys without realizing who the band was. I loved what I heard. The most incredibly english sounding lead vocalist and I loved their guitar had 0 distortion. Once I realized who they are I became a fan for life.

3. Krewmen

You’re drunk. You’re hanging out with your friends. “Bus Stop” comes on and everyone knows to yell “WEEEEEEEEELLL”.  Mad Dog Cole has the most unique voice in all of music, not just psychobilly. I love the era so much that I’m only going to count his tenure for this list. Sorry. Not sorry.

4. Sir Psyko and His Monsters

The Kings of the current state of Psychobilly. I feel 100 times more manly when I listen to them. I don’t wreck at all. But their music makes me wanna go full caveman SpongeBob somewhere.

5. As Diabatz

I would never have guessed 10 years ago that I would be listening to an all girl trio from Brazil. These girls embrace the sound of old school European psychobilly. And the bass is so slappy that someone once asked if my headphones were attached to a bomb.

6. The Griswalds

Fun 80s psychobilly! Had a near three decade gap between their classic debut “Who framed the Griswalds” to “Better Late than Never”. Both great albums. If you need a break tough guy psychobilly then check out the legends, The Griswalds.

7.Sick Sick Sinners

Born from the Ashes of Brazilian band Os Catalepticos.  If psychobilly had testicles it would look like the guys from Sick Sick Sinners…..I’m not sure that sounds insulting or not. Thanks to their recnt album “Unfuckingstopable”, psychos that drink coffee worldwide now have an anthem.

8. Klingonz

One of my favorite live acts I have ever seen! If you are able to sing the lyrics to any of their songs outside of the chorus then I have a lot of respect for you. These guys are bat shit crazy. And you’d have to be just crazy to not wanna see them (only time in my life where I have ever said “within the hour that man will only be wearing a thong”)

9. Frantic Flintstones

I’ll admit, I was very offended that their was no mention of these guys on that AP article. These guys were one of the first bands I got into. They are right up there with The Meteors and Demented Are Go. No band sounds like FF. Heavily recommend buying “Jamboree” and “Nightmare on Nervous”.

10. Batmobile

Batmobile is mandatory! I heard these guys when I was younger and like I was listening to rock music for the first time. I will ask: am I the only one who hears the original version of “Ballroom Blitz” and think it sounds weird cause you’re so used to the Batmobile version?

11. The Sharks

Saved the best for last! If there was one band that I was truly saddened that didn’t get a nod from some publication. It would be the Sharks. From their early Neo Rockabilly sound to their return and domination of the psychobilly world. What other band can say that their best material were on all of their b side compilations? I tip my hat to Alan Wilson for not only being in one of the greatest psychobilly bands of all time, but also for continuing making music. With his label Western Star, which comes out with one kick ass release after another.

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Come back next time when I’ll explain that I didn’t have room for Frenzy, Quaranteds, Guana Batz, King Kurt, Phantom Rockers, Klax, The Grims, Resurex, Smell of Kat, Batfinks, or The Termites.

Rockabilly Songs That Should Be in a Tarantino movie

If the Rockin world has one guy that is spreading the good word to a mainstream audience I believe we should give praise to Quentin Tarantino. There are others guys like Conan O’Brien. But with each film he releases there a pretty big following of fans that love the music he chooses for his scenes. From Charlie Feathers and the  5,6,7,8s in Kill Bill. To his most recent cinematic masterpiece Hateful Eight, which featured Johnny Kid and the Pirates, J.D. McPherson, and KING DRAPES! A freakin Teddy Boy band made their way into an American made movie! Someone pinch me! The following list is a batch of songs I wish could make their way to Mr Tarantino’s ear. Songs I feel are worthy to be played while someone it getting disemboweled or blown up. Enjoy!

Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers “Teddy Boy Boogie”

As I mentioned before King Drapes were on the recent soundtrack. I was excited but I feel like I would be more excited if it wasn’t an instrumental (beside the chuga chuga boom boom boom part). If I were to do a film I  feel I would definitely love to include a teddy boy song to expose to an American audience. Who better than Crazy Cavan?! THE teddy boy band! Something about this song screams, getting into a fight. It’s not even a fast song but it makes me think of violence.

Jittery Jack “Something Wicked This Way Comes”

I remember listening to “Lets Have A Time” and hearing this track and going OH MY! I immediately had images of this being the opening credits to a film. Miss Amy’s guitars make it sound perfect an interlude to something badass. Lets see if that can ever happen.

Roddy Jackson “Hiccups”

Much like how he chose an obscure (obscure to the public at large) artist like Charlie Feathers. Lets take it a step farther back. Here is one of my favorite tracks from 50s piano pounder Roddy Jackson. He was on the same label as Little Richard and one of the few singers to be backed by a multi racial band back in those days.

Lil Luis y Los Wild Teens “Delincuente”

Earlier this year a lot of Wild Records artists had their music featured on the tv version of From Dusk Til Dawn. The show based on the movie that featured Mr Tarantino. The old school analog song would be perfect. Especially one of Wild’s OG spanish language releases from Lil Luis Y Los Wild Teens!

Marcel Bontempi “Big Fat Spider”

God I love this song! Basically there should be a movie featuring all of Mr Bontempi’s songs. Even with some Montesas thrown in there!

The Delta Bombers “Come Home”

There I’ve hit my quota of Delta Bombers mentions this month! The last track off their self titled Wild release, this screams cinematic goodness. I can see this played while driving through a desert…..possibly with a dead body in the trunk.

Silvertooth Loos and the Witch “I Can Eat”

Silvertooth Loos definitely blew my mind at this years VIVA! I can picture this playing while the good guy starts grabbing all the weapons he needs to vanquish some mafia nazis or something along those lines.

Ray Campi “Give Me A Taste”

Quentin Tarantino should do another Rollin Rock alum. Who better than Ray Campi! This was off Hollywood Cats and (unless someone can correct me) probably the dirtiest song he has ever done. It’s still pretty PG. Can’t even imagine where this would be included in a film….80s strip club?

Benny Joy “Crash The Party”

One of my favorite of the obscure 50s artists. Ending credits music? I think so!

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Come back next time where I’ll make a list of psychobilly songs that could be used in a fourth Human Centipede movie!