Thank You Scotty Moore

This has been a sad year. It seems that musical icon after musical icon have left us in just a short time. 2016, we’re barely half way through and it is already going to down in history as the year everyone’s favorite musicians have passed on. Today June 28 is the biggest in my opinion. Scotty Moore left us at the age of 84. I’ll keep this short and sweet. If I said everything I felt then I’ll just say almost what everyone else on Facebook and Instagram have already said. He is a legend. An inspiration. I almost didn’t want to post anything about it. I did not want to feel like I was going to exploit this moment. But at the same time the name of this is Rockabilly Nerd. To not post about someone who basically help invent this genre would be a slap in the face to someone that had not only influenced the rockin world but basically helped effect all of rock n roll over the years.

His work with Elvis is essential listening. If you get into the rockin world. You absolutely have to be aware of Mr Presley, Bill Black, and Scotty Moore. One regret is that I’ll never be able to shake his hand. Or see him live at least.  I have a co-worker that is a huge fan of him. He frequently tells me of the time he got to see Scotty play with Lee Rocker of Stray Cats fame. And how when he was done playing that the crowd just kept chanting for more Scotty.


You know the butterfly effect right? (not just the movie). His influence is everywhere in rock music. If it weren’t for his Sun recordings then so many records wouldn’t have been made. Elvis wouldn’t have become the icon he became. That influence helped a snow ball effect that continues 62 years later.

I hope that he knows how much he is appreciated. Take this as a lesson. Make sure the artists that have effected your life knows that they are loved, admired and above all respected for their contributions. Thank you very much Scotty, you guys are now reunited and most likely the greatest house band in heaven right now.


Scotty Moore



The Caezars Q&A : Band says goodbye!

HAIL CAEZAR!! I’ve loved these guy’s music for a few years now. From being the perfect fit for WILD RECORD’S rockabilly meets garage mix(Shakedown). To heading over to Ambassador Records and having a brilliant rock n roll record produced by Darrel Higham (Imelda May’s guitar player…you know he’s Darrel F***ing Higham. I didn’t even need to mention Imelda May)(Welcome to the Mainstream). What will go down as one of my life’s biggest regret. Is never seeing The Caezars live! So you can imagine how I probably acted when I went on my android phone and saw a Facebook update. The Caezars were breaking up. This announcement was followed by the news that they were doing some farewell shows (none of which were here in the US). But these guys were nice enough to chat it with me. Scroll down to see what went down.


Rockabilly Nerd: thank you very much for agreeing to talk to me. What are the reasons for the band breaking up?

The Caezars: No worries, it’s a pleasure to chat. There aren’t any concrete reasons as such, we’re all still friends, and all still loving music. It’s best viewed as a positive decision, a step forward, a spring clean.

Rockabilly Nerd: Any future plans or projects from you or any of the other band members?

The Caezars: Yeaaaa Mikey has his finger in many a’pie. As does Jim, and I’m (AJ) looking forward to teaming up with his banjo skills to bring an early country music project out. Danny is still thumping his guitar in a fantastic Rock n Roll band The DB3. There’s more in the pipeline, but we’ve always liked to tease.

RN:  What was the best moment or moments as a member of The Caezars?

The Caezars: Viva Las Vegas Festival, Moscow, Rockin Race in Spain was probably the funniest weekend of our lives. Pushing Danny round on a bin in Dresden was funnier than it should have been. In fact that whole tour with our friend Dollar Bill on the drums was the most tiring, enjoyable and boozy tour 2 kidneys could handle. I think we played some gigs as well…?

RN: What is your favorite Caezar’s album and why?

The Caezars: Ummm….. I think they all have their own merit. I don’t know myself? I really liked the latest 45, it had a good feel to it. Which I think we skated around accidentally in the past, even if the songs may have been better.

RN: I like the new and final single and video “Even the graveyards dead”. When did you guys record that?

The Caezars: Well thank you! We recorded the video some time ago with Bopflix. We shelved it when we realised we’d probably split, but it seemed silly to hide it away so it leaked out in the end. I think it might have been near my birthday because my shoes look new. So… March-ish. A Spring in the last few years haha.

RN:  And finally is there anything you would like to say to anyone reading this?

The Caezars: Thank you, really.It’s hard to put it into words and avoid dinging the cliché bell. But. All the people that were willing to donate their hard-earned money and time to our band, and our little vision and our noise, you have shaped the life of a group of young blokes. We’re forever in your debt for that, and hopefully we gave you some fun along the way too. Keep supporting music on all levels; you can’t use an illegally downloaded MP3 as a coaster when it starts skipping; and don’t be asked 3 times to move to the front. 

I would like to thank The Caezars for taking the time to chat with me. I’m very honored. I honestly thought this would be the one time someone would tell me to piss off. So if you see any of these guys in the future. Buy them a beer and tell them Rockabilly Nerd sent you. Go to their official website and BUY THEIR MUSIC HERE!! Do it! Also you can LIKE the Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE. Good luck on all your future endeavors.

Come back next time when I’ll explain to a mechanic that Black Flag was not a huge inspiration for Carl Perkins.


The Brian Setzer Debate

Warning: I’m only 32 so I have little to no memory of the early days of the Stray Cats or the 80s rockabilly scene. Everything I’m writing is from what I’ve been told or looked up. Outside of opinions of songs or albums. There now you can take any complaints you may have. And shove it. Proceed to read.

Now picture this. You go out to a show. You’re going find a couple of different kind of people in the rockabilly world. The kind that LOVES everything that Brian Setzer has ever done. Thinks he is a legend. Then you got the other crop. The ones that hate his super polished sound. Some even going as far as to say he isn’t real rockabilly. Who is right? Which side of the fence do you belong? I’m going to break down the pros and cons of the Stray Cat’s Brain Setzer.


Lets get started.  Before anything. Lets point out this song. I think a lot of us are sick of it. I’m not sure if everyone here has experienced this. But I would go to a bar (where this is the closest to anything rockabilly that anyone in the town was aware of) and someone would pop this song (or stray cat strut) on the jukebox. Song would pop up and someone would see me. Point to the thing and started laughing. It got old fast. This track is what broke the cats into the mainstream here in the U.S. It has gotten super over played over the years. Including the Muzak at the stores I have worked at. It’s not a bad song just a lot of people have had enough (ok ok I’ll sing along when I’m drunk). During the time that this came out. The rockabilly revival was underway.  In the U.S. Rollin Rock records were making albums raw and cheap inside of a garage with older and new artist. The newer musicians were inspired by the raw and sweaty sounds of Sun Records and various obscure artist. Then this came out. Not a hint of it was raw.  This was super polished by 80s standards. To some these guys were Duran Duran with a stand up bass (I wish I could remember who said that to me). They were probably the only group known as sell outs in the rockin world (Jets came out around the same time and I notice no one ever tears into them).( Update: A friend on my facebook Colonel Paco made a good point.  That if they did sound straight from the 50s they probably wouldn’t have gotten as big as they did. Good point. Go HERE. To find out when you can check out his radio the The Pacobilly Hour.)

One thing I hope others can agree on. Is this song. Or any slow song they ever did. I cannot stand their ballads. If they were a real rockabilly band their slow songs would sound like more like something Carl Perkins or Elvis did. Something with a “BILLY” twang to it. It reminds of a quote a guy had in the Rebel Beat documentary (which you can watch HERE) “they weren’t as much a return to Gene Vincent as I think they were a return to Fabian”. To a degree I have to agree. Some songs borderline on the late 50s Philadelphia sound (or a good mimic of it) that a lot of the older rockabilly guys hate. These songs represent a style of music that made america kick rockabilly artists to the curb from the radio.

Please stop making him synonymous  with pompadours!


Now time for me to sound bi polar! Now I’m not going to say every song he has done (stray cats, BSO, or solo) is perfect. There can be some skipping required (like the majority of “13”). Has anyone listened to the album “Ignition”. Such a guilty pleasure. I feel this kind of birthed the whole Revved Up Rockabilly sound. So many bands copied this after they heard it. Sure it’s nowhere near the most genuinely 50s sound but it is so good. He always has great musicians with the cats or any of the number of guys that have worked with him in recent years. Every collaboration with such talent have made an incredibly fun discography (once again except for 13) Speaking of good discs. Most of the cat’s  discography is essential. Rant N Rave, Built for Speed, Blast off (the album I’m gonna mention in the next paragraph is also on my list). If anything feels like I changed direction. Like I said, the whole Setzer world. It is a guilty pleasure.

As I stated prior. Some folks have said he is not real rockabilly. And I mentioned their lack of doing a good “BILLY” style ballad. Well, I posted Blue Lights, Big city. Off of “Rockabilly Rio: all originals”. His most recent album. This is the most pure rockabilly song he has ever recorded. Even got the classic sounding back up singing. No drums (Update: I was informed that this track does have drums done lightly with brushes. Oops, my fault. To show my appreciation for this I would like to thank The Rockabilly Chronicle pointing out that goof up). This is the closest he has ever sounded to an Elvis sun recording (that so many publications want to say he has done). Figured I would shine the spotlight on this track.

Have you ever heard their music live? I too was a snob for this style of neo rockabilly for a second. Though you never hear anyone give too many 80s band a lot of crap (The Polecats, The Jets, Restless). I’ve seen Brian Setzer, I’ve seen Slim Jim Phantom(doing SC covers) live on multiple occasions. And what I learned is that these songs actually  sound authentically rockabilly live! Sure the recordings aren’t done on analog tape  and they were a bit over produced compared to other acts. But they had rich material. Pay attention to Setzer’s guitar playing. It is brilliant. How many great guitar players from that time can you name from that era that wasn’t in a metal band. He basically inspired a generation to pick up a Gretsch and rock out during a time when synthesizers were the thing. We could use another Brian Setzer now. Times like today, the word “guitar” is almost forbidden or a four letter word in today’s pop culture.

I know there is a lack of the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Ultimate Collection is one of the greatest live albums of all time. That is all I’ll say.

I’m going to take this one step further. The rockin world would not exist the way it does if it were not for Setzer and the Stray Cats. If you loved them you were inspired to look into the old sun recordings(that they didn’t sound like). You were inspired to look up obscure rockabilly. You were inspired to go to shows. You were inspired to pick up a guitar.  If you didn’t. Someone you listen was a fan. In turn, inspired you. Even if you hate what he did. You were inspired to sound better. Inspired to sound more like the real 50s artists than ever before.They did it out of spite! Think this is a coincidence? That we have so many bands now a days that sound like they could have been in Sun studios or hanging with Johnny Burnette. That brought in more bands in this world. This is why so many people are at shows. This is why there are still rockin scene all over the world. Positive or negative Setzer had an impact and a big one. Thank you sir!

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Come back next time when I’ll make a slide show of some of the best home made flaming dice tattoos.



10 of the Best Rockabilly Strollers

I got a confession ladies and gentlemen. I can’t dance. I was given two left feet at birth. Sure I can walk and strut down the street. But I’m worthless in the dance floor. Thankfully, I’m a guy. So when the DJ puts on a stroller it doesn’t matter. I can sit this one out (like I did every song that night) and watch the ladies. All guys at show do it. Lets us be as creepy as we wanna be while good music is playing (some of us could be creepier but we’re not going to talk about them). What makes a stroller? There is usually some type of early R&B influence. Some songs are that, just R&B and not even rockabilly. A lot of horns. A lot of piano. Sometimes a real sexy guitar. Infectious drumming. In my opinion strollers fit right in with the rockin universe. So celebrate the stroll (and checking out ladies on the dance floor) here are 10 of my favorite strollers (or songs I consider strollers). Enjoy!

Trini Lopez “Sinner Not a Saint” 

I feel every DJ either owns this or should own it. Great R&B. Hell that would cause a guy to go out there and stroll.


Okay okay. Nevermind.

Jittery Jack “Something Wicked this way comes”

One of the newer songs on the list. I can see someone smoking while dancing to this. Or hiding a body. Few strollers can give me that image. Like really to none.

Jimmy Edwards “Do that again”

Now this one I’ve never heard at a show. I came across it after finding a full Jimmy Edwards comp “Love Bus Crawl” on YouTube (you can listen to HERE). I’m not fluent on strollers. But I can see this being a good to hit the floor!

The Bullets “While you were sleeping”

Another new one in the mix. One of my favorite current artists The Bullets! “Go Man Go” is one of my favorite albums to come out the last couple of years. This is a sexy number (kinda goes with the creepy theme from earlier) but sexy nonetheless (I’m right and there is nothing wrong with me….right?  Its musically sexy!).

Freddy Cannon “Tallahassee Lassie”

Good example that there were great songs in the early 60s. Since I tend to believe that was the most evil decade in the world of music.

Mike Pedicin “Burnt Toast and Black Coffee”

This is one of my favorite strollers! Though honestly I couldn’t figure out which one I liked more. The Alex Vargas Wild Records version. Or this one. I figured I’d go with the best of the earliest versions. This song was covered more than once but this has the horns and is just plain sexy.

JD McPherson “Fire Bug”

Its that piano and drums. I tell you! I feel like you can’t have a rockabilly/rocknroll list without Jd McPherson. So here you go. The part of the post where I bring up JD. Drink it in man.

The Blonde Bomber “Strollie Bun”

I swear this post has more horns in it than the rhino section of zoo! Ska bands be jealous! Sorry for the lack of Rockabilly type rockabilly. But I’m doing this for the ladies!

Jack Rabbit Slim “Dirty Magazine”

“Let me see you strip, she’s a kittin with a whip, kitten with a whip yeah”. You ever listen to Jack Rabbit Slim and assume he just walks into porn scenarios all day long? That’s just me? Ok forget I said anything and keep strolling….scrolling. I meant scrolling.

Billy Harlan “I wanna bop”

Picture it. All the ladies (and one guy) are strollin. To a song that has the title about wanting to bop! Sure he says both in the song. But I find this funny. There is always that one guy that tries and fails. Or there is that one that knows how to do it perfectly.

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Come back next time when I’ll learn to do the bop. Bare foot. In my home. Where there are legos!

Ezra Lee Q&A: down under piano pounding rock n roll!

The rockin world has changed some what over the years. For awhile there seemed to only be just “normal” rockabilly bands. Stand up bass, guitar, drums, and vocals. Seemed people almost forgot that early rock n roll contained powerful boogie woogie piano. From Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, to the obscure Roddy Jackson and Micke Muster(he was later but bear with me here). Snakes alive!(Aussie slang term, I’m becoming more cultured by the minute) I was shocked to find out about Ezra Lee  (and his super talented Havoc band). An ivory tickling Aussie that recently played at this years VIVA 19. Recently he agreed to answer some questions for me and my readers. What transpired is below.

Rockabilly Nerd: Thanks for agreeing to answer some question for Rockabilly Nerd. I gotta start by asking how you got into playing  piano pounding rock n roll? 

Ezra Lee :Thank you brother, no probs. My dad Ed Matzenik started the Aussie surf band the Atlantic’s in the 50s, worked for ‘The Who’ in England in the 60s as a record engineer and had a country music studio called Enrec that recorded mostly aboriginal country singers in the 80s. He also saw all the first generation rockers in the 1950s in Sydney.  So music and rock ‘n’ roll history was always around me.  My first records I remember hearing was Moon Mullican and Bill Haley.  My dad plays guitar, bass and pedal steel and showed me some stuff on piano as a real young kid – last date by Floyd Cramer and I’ve played for 8 hours a day and researched the shit out of american music, boogie woogie, and ragtime wild & raw piano has always got me no matter what time period. I also used to sing and I wanted to sound like Little Richard gospel shouting and Lefty Frizzell 40’s style honky-tonk.

Rockabilly Nerd:  For anyone reading that isn’t familiar with your style, how would you describe your music? 

Ezra Lee: It’s hard for me to say, because I play so many styles and on some albums I lean toward blues, r&b and on others I’ve gone for more americana, rockabilly, honky-tonk. i would describe my style as Ezra Lee style !! No one else can play it in my way so that’s why I say it !!

RN:  I got to catch your set at VIVA in the front! Great show! Did you enjoy this years event? (we were actually at the same Days Inn and but didn’t pass each other)

Ezra Lee: I had a blast, we sold a ton of albums after the set and people remembered me throughout the event. i love the cars and clothes too. But being on stage and kickin’ ass and knowing I’m connecting is the greatest. That’s why I do it ! It’s not for the money – it’s seeing people’s faces when they hear that rockin’ piano !!

RN:  I missed out on this. But how did you like playing in So Cal afterwards? Any difference in American audiences to Australia ?

EL:  We played for Charles Russell’s in Bell Garden at the Hall that Eddie Cochran played his first show in and the next day we played at Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill in Burbank and the crowds were wild ! I can’t wait to come back again with my band Ezra Lee and the havoc band. I think the USA has the greatest rockin’ scene!

RN: Who would win in a fight? You or Jerry Lee Lewis?

EL: You mean if I was 80? Or if he was 30? Haha.  I met him in 2011 at Viva Las Vegas and he was a gentleman and still has the fire that he always had. I think the killer is the greatest !

RN: Finally, anything you would like to say to people who are reading this ? I also heard somewhere you’ll be heading back to the states next year ?

EL: Yeah, thanks Billy, I hope people get a kick out of my records and want it known that we put out about two a year on the rhythm bomb records label based in BerlinWe are planning a trip in mid 2017 around Texas and a few other states in the south. Thank you for supporting us too.

Australia is a beautiful and wild place with huge deserts and creatures that will kill you at every turn haha but has a really great rockabilly and blues scene. If you get a chance to experience Australia you should get down under!

Once again I would like to thank Ezra Lee for taking time out to talk to little ol’ me. You can purchase his albums from Rhythm Bomb HERE! Go LIKE Ezra Lee and the Havoc Band on Facebook HERE.  While you’re at it, go LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

Come back next time when I go into witness protection after Jerry Lee Lewis reads this page.




So Cal Hoedown: Will it be a Hoot?

And the award for worst title goes to….me!

I’m sure all the Orange County Mike Ness worshippers are happy. No there isn’t a new Social D album out….or is there….I don’t keep up with that crap. Another event (even bigger than Horton Hayride) has come to replace Hootenanny( or Ink N Iron). Consider the So Cal Hoedown as your new step dad. I saw the logo and I was very intrigued. I read the band list. First the headliner, Wanda Jackson! I’d gladly pay 25 bucks to see her. Hell I’d pay double to see a legend like her. Next, Nekromantix. I’m down.These guys are high on my list of kick ass live bands. Alright, who is next? Throw Rag….*shrugs*. Supersuckers……*shrugs*. Deadbolt….*throws lap top out the window*. Of course this is purely my opinion. Well at least its not a line up filled with punk bands.



Now, this is not a rockabilly festival. This is a cow punk/ quasi rockabilly/ sort of americana festival that has a small handful of rockabilly bands in it (also Throw Rag has to eat, those poor kids). That is like mistakenly calling Coachella the BET Awards(heavily exaggerated but that popped in my head and I wanted to type it….its my blog!). This is in no way a slap in the face to the creators of this festival. It is brilliantly set up. The whole line up would be perfect for your average Hootenanny. Only you’d have to add one or two more punk bands and cut out two or three rockabilly acts. Don’t get me wrong. I’d definitely would go. Though I feel I’d spend a small chunk of the evening eating funnel cake…will they have funnel cake?

With a lot of festivals like this. There will be a big chunk of people who are just going to show up (I lived in Orange County for 10 years, don’t even pretend this isn’t accurate) for the headliner. Or at least they will see Throwrag, Supersuckers, and Deadbolt (I promised to not dis any bands, but I just really don’t like Deadbolt). So for your benefit I have compiled a list of artists that you should not miss out on at the So Cal Hoedown.

Slim Jim Phantom Trio 

Who in southern California hasn’t seen the former Stray Cat drummer Slim Jim Phantom play in some band or another about 10 times in the last decade? I’ve seen him in 13 Cats, Tim Polecat solo, and solo (backed by members of Danny Dean and the Home Wreckers). Here is your chance to see a former Stray Cat live. Always fun to see him. And later if he’s sitting down some where, make sure to look at him in complete shock. Since I refuse to believe he ever sits down (I’m pointing out that he plays drums standing up…you can laugh now).

Sun Demons

OG OC neo rockabilly outfit. I’ve met members before playing for other bands (The Rayford Bros). Not going to lie. These guys have totally been off my radar. Looks like they followed fellow oc rockabilly bands (like the Rockin Rebels) and got back together. I gotta tell you, I’ve been looking up their material for this particular paragraph and I’m loving what I’m hearing!I wanna hunt down there albums now.


Not rockabilly. But good outlaw country. Real country is about as underground as possible now a days. Did anyone see the CMT awards? It had Pitbull opening for it…the rapper. I think I’d feel a little rebellious seeing this Ameripolitan Award winning band. And that is a good thing.

Sandbox Bullies

I’d place these guys in the category of Revved Up Rockabilly. Orange County has a good amount of fans of Hard Fall Hearts, Three Bad Jacks, and Chop Tops fans. That is what these guys remind me of. You know, those first bands you got into right after your friend encouraged you to listen to that burned Horrorpops cd 11 years ago. Check them out. Also they once gave me a free band shirt and this is my way of paying them back.


If you didn’t borrow a Horrorpops cd then it was a probably Nekromantix one. That band from Denmark that relocated to the OC a few years back. One of the biggest psychobilly bands in existence. I’ve seen them live and i feel it impacted my life (the place was packed, there was a girl wearing high heels there and kept stepping on my feet). I don’t care if you’re not into psycho music you should see them if you haven’t already done so 20 times.

Wanda Jackson

Did you think she wasn’t included? Its Wanda Jackson…..its Wanda freakin Jackson! One of the last left of the original lady rockers. She still plays shows and festivals. God bless her!  I want to see her live and bask is her awesomeness. I wanna shake hands with her and feel like I touched history.

My conclusion: this festival is worth going to. Which is impressive. Seeing that the last two Hootenannys I didn’t even bother thinking about going. And I know. It’s not the Hoot. Its like calling your new girlfriend by your exes name constantly (in bed). Give me some time Hoedown. You’ll be successful this year. I guarantee it. And we’ll all forget the dumpster fire that was Hoot. The event happens August 13 in Downtown Santa Ana. Official website HERE.

Come back next time. Where I’ll show up to the Queen Mary, completely forgetting that Ink n Iron doesn’t exist anymore.



The Rechords Q&A: Aussie band may embark to the U.S.

Every now and again I get tired of hearing new bands. Nothing new sounds appealing to me. Then one day something pops up on my radar and my mind is blown. In this case, it was a couple of years ago. The band that got my attention? The Rechords from Australia. This drummerless trio from down under are one of the most underrated modern-day bands. Awesome honky-tonk rockabilly, they can sound more American than most American bands. If Hank Williams and the Everly Brothers had triplets this would be it. I was very fortunate to exchange some words with Tyron Shaw their stand up bassist/ co vocalist.

Rockabilly Nerd: Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions. When and how did you guys get started?

Tyron Shaw: We got the band together back around August 2009.  It came together out of a passion and want of getting a Western Swing kind of act together and it was coincidence that I got to meet Leo Francis (Acoustic Guitar and one of our main lead vocalists) via our mutual friend and legendary local Vintage recording guru, Graeme Thomas of Preston Studios here in Victoria, Australia.  He introduced me to Leo and we kept in touch as Leo was keen to start singing some Hillbilly style music, it was around that time I ran into an old friend Felix Potier who I knew from the Salt Flat Trio and The Macarbarettas from Perth, Australia.  Felix had recently moved to Melbourne to live and is known for being a great Guitarist and I’ve always admired his versatility, he too seem to have a similar idea of wanting to do an early Hillbilly / Wester Swing band.  Well, one thing led to another and we hooked up as a 3 piece just to start rehearsing and seeing what we could do, thinking we’d be adding a drummer and maybe pedal steel later on but seems the trio sound was all we needed from audience reactions.  Now it’s blended into something quite unique.

Rockabilly Nerd: For the uninitiated how would you describe your bands musical style?

Tyron Shaw: Well, as first expected….we began sounding very early Hillbilly, Honky Tonk with a hint of Western Swing but now our sound combines a lot more, it has aspects of early R&B / Rockabilly / Alternate Country / Bluegrass and you could even say there are some ‘Pop’ structures to a few songs.  We also get a lot of inspiration from vocal harmony groups and musical genres like Doowop, etc.  We definitely stand apart from most trios in this kind of style as we don’t just have one Lead Vocalist, all three members share lead vocal work but mainly between Leo and Felix plus we combine 2 and 3 part harmonies at times as well so you’ll always get a lot of variety in our shows.

RN: Any new releases in the works?

TS: We are currently always working on new songs but nothing ready to release as a new project however our most recent release was our LIVE RECHORDING Album that was produced from two live shows we performed in Victoria, Australia back in December 2014.  You can check this out and purchase a copy via our website.

RN: What artists inspired what you do musically?

TS: You would have to say most of the early Hillbilly groups and artists from the 30’s, 40’s and even into the early 60’s.  Some to mention would be Rusty & Doug Kershaw, Bob Wills, Faron Young, Hank Williams, plus the usual suspects performing early the Rockabilly sound like Johnny Cash, etc.  Also some of the Bluegrass greats like the Stanley Brothers, etc had a big influence on our harmonies too.  But as you grow as a band you also become influenced by current and more modern acts the likes of JD McPherson, the Reigning Sound, Wayne Hancock, etc.

RN: On your EP you included drums on the songs “Don’t Know Much” and “Big White Moon” that I don’t believe I’ve heard from you before.  Great tracks! How did that come about?

TS: Yes that’s very correct, we are normally a 3 piece just consisting of Upright Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar but when we wrote ‘Don’t Know Much’ which was the leading single off that EP titled ‘It Won’t Be Long’ we felt it had a slight ‘pop feel’ about it.  So we decided to try and give the song more ‘radio appeal’ and sort the experience and services of a producer to assist us with obtaining a sound that was still ‘The Rechords’ but maybe needed a little more ‘edge’ to get the attention of general radio station folks.  So we embarked on a recording session with Lindsay Gravina of Birdland Studios here in Victoria and produced a 4 track EP with the inclusion of the track you mentioned ‘Big White Moon’.  The drummer we used on this EP was a very good friend of the bands as well as her being a big fan of our hillbilly heritage we were influenced by, however even she was torn by the concept of perhaps spoiling the trio sound we had developed by adding her drumming to the mix.  But after some convincing by both ourselves and the producer she was excited by the project and came on board. Sue Shaw had been a drummer for many great independent acts over the years and had even found minor fame in a local act in the 80’s called ‘Girl Monster’ which found themselves with a recording contract and such and has also been involved with other legendary acts here like The Exotics and also plays some mandolin in a Bluegrass outfit.

RN: Have you played out here in the united states ? Any plans or hopes? (I’ve tried throwing your name out there for viva)

TS: We haven’t toured the USA as yet but since you’ve mentioned it, we are in the early stages of planning for a potential tour there in 2017.  We have toured Europe extensively back in 2011 and again in 2013 but the USA is a little more difficult due to the lack of funds to obtain there to make the trip viable but we are determined not to let that stand in our way.  We have a few friends who we have performed with who are musicians over there and they have always suggested that our sound would kill it back in the U.S. plus we do have a small but growing fan base there so we thought it would be worth attempting.  So any potential venue bookers and ‘legitimate’ promoters out there in the USA, feel free to get in contact with us 😉

RN: Anything you’d like to  say to anyone reading this?

TS: Just that we would dig it if you would swing by our online sites to check us out, help support our cause by buying our music (we prefer you buying the physical CD’s as bands get ‘jack’ out of this online streaming caper and digital downloads) and tell everyone you know to get behind The Rechords endeavour to tour the USA in 2017.  We would love to bring our music to you since it’s the land that has heavily influences our sound of ‘Americana’.

RN: *whistles innocently and hides Rechords mp3s*  I would like to thank Tyron once again for taking the time to answer some questions. Also, for giving me the hope of seeing The Rechords live one day in the USA. Take notice promoters! You can go to the official Rechords website HERE to purchase their albums. Also to keep up to date with them go LIKE their Facebook HERE

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