The Bellfuries Q&A

The Bellfuries. You listen to them right? I try not to throw out essential bands out there. But come on. You have to listen to the Bellfuries. “Just Plain Lonesome” would easily be in a list of greatest albums if I were to do one on this blog. “Workingman’s Bellfuries” was one of the best albums of 2015. And “Palmyra” deserves a lot of respect. You see them live or someone is playing their music, you can’t help but sing along to every song. I am a fan! Just like a lot of you I was a bit saddened to read that they were taking a break, not a break up, but a break. An indefinite hiatus. A pit stop. A pee break. You get it right? With 2016 coming to a close I wanted to do one more Q&A and I sought out the Bellfuries lead vocalist Joey Simeone. The results are below.

Rockabilly Nerd: With the Bellfuries going on a indefinite hiatus (feel free to correct me there) are there any musical endeavours anyone in the band plans on doing?

Joey Simeone:  Nothing planned for me, but something will happen sooner or later. Could be totally rootsy, or totally not! At the moment I’m shopping for a ultra shredder metal guitar, I miss playing all those old Megadeth riffs (to nobody, in my bedroom). Time to have some fun.

RN: Who came up with the BANG in the song Belmont Blues?

JS:  I think the shotgun was Mike’s idea. He definitely was the one who lobbied for it. I was originally afraid that a shotgun blast would turn it into a novelty tune, but I eventually latched onto the idea.

RN:  When you recorded Workingman’s Bellfuries, was there a pressure to go back to a more root sound (which you hit out the park) after making Palmyra?

JS: No pressure at all. Palmyra is my favorite Bellfuries record, but I dont think I’d have the patience for something that arrangement-heavy again. I never feel any pressure to do anything other than something that doesnt suck.

RN: How were the final shows on your farewell tour?

JS:  It was never a farewell tour. All the shows were good. I was flatterered by all the people singing along. We have great fans.

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RN: And finally is there anything you would like to say to anyone reading this?

JS:  We will hopefully be back for a show here and there, so dont totally forget about us! Stay groovy.

I would like to thank Joey for the answering my questions. Also like to thank the Bellfuries for all the wonderful music (I never use the term “wonderful” but this called for it). No one will forget you guys. If you’re still reading this, feel free to go LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE .

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Five of The Best New Rockin Tunes

I’ve been out and about the last couple of weeks. Between working and Christmas. I haven’t had the time to sit and write something.  Right now I got nothing to really give you. Got a Q&A coming in the not too distant future. But I thought I’d give you this little treat to hold you over. Here are 5 new (ish) songs that I think are worth your attention. Enjoy and listen!

Marcel Bontempi “Cat Man”

He was right in Marcel Bontempi :Witches, Spiders, Frogs, and a Q&A, he seems to always be recording. Here he takes Gene Vincent’s “Cat Man” and makes it his own. Like he does with every song he covers.

Jittery Jack meets Darrel Higham “Big City Blues”

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Rockabilly doesn’t have enough collabos! Rappers do it all the time. Hell, they do it to death. Here we have master guitarist and master rocker combining talents. The guitars are classic Higham (I almost expect Imelda May to start singing). It also great to hear Kevin Patey , been a couple of years since I’ve heard anything new from him. (just cause I think its cool, I was unaware of this album until I did the post Jittery Jack Q&A: The Definitive Rockabilly Nerd Q&A!)

Deke Dickerson “Nashville Boogie”

Finally someone who I haven’t done a Q&A with (I did meet him and had a quick conversation with, where I started hyperventilating and ran away). This definitely captures the Nashville Boogie weekender (at least what I see in other people’s posts that I get super jealous of).

Pat Capocci “Coming in hot”

Australians have such a hard time believing me when I mention Pat Capocci. I beg them to go look him up (all this while not trying to quote Crocodile Dundee!). That is some white-hot guitar playing. For some reason I wanna play this while getting a hair cut. Hopefully I can convince a barber to let me play this.

Nico Duportal “I will unfriend you”

One of my favorite Frenchmen, Nico Duportal lays down some rockin rhythm n blues. Including the most modern lyrics I’ve heard in a while. If you don’t like this song….I will unfriend you (see its cheesy if I say it).

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Psychobilly Nerd: Album releases coming in 2017

2016 is currently on life support. It is the end of the line. Pay your last respects. And ask if you can have its old cd player after they die. Don’t fret though. 2017 is coming up. And it seems that album release-wise it is going to kick ass! This months edition of Psychobilly Nerd I’m going to go over the releases that are planned to come out (look at me! Its like something off Alternative Press but without the bands singing about their girlfriends). I recently noticed that every band that got me into psychobilly has something slated for next year. Such a crazy coincidence that it begs the question…..


Batmobile – Brand New Blisters


It will be 20 years since this Dutch band has released anything (I believe their was a split mini album at one point). These guys were one of the first psycho bands I got into. And after hearing only 30 seconds of new music in a teaser video they posted recently I’m very happy to say they still got the same sound. I’m always impressed when a singer can still sound exactly the same decades into a career. Can’t wait for March 3!

Mad Sin – Unbreakable


My favorite German band. I remember finding “Sweet and Innocent Loud and Dirty” at  Sound Spectrum in Laguna beach. And my eyes popping out of my head when the album began. I ended up losing that copy and ordered another from the same place later to replace it. I once took a photo with Koefte (lead singer) and everyone I showed the pic to at work thought he was my dad. Now that I’ve said that we can skip any drama that some may have read or not read in the last few months. The band seemed to have had a shake up. But stuff like that can get creative juices flowing. Much like the same did for the 2010 album “Burn and Rise”, which I consider the most uplifting psychobilly album in the history of psycho music. So I can’t wait to hear what they created in the coming months. Especially the cover of Madness’s “House of Fun” and a duet with Kim Nekroman (stop your crying Psychobilly Worldwide).

The Quakes – to be announced if there is anything to announce


A reliable source told me that the Quakes are working on a new album. Personally I haven’t heard anything. And haven’t found anything online about any of it. I’m going to assume this is a rumor. Unless anyone hears anything otherwise. It would be nice to hear something new off these guys. I welcome any release and their EP “Live By the Sword” made me crave more. Heres to dreaming.

Koffin Kats – Party Time for the End of times


The Koffin Kats are incapable of making a bad album. Wait, are you going to criticize a release? Don’t bother! Because it is scientifically proven that the Koffin Kats cannot make a bad album. Just a few days ago I was wondering what the hell happened to these gentlemen. They were churning out release after release at one point. Once I had gotten used to an album I’d see in an interview that they were going in to make a new one. I love that they are apparently going back to their roots in this one. Though I enjoyed their songs about being on the road and drinking they’ve done the last couple of releases. I can tell from a post a member did that this will have a vintage Kats sound to it (if I’m totally wrong I don’t care I most likely will still like it). I’m not going to talk about all their albums because I feel I could do an entire Psychobilly Nerd post on just the KK. Go to their page HERE to listen to their newest song “Radiator Chains”. I already pre ordered the album and I’m as giddy as a school girl to hear it.

Hellbillys – to be announced


My first Psychobilly show was a little over ten years ago. It was to be Demented Are Go playing at the House of Blues. Unfortunately, Sparky was deported out of America. But the opening acts made up for it by playing a free show. So I got to see Thee Merry Widows and the Hellbillys. If it had not been for those two bands I would never have gotten into psychobilly as much I am. With that said I its been over a decade since they released anything, partially because the band split at one point. Got back together. And I just read that an hour before typing this that they have signed to Diablo Records, with plans to release an album around the middle of next year. Can’t wait.

Know about any other releases coming that I didn’t post? Go to the contacts page (link located in the top menu) and let me know and I will literally ADD it to this page. Who else with a blog would do this!?!? Feel free to share on social media. While you are here go LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebooke page HERE.

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Bands Rockabilly Nerd Wants Back Together

Now that everyone has calmed down from the possibility of a Stray Cats reunion (that is a lie, I’m still lactating at the thought). The idea popped in my head. How about some more reunions! The rockin world has brought soo many bands. Countless! I could spend an hour naming every rockabilly band in existence. And I wouldn’t be done. With that, comes break ups. Either the band isn’t making ends meet. Or members eventually get sick of each other. Or they simply grow up to raise a family. But at some point, the kids grow up. And they wanna rock. And we rejoice. Recently we got reunions from The Rockin Rebels and for a couple shows, Raging Teens. Today I’m going to through some fudge on the wall and see if it sticks (that makes no sense). Below are bands that I wanna see get back together. I’m excluding bands I know absolutely have 0 chance of ever reuniting. Who knows maybe we can revisit this page if anyone gets back together. Now read!

Shaking Pyramids

The Shaking Pyramids haven’t been a band since 83 (33 years ago, I figured that one out easy because that is my birth year and my birthday was a couple of days ago…thought I”d let you know). It feels that there is no way that they could go back after all this time. Its just a little too long a gap. But I know that at least one member is still recording as a solo artist. I love their music. Had a more acoustic sound than most neo rockabilly bands at the time. They had a good Tennesse sound but still sounded very Scottish to me. I feel that almost every band from that era either has gotten back together. Or never broke up to begin with. If they got back together I feel a rockin circle would be complete.

The Amazing Royal Crowns

Not Royal Crown Revue! We’re talking about the Rhode Island rockin band. They were signed to Time Bomb Recordings, own by Mike Ness (Wow Mr Ness did something right!). Now, unfortunately for these guys, they were forced to change their name to The Amazing Crowns after the other band I mentioned threatened legal action. We’re done talking about that chapter. Moving on. These guys rocked! Very 90s sounding. To me they had their own sound. To the point I wasn’t sure to add them to a list on rockabilly nerd. The Amazing Crowns broke up in the early 2000s, a couple of years before I discovered their music after going through used CDs at a thrift store. They have had two reunion shows since then. One in 2012 and 2015 but I want a full-fledged reunion. I’m talking a tour, and a set at a weekender. Please guys I’m begging you!

The Chop Tops

I made a promise to myself that I would not post about wanting the Chop Tops back when I started this page. But I feel enough time has passed that I can at least talk about it. Though they probably aren’t getting back together any time soon. Those guys hit the road for years! Unlike the other two on this list. I’ve seen them live. Not only live but I’ve seen them multiple times (lead singer/drummer told me I was a brave man and must have big balls). Always a great show. High energy and great mid song banter. And they were sponsered by Murray’s (I don’t use that stuff any more cause my pillow cases can’t be washed on a daily basis). I feel the world is missing something special without a show flyer with their logo on it.

Faraway Boys

These guys are a little bit on the obscure side. Any rockabilly folk in Orange County, California probably remembers seeing these guys open up for Three Bad Jacks on multiple occasions. They had a rum soaked pirate punk folk feel to their sound. They released one self released album. And had a song on a Sailor Jerry Rum ad as well as multiple other ones to. One of the few good things about living in south OC back in the day was that I some how constantly ran into members of the band. Either at their work or at other bands gigs. They reunited for a three song set for a friend of there’s a couple of years ago. But I know there is a good chunk of people that would love to see them once more. Every now and again, I go on Facebook and someone posts a video of “Sailor Jerry Rum” by the Faraway Boys from YouTube. All the members have been in other really good bands, like Stealth by Starlight. And Vinny and the Hooligans. But we want the original. Make it happen!

Is there any other bands you feel need to get back together? Send me a message in the contact are and I might post it in a future sequel to this post. I encourage you to share this post on social media. While you’re here feel free to LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

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10 of the Best Vintage Rockin Christmas Songs

Its Christmas time pretty baby and Rockabilly Nerd did another list. I said its Christmas time pretty baby. I got more eggnog for this list. I noticed a few of you liked my last list Ten of the Best Modern Day Rockabilly Xmas Songs. I didn’t want to leave anyone out by doing just one list. I decided this December needed a two parter. So from today’s rockin bands last week to today’s post about old school tunes. I comprised a list of the rockinous classic Xmas songs I could find. Some are all out classics while others you may have never heard 0ff. Kick back. Add more brandy when no one is looking to your eggnog. And enjoy what I consider to be the Ten Best Vintage Rockin Christmas Songs!

Elvis Presley “Santa Claus is back in town”

Oh boy I hope you weren’t expecting “Blue Christmas”. I love that song but in the spirit of rock n roll it “just don’t move me”. This is the first song I play from my Elvis Xmas album every year. It feels borderline dirty. The lyrics are completely clean. But that boogie woogie piano. And Elvis’s singing just makes you feel a little sweaty (you can almost feel him shaking his pelvis).

Little Joey Farr “Rock N Roll Santa”

I wish I was a DJ and played this at a Xmas show. I forgive them for ripping off Chuck Berry in the beginning.

Charlie Stewart “Santa Claus won’t come this year”

I hope what he says isn’t true. I’ll have to drink even more eggnog to get through December.

Jody Levins “Jingle Bell Boogie”

I love old 50s steel guitar playing country. I encourage you to look up more Jody Levins. And drink more eggnog.

Chuck Berry “Run Rudolph Run”

The most well-known rock n roll christmas song. I instantly get flash backs to about a dozen Christmas movies in my head when I hear this. I bet you thought this list would consist of only obscure artists. Shame on you. Shame on you!

Mark Anthony “Mamas Twistin with Santa Claus”

I have a question. Can you stroll to this one? I’m not sure. Let me know in the comments.

Cathy Sharpe “North Pole Rock”

That some sexy guitar there. Love this tune. Sounds like it could’ve easily been a Wanda Jackson or Janis Martin number. Can’t find anything on her unfortunately. Did a quick search because I wanted to sound like a real journalist. But got nothing. I’m a fraud!!!!

Jack Scott “There’s Trouble Brewin”

Criminally underrated rock n roll artist, Jack Scott. I love that there is nothing Christmassy in the title. Santa better watch his ass. Cause Jack Scott can still rock. So I bet he can rough up a fat guy in a red suit.

The Ventures “Sleigh Ride”

The reason I decided to exclude “rockabilly” in the title. This is for rockin music. And surf guitar is rockin music. Who hasn’t enjoyed this while working retail. Playing in the background. You might say you hate Christmas music but you have to bow to someone playing surf guitar.

Brenda Lee “Rockin Around The Christmas Tree”

Don’t you dare say you don’t like this tune. This brings up memories (that I try to repress with every sip of eggnog). It is the quintessential rock n roll christmas song. I do hope to see her at next year’s Viva. I know she won’t sing this. Maybe she will. You’ll have to go and find out.

Did I leave anything out? Know any songs that belong on here? Tell me in the comments. Make sure you share this on social media. Feel free to LIKE the Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

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Ten of the Best Modern Day Rockabilly Xmas Songs

Dashing through the snow! In a something something sleigh. It’s now December. The holiday’s biggest climax is upon us. I reek of egg nog and in need of tunes that I’ll only listen to for a 25 day span (it is also my birthday month….not like that is anything special). On today’s post I’m going to present to you ten of my favorite christmas tracks of the current crop of rock n rollers. Be patient. Older classic tracks will get their own list in the coming days. Just put up some ornaments or something while you wait. Enjoy!

Jack Rabbit Slim “The Christmas Twist”

Off the awesome Western Star Rockabilly Christmas Party compilation that was recently released, this guy is still unable to do a song without sounding like he is about to walk into a porn situation. I feel I can play this at an office holiday party and have everyone ask me who this is.

J.D. Mcpherson “Twinkle Little Christmas Lights”

Because I have to include him in almost every list I do. This just brings a cheesy smile to my face. Which means that I need more egg nog in my cup.

The Bop Hounds “Make it snow, Santa”

A couple of years ago this Brazilian rockabilly band released a free EP online. And mixed in there, was a christmas song! That is what I like. Surprise Christmas tracks. I love it almost as I love a surprise cup of delicious egg nog!

Luis and the Wildfires “Who likes Christmas Anyway”

For the hum bug crowd. We got you covered! I’m happy I was able to put a WILD band in here. You can play this if you celebrate Festivus.

Thee Elfmen “Christmas on Mars”

I totally believe in Martians. Martians that celebrate Christmas. That listen to wild primitive rockabilly music. I just refuse to believe that a band called Thee Elfmen exists.

Nelson Carrera “Hey Santa Claus (Don’t forget me this year)

I love the guitar in this track. I feel every band needs a xmas song!


Brian Setzer Orchestra “Dig That Crazy Santa Claus”


I always pick at least one song to throw you off. This is it. Sure it is supposed to be “swing” or “swing revival” or whatever. This is just pure Setzer at work.

Mack Stevens “Don’t Make Me Kick Your Ass This Christmas’

The righteous and all-powerful Mack Steven gives you fair warning. Don’t give him a reason to kick your ass.

Bloodshot Bill “Stuffing her stocking”

They celebrate Christmas in Canada? Just kidding. This track is purely about putting little presents in some lady’s stocking….I think.

Little Timmy Tinsel and the Fairy Lights “Blotto in the Grotto”

This most ridiculously English christmas song I’ve ever heard. From smoking “fags” (here in america that is a really mean term but I know it means cigarettes across the pond) and mince pies. This is the stand out track from the Western Star compilation. That I feel that everyone should own. I bought it with my own money. No one from the label has encouraged me in any way to say that. I genuinely like this album.

Enjoy the list? Know any other modern-day christmas songs that should be on the list? Let me know in the comments. Please share this on social media. Stay tuned for a future list of the 10 best classic Xmas songs. While you’re here feel free to LIKE the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

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