Rockabilly Nerd’s Tip for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

It is that time of the year again. As of this writing, Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend is less than a month away. Now I’m no expert at going to be honest (no wait come back I’ll have a point). I’ve only gone to Viva once last year! But I had the time of my life. But just like watching CMT’s Sun Records, though I enjoy myself, there are some things that irk me. I wanna address these today on RN so you and others can enjoy one of the best weekends in the world. Now I’m not going address everything. In fact there have been plenty of blogs posts with helpful hints like this ONE, this ONE, and this ONE. If you know of any other ones, feel free to email me the address to one through the contact page in the above menu. Enjoy!

Book your hotel immediately!!!

You haven’t booked your hotel room yet? Do it now! Get the hell off this blog and book your room now. The earlier you book your room the cheaper. Even if the place is a mile or two from the Orleans, there is all day shuttle service to get you there. The longer you wait to book a room, the harder. A lot of places start to fill up and have no vacancies. Another issue I learned from staying at Best Western is that when they get busier than usual, they raise the prices for rooms. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. This was what a clerk told us after I had only booked for 2 nights but found out I had Monday off of work so I went ahead a booked the room for an extra night, only to find out that the price was higher than the two nights paid for combined (you’re still reading? Go book your damn room!)

Don’t stay in just one room!

Weekenders like this are awesome because bands are always playing! When a band in the room you’re in  finishes, you can head to another room and check out other bands playing. Don’t just stay in one stop. Explore! You are going to miss out on so many bands if you stay in the main ballroom. The smaller rooms might have your next favorite band in there!

Actually see the bands!!

I’m shocked whenever I talk to someone who does this. And I hear it a lot. There are people who pay to go to VIVA. They freakin got the HI Roller pass. And they maybe saw one band on Friday. They skipped the car show. And literally spent 99% of the time either at the bar, gambling at the strip, or sleeping in their hotel room. Go see the bands. Rockabilly is music. If you’re part of this world you should be all about the music and supporting bands. Not supporting the ability to say you were cool and went to Viva!

Car show Tip. Keep your damn umbrella small.


It’s a bit cliché but I don’t mind the little parasol umbrellas. Its cute. Most girls at shows keep them low to their body to keep the sun out. No problem.  But there was one lady last year near the front carrying around something like this….


Couldn’t see the bands playing. It was huge and obnoxious. If you are that sensitive to the sun, don’t bother going please. Whoever this was you are not a snowflake. You are not special. There was no need to ruin the show for everyone behind you.

Don’t record the whole bands set!

You are recording the whole set. You are literally, staring at your camera or iPad or tablet. While the band is playing! You’re not watching the band with your own eyes. You’re making sure you have the greatest one hour YouTube video of all time. I’ll admit I kind of do appreciate the sacrifice so that we’ll have something to watch later but….I find it so odd. Put down your camera and enjoy the show for real.

Instagram Tip

I’ve been guilty of this in the past. I record a band playing. Then proceed to immediately post it on Instagram. I type who is playing. I may type a Hashtag. All the while I’m missing out on the performance for a minute or two (got called out at one show!). What I decided to do last year was I used the regular camera part of my smart phone. Recorded what I wanted to for a minute. Then later on I posted everything on IG after the band’s set is over.

Don’t be a creep

I saw you last year. I’m surprised no one slapped you in the face after you kept grabbing all those girls’ asses. Someone will clock you upside the head.

Buy a DJ a drink

Why? Because they are awesome and they keep the show going after the bands are done playing.

Ladies please wear comfortable shoes

My poor wife to be. Her feet were killing her on the day of the car show. You gotta manuever from the inside of the Orleans to the grounds for the car show. And you’re checking out the cars and the vendors and you’re standing for the bands. It can be exhausting. I can handle it because I work on my feet all day. But I will admit after all was said and done. I went back home super sore every where!

Bring money! Like well over $1000

We went to Viva with only $600 last year and had to get a relative to wire us money before the end of the weekend. Totally underestimated the power of Vegas. And we didn’t even drink. Also, if you can’t afford booze. Don’t worry, just pretend to be drunk. That way if you walk by someone who is passed out you can laugh at them and call them an “amateur”.


That band rocked your face off? Buy a CD. Buy a shirt! These guys most likely had to travel some ways to get their and most if not all of these bands aren’t making millions. Help a brother out.

That is my list. Anything I may have forgotten to put down? Go to the contact area at the top menu. Shoot me an email and I might add it here. Also while you’re here go LIKE the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

And as always, stop talking about your car!L



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