Welcome to Rockabilly Nerd

Blog for rockabilly enthusiasts! New entries every Tuesday and Friday. We don’t talk about pinstripes and we don’t talk about your bangs. This is a different kind of blog kiddies!

Check out Good Rockin Tonight podcast where they give a shoutout to Rockabilly Nerd HERE!


Wrestling with rockabilly: Updated Special updated version. Made one year later.

How Social Distortion created rockabilly  April Fools Post made on April 1st.

CMT’s Sun Records Ep 6 review

Rockabilly Nerd’s Tip for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

CMT’s Sun Records Ep5 Review

8 Wild Records albums you need to own!

Thoughts on the iconic Chuck Berry

download (12)

CMT’s Sun Records Ep 4 review

CMT’s Sun Records Ep 3 review

CMT’s Sun Records Ep.2 review

Streaming Rockabilly: What apps to use.

CMT’s Sun Records Ep. 1 Review

Psychobilly Nerd: Koffin Kats “Party Time For The End Times”

Ten of the Best Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys songs.

The Bellfuries Q&A

Five of The Best New Rockin Tunes

Psychobilly Nerd: Album releases coming in 2017

Bands Rockabilly Nerd Wants Back Together


10 of the Best Vintage Rockin Christmas Songs


Ten of the Best Modern Day Rockabilly Xmas Songs


Why the Stray Cats need to get back together.


Random Rockabilly Factoids #2

Artists that should be in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame

Marcel Bontempi :Witches, Spiders, Frogs, and a Q&A


Turkey-Billy: Songs for your next Thanksgiving

Lets talk about Gene Vincent

Psychobilly Nerd: 11 Albums of the 2010s

50th Rockabilly Nerd Post!!!

Spooky Rockin Haunts: Rockin tales of the paranormal

Its A Rockabilly World: Reveiw

Bopflix: Q&A with rockabilly’s premiere music video makers.

10 Rockabilly Songs for a Halloween Party

Joe Clay 1939-2016

(video) My favorite vinyl records

Viva Las Vegas 20 band list is looking good!

Psychobilly Nerd: 10 of the Best Bass Slapping Psychobilly Songs

Best Sci Fi Rockabilly and Psychobilly songs!

The Countryside of Harmonica Sam Q&A: Swedish band will boogie in Nashville

Rockin Album Reviews #4: Rhythm Bomb’s Get Up and Dance Box Edition


Rockabilly in movie soundtracks Part 1: It Happens

Jittery Jack Q&A: The Definitive Rockabilly Nerd Q&A!

10 Of The Best Bass Slapping Rockabilly Songs Part 2

5 reasons: I wish I was going to The New England Shake-Up

Lets watch some 80s rockabilly music videos!

Psychobilly Nerd: Smell of Kat Q&A

Rockin Album Reviews #3

Ten of the Best Rockabilly Albums From The Last 5 Years

Q&A with Frantic Flattops’ Frank De Blase

Rockabilly in the digital age

(Video) The Cramps story!

Rockin Rhythm n Blues to go with your rockabilly.

Conan O’Brien is a rockabilly guy

Psychobilly Nerd: 11 bands not mentioned by Alternative Press

Rockabilly Songs That Should Be in a Tarantino movie


Random Rockabilly Factoids!

Rockin Album Reviews #2

Thank You Scotty Moore

The Caezars Q&A : Band says goodbye!


The Brian Setzer Debate

10 of the Best Rockabilly Strollers

Ezra Lee Q&A: down under piano pounding rock n roll!

So Cal Hoedown: Will it be a Hoot?

The Rechords Q&A: Aussie band may embark to the U.S.

WILD afternoon in Whittier

Rockin Album Reviews

Rockabilly at the Movies!

10 of the best bass slappin rockabilly songs

Tiger Army V…_: Dawn of Justice

Horton Hayride:Top 5 Bands you have to see!! Thanks to the official Horton Hayride Facebook for sharing this entry


The Mystery of The Sirocco Bros

Wrestling with rockabilly : I did a special update 6-20-16. At the bottom there is extra bonus material I left out the first time I posted it. Enjoy!

How rockabilly made me proud of where I’m from

Mike Ness Syndrome pt 2: And the Hootenanny disease



My fantasy weekender band list

Viva Las Vegas 19!!!




One thought on “Welcome to Rockabilly Nerd”

  1. Really dig the blog….Check out Evan Johns. Wildman from D.C. area, played around in the 80s. Tremendous guitar player who played with Danny Gatton when he was in DC area. Played TexMex, swampabilly etc.


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