The Mystery of The Sirocco Bros

In my infinite quest of finding out about new bands, artists, albums, etc. I stumbled on some interesting YouTube videos. They played samples of two songs each by a band called The Sirocco Bros. I absolutely loved what I heard. Very low fi yet loud.  Hypnotic guitar. Obviously new but felt the song could pass for actual 50s recordings. They weren’t doing quite what other rockabillly bands were doing. They to me, sounded more underground. They were harnessing really obscure rockabilly. Like a more organized version of Hasil Adkins. (not a single joke in the first paragraph, I’m so proud of myself)

They released their music through 45s. Great idea in my opinion. 45s are for DJs. And that got DJs playing them at shows. Let me tell you, “Stomp” sounds amazing on loud speakers. Eventually they released all their singles digitally on the album “Sirocco” and later a physical release (cause you can’t say cd or even compact disc anymore kids) called “Shake”. Such a damn good album. Its so dark and yet uplifting (like lift your ass to the dance floor exorcise some demons). “Devil Bones” almost feels like its being recording during a Voodoo Ceremony. No joke, I’m almost certain dark magic was used in making this collection of songs.

So I’ve been a fan for a bit. It’s currently May 2016 and I realized I know absolutely nothing about the band. I just know they have music, thats it. Now there are bands I listen to that I have no clue as to what they look like or anything. I have them LIKEd on Facebook and I can’t recall ever seeing a photo of the band. Never a live shot. Never seen their name on a show or event poster. Cant even name a single member. So I decided to check out their Facebook page and browse through their photos.


Only promo pics of their 45s and albums. Who are these guys? I went as far as to start googling. Now I’m pretty web savvy. I can hunt down virtually anything. I mean it. I’m someone who can brag about their search engine skills! But all my efforts went nowhere. Outside of the Rollin Records pages (where you can purchase their amazing 45s) I couldn’t find jack. These guys were a complete mystery!

So I went asking around for information. I asked for guesses. I had my own. I assumed they were the ghosts of obscure 50s rockabilly artists that came together to form a super group. But they can’t perform live or take photos of themselves because ghosts can’t be photographed. One guy came to me with this:

I have a picture of them that was discovered in a Peruvian coal mine, apparently they are several hundred years old.


I had a sneaking suspicion this a was a hoax(IT IS!!!!!). Who is this mystery band! I sent the band an email on their Facebook. According to fb it was read almost immediately but absolutely no reply. At one point I began to suspect The Sirocco Bros were merely a figment of imagination. Maybe I’m in the matrix! IS ANYTHING REAL!

It was around this period of time of me questioning reality that I saw a comment on Facebook by a mystery man who I’m sure wears a black trench coat and sunglasses throughout the day (I’m probably extremely wrong on that….I am). He went on to explain that the members of The Sirocco Bros were all established uk rockabilly artists that did not want to tour. Just record music. With no interest in being stars.

What a genius concept. I know artists have done similar thing in the past (the Phantom, Los Straight Jackets). But here’s a band that’s completely about the music. No crazy stage shows. No one talking about someones sweet pomp. 100% about the music (more like 95% about the music and 5% the cover art). Maybe one day we might be graced by these guys presence at a festival (might have to update my fantasy weekender post). I’m not going to complain. As long as they keep doing what they do I’ll buy it!

For their most recent ep you can purchase to download HERE

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Come back next time where I’ll review the Nashville Boogie weekender that I didn’t go to. Based purely on instagram pics and YouTube videos!

Update: A couple of days after writing this blog I received a very nice email from The Sirocco Bros back.