The Rechords Q&A: Aussie band may embark to the U.S.

Every now and again I get tired of hearing new bands. Nothing new sounds appealing to me. Then one day something pops up on my radar and my mind is blown. In this case, it was a couple of years ago. The band that got my attention? The Rechords from Australia. This drummerless trio from down under are one of the most underrated modern-day bands. Awesome honky-tonk rockabilly, they can sound more American than most American bands. If Hank Williams and the Everly Brothers had triplets this would be it. I was very fortunate to exchange some words with Tyron Shaw their stand up bassist/ co vocalist.

Rockabilly Nerd: Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions. When and how did you guys get started?

Tyron Shaw: We got the band together back around August 2009.  It came together out of a passion and want of getting a Western Swing kind of act together and it was coincidence that I got to meet Leo Francis (Acoustic Guitar and one of our main lead vocalists) via our mutual friend and legendary local Vintage recording guru, Graeme Thomas of Preston Studios here in Victoria, Australia.  He introduced me to Leo and we kept in touch as Leo was keen to start singing some Hillbilly style music, it was around that time I ran into an old friend Felix Potier who I knew from the Salt Flat Trio and The Macarbarettas from Perth, Australia.  Felix had recently moved to Melbourne to live and is known for being a great Guitarist and I’ve always admired his versatility, he too seem to have a similar idea of wanting to do an early Hillbilly / Wester Swing band.  Well, one thing led to another and we hooked up as a 3 piece just to start rehearsing and seeing what we could do, thinking we’d be adding a drummer and maybe pedal steel later on but seems the trio sound was all we needed from audience reactions.  Now it’s blended into something quite unique.

Rockabilly Nerd: For the uninitiated how would you describe your bands musical style?

Tyron Shaw: Well, as first expected….we began sounding very early Hillbilly, Honky Tonk with a hint of Western Swing but now our sound combines a lot more, it has aspects of early R&B / Rockabilly / Alternate Country / Bluegrass and you could even say there are some ‘Pop’ structures to a few songs.  We also get a lot of inspiration from vocal harmony groups and musical genres like Doowop, etc.  We definitely stand apart from most trios in this kind of style as we don’t just have one Lead Vocalist, all three members share lead vocal work but mainly between Leo and Felix plus we combine 2 and 3 part harmonies at times as well so you’ll always get a lot of variety in our shows.

RN: Any new releases in the works?

TS: We are currently always working on new songs but nothing ready to release as a new project however our most recent release was our LIVE RECHORDING Album that was produced from two live shows we performed in Victoria, Australia back in December 2014.  You can check this out and purchase a copy via our website.

RN: What artists inspired what you do musically?

TS: You would have to say most of the early Hillbilly groups and artists from the 30’s, 40’s and even into the early 60’s.  Some to mention would be Rusty & Doug Kershaw, Bob Wills, Faron Young, Hank Williams, plus the usual suspects performing early the Rockabilly sound like Johnny Cash, etc.  Also some of the Bluegrass greats like the Stanley Brothers, etc had a big influence on our harmonies too.  But as you grow as a band you also become influenced by current and more modern acts the likes of JD McPherson, the Reigning Sound, Wayne Hancock, etc.

RN: On your EP you included drums on the songs “Don’t Know Much” and “Big White Moon” that I don’t believe I’ve heard from you before.  Great tracks! How did that come about?

TS: Yes that’s very correct, we are normally a 3 piece just consisting of Upright Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar but when we wrote ‘Don’t Know Much’ which was the leading single off that EP titled ‘It Won’t Be Long’ we felt it had a slight ‘pop feel’ about it.  So we decided to try and give the song more ‘radio appeal’ and sort the experience and services of a producer to assist us with obtaining a sound that was still ‘The Rechords’ but maybe needed a little more ‘edge’ to get the attention of general radio station folks.  So we embarked on a recording session with Lindsay Gravina of Birdland Studios here in Victoria and produced a 4 track EP with the inclusion of the track you mentioned ‘Big White Moon’.  The drummer we used on this EP was a very good friend of the bands as well as her being a big fan of our hillbilly heritage we were influenced by, however even she was torn by the concept of perhaps spoiling the trio sound we had developed by adding her drumming to the mix.  But after some convincing by both ourselves and the producer she was excited by the project and came on board. Sue Shaw had been a drummer for many great independent acts over the years and had even found minor fame in a local act in the 80’s called ‘Girl Monster’ which found themselves with a recording contract and such and has also been involved with other legendary acts here like The Exotics and also plays some mandolin in a Bluegrass outfit.

RN: Have you played out here in the united states ? Any plans or hopes? (I’ve tried throwing your name out there for viva)

TS: We haven’t toured the USA as yet but since you’ve mentioned it, we are in the early stages of planning for a potential tour there in 2017.  We have toured Europe extensively back in 2011 and again in 2013 but the USA is a little more difficult due to the lack of funds to obtain there to make the trip viable but we are determined not to let that stand in our way.  We have a few friends who we have performed with who are musicians over there and they have always suggested that our sound would kill it back in the U.S. plus we do have a small but growing fan base there so we thought it would be worth attempting.  So any potential venue bookers and ‘legitimate’ promoters out there in the USA, feel free to get in contact with us 😉

RN: Anything you’d like to  say to anyone reading this?

TS: Just that we would dig it if you would swing by our online sites to check us out, help support our cause by buying our music (we prefer you buying the physical CD’s as bands get ‘jack’ out of this online streaming caper and digital downloads) and tell everyone you know to get behind The Rechords endeavour to tour the USA in 2017.  We would love to bring our music to you since it’s the land that has heavily influences our sound of ‘Americana’.

RN: *whistles innocently and hides Rechords mp3s*  I would like to thank Tyron once again for taking the time to answer some questions. Also, for giving me the hope of seeing The Rechords live one day in the USA. Take notice promoters! You can go to the official Rechords website HERE to purchase their albums. Also to keep up to date with them go LIKE their Facebook HERE

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