CMT’s Sun Records Ep 4 review

Don’t judge me. Don’t judge me. But I have to admit I really like the opening credits. I’ll even go as far to say that this episode had my full attention. We passed the point of no return. You know those type of shows. You start watching. You’re definitely questioning rather or not to continue. Then the fourth episode hits and you’re all over it like “mm hmmm” or “oh child no he didn’t”. Well that was me. But I still found flaws in this just like I do with all my favorite shows. That is part of their charm. So remember, though I enjoyed what I watched (still bothers me that Johnny Cash’s and Elvis’ dads are presented as dicks) I love ripping things to shreds for others amusement. Enjoy reading everything below.

This week’s installment opened with the results of last week’s conclusion showing Sam Phillips driving erratically while drunk and on pills (which I failed to mention in the last review because I’m not posting spoilers every where). It was a funny open in my opinion. That little boy might be a pinch traumatized. This starts Sam on a low point. From his issues with pills and the Memphis Recording studio having try and get more money by having to record radio commercials and jingles (a fat redneck in overalls reading from a script in front of you must be such a slap in the face). Poor poor Sam. His love life dynamic shows some nice parallels; from his wife and his mistress spending time with each other to the mistress being courted right in front of him by her other boss. Thank god I’m ugly so I don’t ever have to go through any of this.

Johnny Cash is still stationed in Germany. Enters a brothel and says almost every word I know in German (thanks CMT for excluding subtitles you jerks). It seems he is about to lose his virginity in a very awesome fashion. I’m sure this will mess with him since he is still pining for his young lady back home. But don’t worry, because if you watched Walk the Line you already know what happens with that.

Elvis has a conversation with his ex girlfriend’s dad who is less dick-ish from recent episodes. His mom is also a lot nicer. And his dad doesn’t say a single word. Because the director was probably thinking we have already gotten the point that every parent during this time was a complete and absolute dick. His mother gives him some advice that I notice he doesn’t really take (except for much later for an awsome foreshadowing moment that I’m not spoiling). Instead ops to make out with a girl in front of his ex (who now doesn’t seem to want him) while she makes out with a guy she is dating. All in a maneuver to make each other jealous. Thank god I was an ugly teenager to avoid this psuedo-swinger mentality. Did everyone do this as teenagers? Ten points to the show runners for including one of my favorite RnB tracks on a jukebox.

Jerry Lee and his cousin look like two complete creeps. And do a great (I use that term not so much in a positive light) job at making southern christians to look creepy, weird and crazy. You can hear the mockery in the actors’ voice as they praise Jesus. All the while, looking at girly magazines. And making it a competition at trying go out with a girl named Peggy. I’m not sure if the guy playing Jimmy Swaggart is purposely trying to make his character look like a date rapist vampire on purpose or not. You be the judge. Almost looks like he is going to try to drink blood from her neck.


Carl Perkins during this period of time is out in a spaceship near Mars. Wondering to himself what would have happened if he had ever learned to play guitar in this rousing work of fiction.

If you haven’t gotten caught up yet feel free to read my other review CMT’s Sun Records Ep. 1 ReviewCMT’s Sun Records Ep.2 review,and CMT’s Sun Records Ep 3 review. Feel free to share this, or any post on your social media. While you’re here go LIKE the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

And as always, stop talking about your car.


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