CMT’s Sun Records Ep 3 review

Alright I’m back this week to review our favorite show. In this installment, the Kingdom are having problems we the Saviors…..oh wait wrong show. Sorry. Alright, on this weeks episode, we are transported to a parallel universe where Carl Perkins doesn’t exist. I’m sure though that Jerry Lee Lewis probably has gone through an issue of National Geographic to look at naked women. Who hasn’t?! Come on!

Today we are introduced to Ike Turner’s King Of Rhythm (I told you last week that they were going to play Rocket 88!) who changed their names to Jackie Brenston and the Delta Cats (years before the 80s spawned a million “cat” bands) temporarily because Ike can’t sing (foreshadowing!!). They arrive at Memphis Recording studio to a welcome wagon consisting of two white guys that work across the street at a car dealership. Along with all parents on the show, all car dealership guys apparently are also dicks( so many racial slurs in a 30 second period). Sam Phillips though shows he is the better man. Stating we are all equal in the eyes of god. And everyone loves watermelon (sweet jesus I love watermelon).

On the side lines we got Johnny Cash getting down at Oktoberfest while stationed in Germany. Elvis tries to win back his girlfriend. But her parents can’t get over that he was at a “colored” church. He persuades her after sneaking in her bedroom. And playing the radio. Her dad pops up and hears the evil jungle music coming from her stereo. And she is grounded because once again, all parents in the 50s were dicks (apparently).

Col Tom Parker segments in the show displays him being the most genius business man in music. I plan on stealing every trick I see him pull off in this episode (I also plan on making ducks dance). I think this will be the last time you see him work with Eddy Arnold (look up his music!) and hopefully soon we will see him jump into the arms of Elvis Aaron Presley (I put a weird image in your head and it hurt didn’t it?). All in all this was more of a set up episode for the future. I feel Ep 4 is when everyone will be lactating. I’ll be watching that next and give you a review of it promptly tomorrow.

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And as always, stop talking about your car!



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