Streaming Rockabilly: What apps to use.

Please rockabilly police, forgive me. I know that there is no better sound than the needle hitting a vinyl. I know you got a huge collection of 45s.  A stack of CDs of current artists that haven’t been able to put out an album on vinyl. But I know that your friends (who won’t admit to it) listens to mp3s. Or even worse, they pay a company $9.99 a month to stream music. You’re thinking “MUSIC WAS NOT MEANT TO BE LISTENED TO ON A PHONE!”. Also you’re mad because you don’t even get to keep the music you pay for. Blasphemy. I’m here to admit, I do it! I love streaming music on my phone (I keep two around for my own reasons). I always have an app on my phone. And there are more than a couple to choose from. So I’ve tried three different companies since discovering streaming music and I will give you my reviews today. This isn’t just a review for anyone. This is for the rockabilly loving crowd. Because the streaming experience can different from the folks that play Beyoncé (the people we’re sure these apps were originally meant for). Here we go….



I love month-long free trials. And I love looking up music on YouTube (especially without the damn advertisements). This app lets you play from videos and lets you keep playing after you closed the video (which gets annoying when you watched something dumb and need to make sure the app is completely closed). On top of the videos they also have a large music library to play. These sound great but there are parts that make it a little annoying. You absolutely have to stream the music. Unlike other apps that let you “download” music straight to the app (not to your phone exactly, just to the app) you have to stream it. Depending on your phone provider this can do some damage on your data (LIKE MY PHONE!). This got so annoying for me that I didn’t even bother using the app for the rest of the month.

Amazon Music Unlimited


Here it gets better. This one you can “download” (I have to use the quotation marks because you don’t get to keep the music but its in your phone. This way you pick what you are going to listen to while your phone is on your home’s wi-fi and when you leave you can play your music without messing up your data…this is a long parenthesis statement). But here is where it gets hard for a rockabilly type to enjoy this app. If you’re looking for artists it can be annoying. I’ll search up various bands and their profile won’t show up on the search and instead I’ll get a list of acts with similar names and at times, artists that shouldn’t have even shown up. It isn’t until I do a search for a specific album title that I’m able to find the band or singer. This makes me feel that Amazon is just there for the Drake crowd (its obviously a conspiracy).

Another issue that Amazon’s Music Unlimited is that in a lot of cases, they do not have the full album. 12 track albums are reduced to 7 or even 3 songs. I understand, you guys want us to buy that whole album but who decided to take that many songs off the Blue Cats last album. It is very irritating especially when a band I like just releases a new album and I assume that I’m about to listen to a full album and…nope. To add to the annoyance is that….I paid a premium and I feel a little short changed.

On side note I wish the Polecats had more than just 4 BEST Of albums in here. Ok keep reading.



I think that I’ve seen seduced here. Easy searching.No extra searching to find what you need( if its in thier library).  I can make playlists and look up other people’s playlists. Full albums are available (suck it Amazon). I can “download” albums on to my phone. I even get alerts whenever artists I like release new albums. Not every band puts their albums up and I can understand why not. Another feature that comes with the app is a feature for each band to see bands similar to them. This works out most of the time. It has helped me discover bands that I probably would never have heard of before. I feel that the winner here is Spotify. Unfortunately I’m currently with Amazon for the month because…well we all make mistakes. But once that is over with I’m going back to the more rockabilly friendly Spotify.

Besides streaming albums there are Mixcloud, and Soundhound where you can here podcasts and radio shows featuring rockin DJs like Del Villareal. Also a great place online is Rockabilly Radio (thats more for an actual computer not an app but its a nice place to go to.

Agree with my opinions? Know of any other apps? Let me know. While you’re here go LIKE the Official Rockabilly Nerd page HERE!

And as always, stop talking about your car.


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