Psychobilly Nerd: Koffin Kats “Party Time In The End Times”

“The Koffin Kats are incapable of making a bad album” I said that in last month’s edition of Psychobilly Nerd HERE. They were one of the first psychobilly acts that I got into. Even when I’m not feeling like listening to any psycho music at all. I can put some Kats on and I’m totally into it. These guys know how to rock. And in their 13th year of existence they show no signs of slowing down (oh god that is so cliché to say but it is true…I really sound like one of those writers for Alternative Press that just types out their ass and say that in every review but like I said, its true!). Lord knows we were all wanting a new release after 3 years or so. These guys were squirting out an album a year at one point. But everyone needs a rest (this is only my second post in a month).

So I was a little wrong on the band going back to how they sounded at the beginning on their reign.There are moments where old KK pops its head out for a little bit. Though “Witch in the Woods” would fit perfectly in their first two albums. This is KK continuing what they do. Their first albums were straight up psychobilly, murder, spooky stuff. They later tweeked the lyrical content to drinking and songs about the road and life. And “Born of the Motor” is sonically stripper music (I seem to be the only who thinks this). With that said, this album sounds great. Fast drumming. Genius guitar playing. And Zac’s vocals have never sounded better (thats not kissing ass, I’m being completely honest). Also I love how this album was mixed. Sounds more clear and loud than most signed bands. That is what I want in albums. I want them loud and this delivers.

“Until The Sun Explodes” could make for a fairly violent pit. “Pigs in the grove” sounds like I should already be singing along to it. “A Path to Wickedness” would make a wrecking pit that I would be scared to go near.”Nasty Weather” could fit into any KK record perfectly. The guitar on “No Free Rides” will have me doing weird hand gestures for a while. The album is currently available at Koffin Kats Rock.I must say I heavily recommend this record. The psychobilly gods up there have made up for the incredible disappointment that was Tiger Army’s recent release. Also on another note. The band was gracious enough to offer to send me an advance copy of the album to review (that how a lot of blogs and sites work). Joke is on them, I had already pre ordered it. I’m a fan and I encourage everyone who loves horror punk, psychobilly, or just like to get your face rocked off to pick this up.

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And as always, please sto talking about your car!



One thought on “Psychobilly Nerd: Koffin Kats “Party Time In The End Times””

  1. Total, dude. You nailed it. It’s a very good album from a band that can keep the similar intensity and still make different albums.
    On this one, it’s clear that they used their older albums as main reference. It’s more psycho, less punk-rock. And it’s good. Also, the songs fits fine.


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