Ten of the Best Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys songs.

“I’m so rockabilly I saw Big Sandy, but everyone has seen Big Sandy”. That was on a list of  a really funny “I’m so rockabilly” quotes list I found online years ago. I remember wondering who the hell Big Sandy was. I was just starting and was into the “revved up” rockabilly . I was a newbie. A few weeks after reading this I went to see Reverend Horton Heat at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Jim Heath was talking on stage and pointed to a gentleman in the crowd and said something along the lines of I knew you’d be here. I asked the lady I was with if that was Big Sandy. She knew I was oblivious to him and was shocked that I asked that. She said “yeah, how did you know that?”. I told her “He just looks like that would be Big Sandy”. Now that I got that story out-of-the-way, I obviously discovered the band’s music. Seen them live (guitar player Ashley is one of the few people who can tell I have a southern accent)(Ricky McCann plays drums currently and he is the John Freese of rockabilly!). With that said, without making this opening paragraph too long I’m going to give praise to one of today’s most influential rockin acts  by posting a list of what I believe are the 10 best songs by Robert Williams and his band.

Chalk it up to the blues

Reminds me of early Elvis recordings. Not quite Sun records but more like what came out from Elvis’s RCA debut. Though (I might catch hell for this) this is a better written song than anything on that album.

I Hate Loving You

Song so good I wish I could have a time machine to have someone cover this. But you question if anyone could do it justice other than these guys. On a side note, “It’s Time” is in my top 5 greatest albums of all time.

Losers Blue

“I lost my appetite and that’s big news”. One genius line after another. And one of the best steel guitar solos ever.

Tequila Calling

This is so classy it makes me forget all the terrible stuff that happened the last time I drank tequila.

Money Tree


Sung mostly by Jeff West, this is a bit of change for the band. Such a beautiful sounding tune. It is also my girlfriend’s favorite song by the band.

Oochie Coochie

I’m being bad, this doesn’t include the Fly Rite Boys. But I love this more rockin r&b-ish style. It’s just a fun song.

Fine Fine Superfine

I’m not sure if I love this song because its brand new and we’ve been waiting for something new from the guys. Or because it’s geniunely a good song and one of the best written tunes to come out in the last year by anyone.

Different Girl

I went on a road trip recently and had “Jumping From 6 to 6” playing and when this song popped up, I thought to myself “I should make a list of Big Sandy and His Fly Rite Boy’s songs!”. So that was the inspiration for this. Its a great song to play for an ex after a break up.

Missouri Gal

One of the earlier songs I’m covering here. Also from when it was the Fly Rite trio! Which isn’t that far from what the band is today. Only 3 guys on stage now a days with Mr Williams. Great guitar and it makes up for the fact that I don’t think I’ve met too many great gals from the state of Missouri.

What a dream its been (rerecorded version)

Off the album of the same name, the guys went into the studio and rerecorded classic song by the group in different styles. This one is my favorite, featuring guest vocals by Grey DeLisle. I’ve used this song in a farewell video I did before leaving my last job. And plan on having this played at my funeral (sorry…too morbid?)

That was my Ten list. Any song belonged in here? Of course, I could have easily made this a 30 song list. Hell, I could easily make a list consisting of just songs from “Its Time” (why in the hell did I not include “Heaven is the other way”!!!!). But feel free to include songs you like in the comments that wasn’t here. While you’re at it go LIKE the Official Rockabilly Nerd page HERE.

And as always, please stop talking about your hair.


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