The Bellfuries Q&A

The Bellfuries. You listen to them right? I try not to throw out essential bands out there. But come on. You have to listen to the Bellfuries. “Just Plain Lonesome” would easily be in a list of greatest albums if I were to do one on this blog. “Workingman’s Bellfuries” was one of the best albums of 2015. And “Palmyra” deserves a lot of respect. You see them live or someone is playing their music, you can’t help but sing along to every song. I am a fan! Just like a lot of you I was a bit saddened to read that they were taking a break, not a break up, but a break. An indefinite hiatus. A pit stop. A pee break. You get it right? With 2016 coming to a close I wanted to do one more Q&A and I sought out the Bellfuries lead vocalist Joey Simeone. The results are below.

Rockabilly Nerd: With the Bellfuries going on a indefinite hiatus (feel free to correct me there) are there any musical endeavours anyone in the band plans on doing?

Joey Simeone:  Nothing planned for me, but something will happen sooner or later. Could be totally rootsy, or totally not! At the moment I’m shopping for a ultra shredder metal guitar, I miss playing all those old Megadeth riffs (to nobody, in my bedroom). Time to have some fun.

RN: Who came up with the BANG in the song Belmont Blues?

JS:  I think the shotgun was Mike’s idea. He definitely was the one who lobbied for it. I was originally afraid that a shotgun blast would turn it into a novelty tune, but I eventually latched onto the idea.

RN:  When you recorded Workingman’s Bellfuries, was there a pressure to go back to a more root sound (which you hit out the park) after making Palmyra?

JS: No pressure at all. Palmyra is my favorite Bellfuries record, but I dont think I’d have the patience for something that arrangement-heavy again. I never feel any pressure to do anything other than something that doesnt suck.

RN: How were the final shows on your farewell tour?

JS:  It was never a farewell tour. All the shows were good. I was flatterered by all the people singing along. We have great fans.

Related image

RN: And finally is there anything you would like to say to anyone reading this?

JS:  We will hopefully be back for a show here and there, so dont totally forget about us! Stay groovy.

I would like to thank Joey for the answering my questions. Also like to thank the Bellfuries for all the wonderful music (I never use the term “wonderful” but this called for it). No one will forget you guys. If you’re still reading this, feel free to go LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE .

And as always, please stop talking about your car!


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