Psychobilly Nerd: Album releases coming in 2017

2016 is currently on life support. It is the end of the line. Pay your last respects. And ask if you can have its old cd player after they die. Don’t fret though. 2017 is coming up. And it seems that album release-wise it is going to kick ass! This months edition of Psychobilly Nerd I’m going to go over the releases that are planned to come out (look at me! Its like something off Alternative Press but without the bands singing about their girlfriends). I recently noticed that every band that got me into psychobilly has something slated for next year. Such a crazy coincidence that it begs the question…..


Batmobile – Brand New Blisters


It will be 20 years since this Dutch band has released anything (I believe their was a split mini album at one point). These guys were one of the first psycho bands I got into. And after hearing only 30 seconds of new music in a teaser video they posted recently I’m very happy to say they still got the same sound. I’m always impressed when a singer can still sound exactly the same decades into a career. Can’t wait for March 3!

Mad Sin – Unbreakable


My favorite German band. I remember finding “Sweet and Innocent Loud and Dirty” at  Sound Spectrum in Laguna beach. And my eyes popping out of my head when the album began. I ended up losing that copy and ordered another from the same place later to replace it. I once took a photo with Koefte (lead singer) and everyone I showed the pic to at work thought he was my dad. Now that I’ve said that we can skip any drama that some may have read or not read in the last few months. The band seemed to have had a shake up. But stuff like that can get creative juices flowing. Much like the same did for the 2010 album “Burn and Rise”, which I consider the most uplifting psychobilly album in the history of psycho music. So I can’t wait to hear what they created in the coming months. Especially the cover of Madness’s “House of Fun” and a duet with Kim Nekroman (stop your crying Psychobilly Worldwide).

The Quakes – to be announced if there is anything to announce


A reliable source told me that the Quakes are working on a new album. Personally I haven’t heard anything. And haven’t found anything online about any of it. I’m going to assume this is a rumor. Unless anyone hears anything otherwise. It would be nice to hear something new off these guys. I welcome any release and their EP “Live By the Sword” made me crave more. Heres to dreaming.

Koffin Kats – Party Time for the End of times


The Koffin Kats are incapable of making a bad album. Wait, are you going to criticize a release? Don’t bother! Because it is scientifically proven that the Koffin Kats cannot make a bad album. Just a few days ago I was wondering what the hell happened to these gentlemen. They were churning out release after release at one point. Once I had gotten used to an album I’d see in an interview that they were going in to make a new one. I love that they are apparently going back to their roots in this one. Though I enjoyed their songs about being on the road and drinking they’ve done the last couple of releases. I can tell from a post a member did that this will have a vintage Kats sound to it (if I’m totally wrong I don’t care I most likely will still like it). I’m not going to talk about all their albums because I feel I could do an entire Psychobilly Nerd post on just the KK. Go to their page HERE to listen to their newest song “Radiator Chains”. I already pre ordered the album and I’m as giddy as a school girl to hear it.

Hellbillys – to be announced


My first Psychobilly show was a little over ten years ago. It was to be Demented Are Go playing at the House of Blues. Unfortunately, Sparky was deported out of America. But the opening acts made up for it by playing a free show. So I got to see Thee Merry Widows and the Hellbillys. If it had not been for those two bands I would never have gotten into psychobilly as much I am. With that said I its been over a decade since they released anything, partially because the band split at one point. Got back together. And I just read that an hour before typing this that they have signed to Diablo Records, with plans to release an album around the middle of next year. Can’t wait.

Know about any other releases coming that I didn’t post? Go to the contacts page (link located in the top menu) and let me know and I will literally ADD it to this page. Who else with a blog would do this!?!? Feel free to share on social media. While you are here go LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebooke page HERE.

And as always, stop talking about your car!



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