Bands Rockabilly Nerd Wants Back Together

Now that everyone has calmed down from the possibility of a Stray Cats reunion (that is a lie, I’m still lactating at the thought). The idea popped in my head. How about some more reunions! The rockin world has brought soo many bands. Countless! I could spend an hour naming every rockabilly band in existence. And I wouldn’t be done. With that, comes break ups. Either the band isn’t making ends meet. Or members eventually get sick of each other. Or they simply grow up to raise a family. But at some point, the kids grow up. And they wanna rock. And we rejoice. Recently we got reunions from The Rockin Rebels and for a couple shows, Raging Teens. Today I’m going to through some fudge on the wall and see if it sticks (that makes no sense). Below are bands that I wanna see get back together. I’m excluding bands I know absolutely have 0 chance of ever reuniting. Who knows maybe we can revisit this page if anyone gets back together. Now read!

Shaking Pyramids

The Shaking Pyramids haven’t been a band since 83 (33 years ago, I figured that one out easy because that is my birth year and my birthday was a couple of days ago…thought I”d let you know). It feels that there is no way that they could go back after all this time. Its just a little too long a gap. But I know that at least one member is still recording as a solo artist. I love their music. Had a more acoustic sound than most neo rockabilly bands at the time. They had a good Tennesse sound but still sounded very Scottish to me. I feel that almost every band from that era either has gotten back together. Or never broke up to begin with. If they got back together I feel a rockin circle would be complete.

The Amazing Royal Crowns

Not Royal Crown Revue! We’re talking about the Rhode Island rockin band. They were signed to Time Bomb Recordings, own by Mike Ness (Wow Mr Ness did something right!). Now, unfortunately for these guys, they were forced to change their name to The Amazing Crowns after the other band I mentioned threatened legal action. We’re done talking about that chapter. Moving on. These guys rocked! Very 90s sounding. To me they had their own sound. To the point I wasn’t sure to add them to a list on rockabilly nerd. The Amazing Crowns broke up in the early 2000s, a couple of years before I discovered their music after going through used CDs at a thrift store. They have had two reunion shows since then. One in 2012 and 2015 but I want a full-fledged reunion. I’m talking a tour, and a set at a weekender. Please guys I’m begging you!

The Chop Tops

I made a promise to myself that I would not post about wanting the Chop Tops back when I started this page. But I feel enough time has passed that I can at least talk about it. Though they probably aren’t getting back together any time soon. Those guys hit the road for years! Unlike the other two on this list. I’ve seen them live. Not only live but I’ve seen them multiple times (lead singer/drummer told me I was a brave man and must have big balls). Always a great show. High energy and great mid song banter. And they were sponsered by Murray’s (I don’t use that stuff any more cause my pillow cases can’t be washed on a daily basis). I feel the world is missing something special without a show flyer with their logo on it.

Faraway Boys

These guys are a little bit on the obscure side. Any rockabilly folk in Orange County, California probably remembers seeing these guys open up for Three Bad Jacks on multiple occasions. They had a rum soaked pirate punk folk feel to their sound. They released one self released album. And had a song on a Sailor Jerry Rum ad as well as multiple other ones to. One of the few good things about living in south OC back in the day was that I some how constantly ran into members of the band. Either at their work or at other bands gigs. They reunited for a three song set for a friend of there’s a couple of years ago. But I know there is a good chunk of people that would love to see them once more. Every now and again, I go on Facebook and someone posts a video of “Sailor Jerry Rum” by the Faraway Boys from YouTube. All the members have been in other really good bands, like Stealth by Starlight. And Vinny and the Hooligans. But we want the original. Make it happen!

Is there any other bands you feel need to get back together? Send me a message in the contact are and I might post it in a future sequel to this post. I encourage you to share this post on social media. While you’re here feel free to LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

And as always, stop talking about your car!



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