10 of the Best Vintage Rockin Christmas Songs

Its Christmas time pretty baby and Rockabilly Nerd did another list. I said its Christmas time pretty baby. I got more eggnog for this list. I noticed a few of you liked my last list Ten of the Best Modern Day Rockabilly Xmas Songs. I didn’t want to leave anyone out by doing just one list. I decided this December needed a two parter. So from today’s rockin bands last week to today’s post about old school tunes. I comprised a list of the rockinous classic Xmas songs I could find. Some are all out classics while others you may have never heard 0ff. Kick back. Add more brandy when no one is looking to your eggnog. And enjoy what I consider to be the Ten Best Vintage Rockin Christmas Songs!

Elvis Presley “Santa Claus is back in town”

Oh boy I hope you weren’t expecting “Blue Christmas”. I love that song but in the spirit of rock n roll it “just don’t move me”. This is the first song I play from my Elvis Xmas album every year. It feels borderline dirty. The lyrics are completely clean. But that boogie woogie piano. And Elvis’s singing just makes you feel a little sweaty (you can almost feel him shaking his pelvis).

Little Joey Farr “Rock N Roll Santa”

I wish I was a DJ and played this at a Xmas show. I forgive them for ripping off Chuck Berry in the beginning.

Charlie Stewart “Santa Claus won’t come this year”

I hope what he says isn’t true. I’ll have to drink even more eggnog to get through December.

Jody Levins “Jingle Bell Boogie”

I love old 50s steel guitar playing country. I encourage you to look up more Jody Levins. And drink more eggnog.

Chuck Berry “Run Rudolph Run”

The most well-known rock n roll christmas song. I instantly get flash backs to about a dozen Christmas movies in my head when I hear this. I bet you thought this list would consist of only obscure artists. Shame on you. Shame on you!

Mark Anthony “Mamas Twistin with Santa Claus”

I have a question. Can you stroll to this one? I’m not sure. Let me know in the comments.

Cathy Sharpe “North Pole Rock”

That some sexy guitar there. Love this tune. Sounds like it could’ve easily been a Wanda Jackson or Janis Martin number. Can’t find anything on her unfortunately. Did a quick search because I wanted to sound like a real journalist. But got nothing. I’m a fraud!!!!

Jack Scott “There’s Trouble Brewin”

Criminally underrated rock n roll artist, Jack Scott. I love that there is nothing Christmassy in the title. Santa better watch his ass. Cause Jack Scott can still rock. So I bet he can rough up a fat guy in a red suit.

The Ventures “Sleigh Ride”

The reason I decided to exclude “rockabilly” in the title. This is for rockin music. And surf guitar is rockin music. Who hasn’t enjoyed this while working retail. Playing in the background. You might say you hate Christmas music but you have to bow to someone playing surf guitar.

Brenda Lee “Rockin Around The Christmas Tree”

Don’t you dare say you don’t like this tune. This brings up memories (that I try to repress with every sip of eggnog). It is the quintessential rock n roll christmas song. I do hope to see her at next year’s Viva. I know she won’t sing this. Maybe she will. You’ll have to go and find out.

Did I leave anything out? Know any songs that belong on here? Tell me in the comments. Make sure you share this on social media. Feel free to LIKE the Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

And as always, stop talking about your car!


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