Ten of the Best Modern Day Rockabilly Xmas Songs

Dashing through the snow! In a something something sleigh. It’s now December. The holiday’s biggest climax is upon us. I reek of egg nog and in need of tunes that I’ll only listen to for a 25 day span (it is also my birthday month….not like that is anything special). On today’s post I’m going to present to you ten of my favorite christmas tracks of the current crop of rock n rollers. Be patient. Older classic tracks will get their own list in the coming days. Just put up some ornaments or something while you wait. Enjoy!

Jack Rabbit Slim “The Christmas Twist”

Off the awesome Western Star Rockabilly Christmas Party compilation that was recently released, this guy is still unable to do a song without sounding like he is about to walk into a porn situation. I feel I can play this at an office holiday party and have everyone ask me who this is.

J.D. Mcpherson “Twinkle Little Christmas Lights”

Because I have to include him in almost every list I do. This just brings a cheesy smile to my face. Which means that I need more egg nog in my cup.

The Bop Hounds “Make it snow, Santa”

A couple of years ago this Brazilian rockabilly band released a free EP online. And mixed in there, was a christmas song! That is what I like. Surprise Christmas tracks. I love it almost as I love a surprise cup of delicious egg nog!

Luis and the Wildfires “Who likes Christmas Anyway”

For the hum bug crowd. We got you covered! I’m happy I was able to put a WILD band in here. You can play this if you celebrate Festivus.

Thee Elfmen “Christmas on Mars”

I totally believe in Martians. Martians that celebrate Christmas. That listen to wild primitive rockabilly music. I just refuse to believe that a band called Thee Elfmen exists.

Nelson Carrera “Hey Santa Claus (Don’t forget me this year)

I love the guitar in this track. I feel every band needs a xmas song!


Brian Setzer Orchestra “Dig That Crazy Santa Claus”


I always pick at least one song to throw you off. This is it. Sure it is supposed to be “swing” or “swing revival” or whatever. This is just pure Setzer at work.

Mack Stevens “Don’t Make Me Kick Your Ass This Christmas’

The righteous and all-powerful Mack Steven gives you fair warning. Don’t give him a reason to kick your ass.

Bloodshot Bill “Stuffing her stocking”

They celebrate Christmas in Canada? Just kidding. This track is purely about putting little presents in some lady’s stocking….I think.

Little Timmy Tinsel and the Fairy Lights “Blotto in the Grotto”

This most ridiculously English christmas song I’ve ever heard. From smoking “fags” (here in america that is a really mean term but I know it means cigarettes across the pond) and mince pies. This is the stand out track from the Western Star compilation. That I feel that everyone should own. I bought it with my own money. No one from the label has encouraged me in any way to say that. I genuinely like this album.

Enjoy the list? Know any other modern-day christmas songs that should be on the list? Let me know in the comments. Please share this on social media. Stay tuned for a future list of the 10 best classic Xmas songs. While you’re here feel free to LIKE the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

And as always, stop talking about your car!


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