Why the Stray Cats need to get back together.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t take advantage of the Stray Cats possibly getting back together. I promised myself. But much like I promised myself that I wouldn’t eat a third slice of pumpkin pie during my recent hiatus. I broke that promise. And I’m breaking this one. The O.C. Weekly recently did an interview with the oh so handsome piece of man-candy Brian Setzer (still trying to get forgiveness for The Brian Setzer Debate). He stated that his former band The Stray Cats would “strut again”. And word spread like wildfire. You can read it HERE. Now it isn’t 100% confirmed. But him and Lee Rocker both know they have magic together (Slim Jim Phantom was barely mentioned if not at all in the interview…thought I’d point that out now). They do make it sound like a reunion could be inevitable. I do wish this will come to fruition. Even though the rockabilly world has changed a pinch since then. And there are naysayers. I believe we absolutely need a reunion. Why? Here is why (totally stole this from Whatculture).

I’ll start with the easy part. They are an amazing band. I was watching the video above randomly one day on YouTube. I was going to just randomly check it out for a couple of minutes. At the time I first saw this footage I had given up on the cats and listened to more straight forward traditional rockabilly music. But I found myself mesmerized. Realized I knew every song and couldn’t stop. I had to watch the whole thing. I imagine you’d do the same thing. They are an amazing live band. As much as I enjoy seeing all the members on their own solo projects. Seeing all three together is an explosion of awesomeness. That I feel that everyone must see live in person. Especially the current generation whose parents, aunts, uncles and friends most likely saw back in the day. Give these kids (as well as myself) that chance to be mystified. Also this could lead to a potential new album. I’m super curious on what a 2017 album by the Stray Cats would sound like. Agree?

Even if you are a bit of a snob. A reunion equals attention. They are the number one rockabilly band of all time in most people’s eyes. Even if you don’t know what rockabilly music is. You know who the Stray Cats are. And people outside the rockabilly world will go to shows. Your average Joe over the age of 40 will want to see this and not just your Rockabilly elite. That means a lot of people will wanna see Setzer, Rocker, and Phantom. This means they WILL play at bigger venues than most artists in the scene do, especially here in southern California.

Why is bigger venues a good thing? That means they’ll need opening acts. Established bands as well as up and coming acts can fill up the opening slot. This will give exposure and spread the word on those bands. This will get attention from people who otherwise would never get a chance to see new rockin bands. Don’t be a snob! Don’t cry about outsiders getting interested. The more people who are interested in seeing a band you like, the more of a chance the smaller bands will thrive. Record labels could thrive because people will be interested in buy their albums. It is a win win situation. Don’t you love a silver lining?

Those are my reasons. First for the die hard fans of the cats. And an upside for the folks who I know don’t like them. Here is hoping we get to see them one more time.

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And as always, stop talking about your car.


2 thoughts on “Why the Stray Cats need to get back together.”

  1. I’ve been at their “Farewell tour” at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. I hoped at that moment it wasn’t a realy Farewell. We had a gig at the “Cruise Inn” Amsterdam with Slim Jim. Lee Rocker is great also. Brian does a very great job with his orchestra and his rockabilly riot. But together they’re awsome. the Straycats must be come back. I will visit them for sure.


  2. I agree w every word you said! When these guys get together there is a power there that no other neo ‘billy bands ever really possessed. All the infighting, showboating and youthful piss n vinegar might have mellowed drastically over the decades but the heart of it is still a fire in all these guys. I’m looking forward to it but Lee will have to start smoking again 🙂 -tavo http://www.thenocturnebrain.com


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