Random Rockabilly Factoids #2

Don’t you love my themed posts? Well sometimes little nuggets of stuff falls on my lap and there is no way I can think of making a post all about it. So I figured lets just put these nuggets into one space. Hence, why I decided to give you a second edition of Random Rockabilly Factoids (check out the first one here Random Rockabilly Factoids!). Brace yourself. Hold on to your panties and enjoy.

Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite boys is face slapping music.

Please don’t judge me but …..there was a time that I watched Greys Anatomy (for those in the UK its a hospital drama where everyone dies and has sex with each other……not in that order). Don’t judge me, I had a huge crush on Sara Ramirez back in the day. You can imagine my shock when I’m watching the Season 3 episode of the show called “Where The Boys Are”. And I hear the handsome Robert Williams singing during an open palm slap fight. Check out the scene below.

New Zach Galifianakis movie sound track gets a rocking entry

I love JD McPherson but make please make room for other rockin (or neo country type) artists to make an impact in some big movies. I’ve said it before but there are so many bands with songs that would be perfect for the big screen. Fortunately Jamie Bubba J Faulkner got the attention of a movie studio and his song “A Six Pack To Go” off his Rhythm Bomb records release “it is what it is” was put on the soundtrack(a song made famous by Hank Thompson, as well as Leon Russel). I wanna see Keeping Up With The Joneses” even though from what I’ve read it is kind of crappy. But I’m here to support rockabilly and I’m a trooper ( I sat through Rockabilly Baby, I can sit through this).

Wild Records compilation gets confusing when you upload it

Image result for wild records the young breed ii

A few years ago, Wild Records released a stellar comp of its young artists called The Young Breed. That later spawned a followed up Volume Two 2010 (essential rockabilly). I’ve had this album uploaded to a computer on two different occasion. And both times it did something a little weird.


This does not look like the songs or artists on the album. Instead it includes the track listing for a rap compilation album! I thought I was going crazy or maybe I downloaded a rap album online in my sleep. But I clicked on a Jay Z track and it played pure rockabilly.


This is waht the album the track listing is for. Of course it actually features the real songs off Wild like The Rhythm Shakers, The Caezars, Santo, Will and The Hi Rollers, etc. But I often wonder if this was a screw up on my part. Or a funny prank by Wild Records.

The Quakes get Goo-ey (I’m working on this)


Why?…Why why why why in the blue hell would I post a photo of the Goo Goo Dolls on Rockabilly Nerd. Well the answer might be worse for some. It is actually involving Psychobilly. See that gentleman on the left that bares a slight resemblance to a rat? He was the engineer on the Quakes “Voice of America”.

Strange bed fellows. Strange in deed. I don’t even know the story behind this. Other than the Goo Goo Dolls were once a lot more punk oriented and since psycho music is partially punk inspired they probably found common ground. And most likely do not speak to each other at all nowadays.

Chuck Berry can make your hair look good..girl!


Happy belated birthday to Chuck Berry. Now that that is out-of-the-way. We all know him has a pioneer in rock n roll. But what a lot of us don’t know. Is that if this rockin thingy didn’t work out then he had something to fall back on. Before he hit it big, Mr. Berry trained to be a beautician. Yep, instead of duck walking. He would’ve been a hair dresser. I’m sure he could’ve met a lot of ladies this way (holding…back….bad…bathroom joke….).

Norton Records is one of the greatest labels of all time.


This is a very random fact. After some research that involved hiring 5 professors. We discovered that indeed, Norton Records is one the greatest labels to exist. They released recordings (old and new) for Hasil Atkins, Esquirita, Untamed Youth, Bloodshot Bill, Link Wray, The A Bones. As well as some classic compilations (The Raging Teens!). They survived Hurricane Sandy. One of their founders, Billy Miller sounded like a lovely man. Unfortunately he passed away yesterday (11-14-16). I feel so many other people have so many nice things to say. That you can just go on Facebook to read about him. I just wanted to leave this spot for him. No need to exploit the situation. God bless him for helping expose the world to forbidden rock n roll.


Thanks for reading. Feel free to share on social media. Got any cool factoids that are worthy of posting? Hit me up on the contact page (linked at the top of the page). Don’t forget to go LIKE the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

And as always, please stop talking about your car.


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