Ten Of The Best Rockabilly Boppers

“Bop”. It just feels good hear. The word that is. Especially in a rockin tune. It was meant to be. It screams dancing and moving your feet. The word “Stroll” doesn’t do it (though its a good dance). But “bopping” or “rockin and a bopping” makes me think of fun times while the DJ is playing a boppin tune. That last sentence made my toes dance. So for today I’m listing ten of the best (not a definitive list or a top ten, just a list that was put in a complete random order) boppin tunes. Enjoy!

Star Mountain Dreamers “Boppers Rage”

That begining. Such a desperate tune that begs you to move. It could cause a coma patient to put on their boppin shoes (got a shiver saying that).

Johnny Burnette and the Rock N Roll Trio “Train Kept A Rollin”

Rockabilly 101! This should have been the first bopper you ever heard. Its literally the greatest guitar playing ever on record. But it is the drums that make this the dancey number that it is.

Hank Mizell “Jungle Rock”

One of the best of the obscure recordings that got some love years after its release. I can’t help but associate this with the UK. This song belongs to them even though it was released here in the U.S. With that said, get your ass up and move your feet.

Dusty Chance and the All Nighters “Do the Bop”

Mr Dustin Chance was born to say the word “BOP”. This is an obvious cover. But I would gladly pay for a recording of him simply saying “Bop” multiple times over and over again.

Omar Romero “Step Back Baby”

Sounds a lot like “Train Kept A Rollin” and I like it. Off of the Wild Album “Hog Wild”, if I were to do a top ten list of Wild Records bands this would definitely be on the list. It ends at the 1:50 mark, at this point I want more!!

Ronnie Self “Bop a Lena”

I needed more songs with the word “BOP” in the title

JD McPherson “Wolf Teeth”

You know this song belongs on mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu my list. Cheesy?

The Wise Guyz “Do It Bop”

Ukraine rockers gave us two songs with “bop” in the title on this album. But this one is a winner. I got that hiccup part stuck in my head now.

Charlie Feathers “Stutterin Cindy”

Almost gave this to Marc and the Wild Ones but this list needs to have a balance of old school and new artists. I have to show love and bow to an original rockabilly. BOW NOW!!!!

Charlie Hightone and The Rock Its “Booze Booze Booze”

Modern day classic! I have no idea how I even ran into this. I just simply did one day. If you are getting into the rockin world, this and almost anything by Charlie Hightone is essential listening. Stop reading and dance!

Thanks a lot for reading this list. Got any better songs? Leave a comment. I encourage you to share this on Facebook. While you are here, go LIKE the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook HERE.

And as always, please stop talking about your car.


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