Artists that should be in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame

I’m American but I feel it is appropriate to describe the HOF here is RUBBISH! I enjoyed the concept as a kid. Legends that have shaped the rock music world and the world of music in general get a night where they get the respect owed to them. As years have gone by the list of inductees have become more and more questionable. So questionable that you feel that all they do it for is to get attention. Ratings for the shows broadcast. More younger people to enter their facilities in Cleveland Ohio. Instead of putting focus on rock n roll music, in the last 3 years they have inducted rap groups like Public Enemy and NWA. They officially became a bigger joke than the stuff I post in paranthesis here (you were waiting for a joke weren’t you). Fortunately those of us in the rockin world have Rockabilly Hall of Fame (website located HERE). I also know that some rockabilly types as well as the artists themselves probably don’t care for this (I’m ready for a flood of crappy comments). But there is still something that irks me (not sure if “irk” is the right term or if it is even a term at all). I decided to put up five artists that I believe should be among (and possibly replace) those that are already in the the famed halls of rock n roll. God have mercy on them for inducting only the singers for the first few years and not the musicians (The Blue Caps come to mind).

Stray Cats

Time to make up for everything I posted in the first two paragraphs from The Brian Setzer Debate. The early 80s were a fun time full of synthesizers (I’m secretly a Depeche Mode fan, I apologize). Some folks might have a problem thinking of guitar geniuses. One comes to mind and that is Stray Cats front man Brian Setzer. Lee Rocker’s hands must be made of pure callous. And I’m sure Sim Jim Phantom is drumming something some where. Or starting another band with someone else (holy crap I’ve seen him live so so so many times). Now I’m not too insulted that they have not been inducted, as I’m more insulted that they have never been nominated. Not even the benefit of being nominated. Fun factoid: they’ve been eligible for nomination since 2006. Ten freakin years!

The Cramps

I’ve talked about the band a few times here so I’m going to focus on some other points before it sounds like a broken sexy record. Jack White from the White Strips is a huge fan.  They’ve influenced a ton of artists going on today. The lead singer was buddies with the voice of Spongebob (I just wanted to put that up, pretty irrelavant). Poison Ivy was on VH1’s list of the greatest women of rock (shut up you watched VH1!). They released 7 perfect studio albums. They have not been even nominated since their availability in 2003. But a swedish pop group called ABBA is in there.

Janis Martin

Gotta give them credit. Wanda Jackson was inducted in 2009. Now if someone can slap someone there across the face and let them know that rock n roll had more women. This includes the female Elvis herself. She is an early influence on rock n roll especially for women. Quite frankly I like her more than Wanda. I like to think she might have a spot reserved for her one day (if it hasn’t been taken by another rap group).


This one I’m not shocked at all. But it is sad that he’ll never get the recognition he deserves. Especially for being a huge inlfuence on Little Richard. I mean, Little Richard full on ripped off Esquerita. He later gave it a spit shine and became the legend he is today. And has given his respects to the man. But I feel a lot of people should be exposed to the more raw sound of this man. Every record to me sounds like an explosion is going to happen. Under produced. The times he sings woo is so offly timed but still majestic.

Johnny Burnette and the Rock N Roll Trio

…………….this is a joke right? I had to look this up. This can not be right? Almost every major rock n roller from that time is in there. I can believe some women because I’m sure the induction commitee consists of only sexist Justin Bieber fans. But this is insane. They ‘ve been eligable since 1981. And never once nominated. That is two years before I was born. Eligable for 35 years! Do they have a clue how many times I’ve heard “Train Kept a Rollin” covered by bar bands?  “Tear it up”has the greatest guitar of any song ever written. And not even a hint of a nod? Forget this article. The HALL OF FAME is now dead to me. I wish to never enter the building. I prefer to pee on their front steps. Good day!

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And as always, stop talking about your car.


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