Turkey-Billy: Songs for your next Thanksgiving

We have now crashed landed into November. Wipe off all the paint from your face. And practice your best turkey impersonation (this probably makes no sense to anyone outside the U.S.). Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. That special occasion where we Americans stuff ourselves silly with cranberry sauce, gravy, a giant bird, and guilt for not calling our family all year. During the festivities we try to explain to our parents that rockabilly exists. And to our cousins that we’re not trying to look like John Travolta from grease (or for the girls Kat Von D). To commemorate this time of the year. I’m going to throw out a small list of tunes for turkey time(once again for none U.S. folks, Thanksgiving is mostly known for eating a giant fat Turkey!). Enjoy!

Heres nice hillbilly tune from Johnny Horton (I get to mention him in another holiday post!) I get it. He is talking about his dog and going out hunting. But if you are not paying any attention at all. All you hear is “Talk Gobbler Talk”. Just accept that no matter how much you try. You think this is a song about a Turkey!

Without Hillbilly, there wouldn’t be rockabilly. Here is another old school track by Shorty Ashford. Talking about being down on a farm. And allegedly there is a Turkey in the pea patch. This is a full on square dancing number. Major points for bringing up my home town of Arkansas.

You can play this instrumental from legend Duane Eddy. No lyrics. It is all in the title. But if someone asks what is playing. You can run to the screen, point out the title, and use this distraction to finally admit that you are horrifically traumatized because your parents didn’t get you the train set you really wanted when you were six years old.

Time for the psychobilly/ neo rockabilly world. The song is about dancing. The word “turkey” shows up no where in this. I’m so disappointed in this song. Why did I even include it?! Just…just keep scrolling.

How do you like your cranberry sauce? Jellied or regular? In this case…sexy! Lets make it clear. This is not Robert Williams. But another Robert Williams. Hopefully that is obvious and I don’t have to make fun of you! On a side note: I prefer my sauce to be jellied and mixed with dressing (or stuffing, depending on where you are from….the correct term is dressing).

I absolutely love this song! As Americans, we stuff ourselves silly on this majestic holiday (unless you’re one of those health nuts, in that case we don’t need you). Every time I hear this song (backed by Frantic Flattops) my stomach starts rumbling immediately. I love the guitar in this. I wanna eat the guitar with some rice pudding.

You have my full permission to dance to this number…with your relatives. Before you go into a turkey coma (its called tryptophan, google it!).

The Turkey hits keep on coming! I should delete that Pharaohs song but let just look at it in shame. Shame it! This song actually talks about TURKEY!

Alvis Wayne sings about enjoying some desert after your big meal…..oh god……no he is not talking about desert. Oh god!!

Your family is full. Your family has pissed you off. This is to play while you kick everyone out. Especial your cousin that broke your water-bed back in 1996. That bastard!

Thanks a lot for reading.  Let me know in the comments. Feel free to share on Social Media. And you have my permission to go LIKE the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook HERE.

And as always, stop talking about your car!



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