Psychobilly Nerd: 11 Albums of the 2010s

Wait. Wait. Wait a second.


There you go. Made a few girls upset on here last month. So because I care. I brought you something to cry into when something you like didn’t make it to the list (hi Psychobilly Worldwide on Facebook). Last month I focused on 10 songs (not Top 10…so many angry people and not one noticed that I didn’t put any numbers next to the songs). This month I made room and did 11! Eleven psychobilly albums released from 2010 to 2016 that made me lactate with delight. Ready? Lets get started (stop crying I haven’t even started yet!)

The Meteors “Doin the lord’s work” 2012


I would be tempted to put Power of 3, but I haven’t digested it completely yet. This though! Probably one of the bands best releases in years! Anything post 80s with The Meteors I’m very hit or miss. But this came out and I instantly fell in love. Almost every song sounds like an anthem I should have already known after the first listen (thats bound to make sense to someone). Girl Meat Fever, Hell must be empty, Its a long way down immediately became classics in my opinion.

Frenzy “In the blood” 2010


Are you happy! Steve Whitehouse is on the list! And very much deserving. Every band he plays for are giants in the psycho world (Sharks, Frenzy, Blue Cats). He is legend and shame on me for not bringing up at least one song in my last list Psychobilly Nerd: 10 of the Best Bass Slapping Psychobilly Songs. The bass is ridiculously clear and all the songs are fun. One upping “Nitro Boy”.

Sick Sick Sinners “Unfuckinstoppable” 2014


This is psychobilly that was meant to make you crap yourself. Pure meat headed goodness. Leave your brain at the door. This is for your inner caveman. Now go kick someone’s ass (on second thought please don’t).

Astro Zombies “Frogs Legs”


Have Astro Zombies always sounded this good? This is an honest question. I liked their earlier releases. I became a fan when they decided to do a show in south orange county (poor guys). But I had this on repeat for weeks after it was released. Its a shame because I don’t think I know too many folks that are too into them. Which is a shame. I consider them one the best psycho acts out there (good, everyone stopped crying!)

Koffin Kats “Our Way and the Highway” 2012


(Oh god they’re crying again) The Koffin Kats are incapable of making a bad album! Do you hear that! I could have easily but “Born of the Motor”. But I didnt’ want your computer covered in panties. Always changing just a little each album. And always making it work! For the “haters” be grateful Tiger Army isn’t on here.

Gutter Demons “Showdown at Katacombes” 2014


Canadian psycho gods returned a couple of years ago after breaking up. We all rejoiced! Before putting out their amazingly awesome studio album “Unfinished Business” they put out this live album. I dub this the greatest live psychobilly album ever. Put on the right headphones and it feels like the bass is being slapped right next to your head. And they later found your body in room 209.

Sir Psyko & His Monsters “Til The End” 2011


I discovered Sir Psyko right before the released of this album. This is everything you could ask for in a psycho band. I consider these guys this generation’s Meteors. Please do not hurt me is you disagree. I’m fragile and have 6 kids (or 8…or don’t know my story).

Demented Are Go “Welcome back to Insanity Hall”


Well that was a lot better than “Hellbilly Storm”. So loud and just what we had been waiting for. Contains the greatest song about a man’s car breaking down and then later joining a women’s mud wrestling team in “Engine Trouble”. Something we can all relate to.

Gutter Demons “Unfinished Business” 2015


These guys literally picked up where they left off. Their first studio album in about a decade. I’m not going to talk about this much. You should have already heard it. “Unfinished Business” totally makes me feel not weird for telling the lead singer than I wanted his sweat to fall in my mouth (don’t you judge me!!).

Retarded Rats “Lost in space and Lost in time” 2013


This release is what happens when Dypsomaniaxe and Torment have a baby and birth it on top a pile of bleached jeans. The most 80s sounding Psychobilly release in years. I should be beaten with a ruler for almost not including it here.

The Magnetix “Boo Bop A Boo” 2011


Love The Meantraitors, but hate their last few albums? Well look no further than The Magnetix. Almost the same band with a slightly more Batmobile influence thrown in there (totally forgot you were crying again). This was psychobilly meant to be listened to with really expensive headphones. Do it! Buy something the rappers endorse and listen to this record!

Like the list? Mad I didn’t include Moonshine Stalkers? Or Squidbillys. Trust me they will get their moment in the sun in the future. Let me know what you thought of this list in the comments. Share this on social media. Feel free to go LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

And as always, please stop talking about your car.

Update: Honorable Mention goes to Surfin Wombatz “Dr Sathan’s House of Terrors” 2014


“Planer of the Psychobilly Apes” is enough reason to listen to these guys.




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