50th Rockabilly Nerd Post!!!

Crack open the champagne. Put on your party hat. And remove the pudding from your feet(that is not a weird american phrase, I legitimately mean it). Its been nearly 6 months since I started this silly page in the basement of my home. On this glorious occasion I am going to do things a bit different. And focus this special post on Rockabilly Nerd itself.


We for starters, I don’t like being called The Rockabilly Nerd. Its the name of the page. Not me personally. I love rockabilly. And if you can’t tell from the stuff in the background of the photo. I’m a complete nerd. Glasses included. We’re not talking about me though.

Drawing (1)

I started Rockabilly Nerd back in April after attending Viva Las Vegas 19. I left. I wanted to talk about it. I realized I had a lot more to say than just about my experience in Vegas. I wanted to blog my thoughts. I wanted to talk about a whole bunch of other things that had been swirling in my mind since I got into rockabilly music.  I know there are others rockin blogs out there. But I feel like I could bring something different to the table.

Prior to this I had done a couple other ventures on the net. A Facebook page dedicated to promoting rockabilly shows in Orange County. Then I wanted to do another one with just funny memes. 13653395_1070691919644936_2353898884163042137_o.jpg

But those didn’t catch on. Until I started this. I wanted to do something different and it caught on. I know, I know I’m not the biggest thing since sliced bread. But I’ve gotten a lot more attention than I expected. Just recently I celebrated a post getting more than 2,000 views. For a nerd that barely goes out to shows any more that lives in a basement that is an achievement. Delta Bombers (only time I’ll name drop) said once that RN is a modernist approach to rockabilly. I’m not talking about being hepcats and cool chicks. Its 2016 and I’m giving it to you like its 2016 (sounds dirty)

I’ve also been shown love by bands I admire. Had people in the rockin world share my posts. And had Q&As with artists I was sure was going to tell me to go f*** myself.


I’ve learned a lot to. I’ve had posts no one really bothered to read: Rockabilly in the digital age. I’ve pissed off a bunch of guys over 40: The Brian Setzer Debate. Also pissed off a bunch of people who I have to assume are 14-year-old girls: Psychobilly Nerd: 10 of the Best Bass Slapping Psychobilly Songs.  I’ve learned to write a lot better than the very first post: Viva Las Vegas 19!!! (it’s a little embarrassing to go back and read). I had other posts no one cared to read :Spooky Rockin Haunts: Rockin tales of the paranormal. I had ones I was convinced no one would check out, and was completely wrong: The Countryside of Harmonica Sam Q&A: Swedish band will boogie in Nashville.

I’ve had attempts at making certain posts that I merely gave up on for one reason or another like..




or this one


If you are reading this, I would like to take this moment to say THANK YOU. I don’t get paid for any of this. But knowing that some where someone appreciates what I do (in a basement….mostly clothed) is payment enough (though if anyone wanted to mail me a pack of Surge soda I’ll tell everyone your band is the greatest ever). You have all made a guy that flunked his entire senior year of Advanced Placement English feel special.

Not sure if I should encourage you to share this online. But feel free to go LIKE the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE. Feel free to share the actually home page….I’m not going to post a link….its at the top of the page….. You got fingers.

And as always, stop talking about your car.


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