Spooky Rockin Haunts: Rockin tales of the paranormal

Another themed post for this October. I love spooky stuff. I have Frankenstein next to my bed (some what typical) and a Frankenstein rubber ducky (I don’t takes bubble baths with it….a lot). We have Halloween music on vinyl.  I watch a lot of paranormal shows when I get the chance (there are so many!). So I decided to hunt down some BILLY themed hauntings that are on the net to collect for you (my loyal and devoted readers). Enjoy and may it not be too cold for your skimpy Halloween outfit this year.

The crash site for the Day the Music Died

Clear Lake, Iowa. Is a sad place in history of rock n roll. On Feb 9th, 1959, a plane carrying Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, JP Richardson, as well as a pilot Roger Peterson  crashed in a field. Since then there have been reports of seeing a phantom plane crashing in the field. Supposedly looking just like the one those gentlemen were in the night of the crash. There have also been reports of lights appearing in the sky. Sightings of bright orbs high over the field have also been spotted by locals.

An interesting tidbit. Supposedly Buddy’s ghost has been found at the locations of bars and clubs he had played during the time he was alive. Seems his spirit has somethings in common with Elvis. We’ll get to that in a second.


Buddy Hollys grave

Continuing with the front man for The Crickets. Legend it has it that Buddy Holly’s grave is haunted. But not from Buddy himself. But there are weird superstitious belief involving an angel statue near his grave.

Image result for buddy holly's grave angel

People in the area have said that you must touch the feet of the angel or you may not leave the cemetery alive. Locals and visitors have said they’ve felt a weird presence when they visit Buddy’s grave. Some have said that they have witnessed it crying blood. Others stated that they’ve seen it flap it wings. Look up the show Dead Famous (season 2 episode 7) where they go into detail and go into both the cemetery and the crash site at night (AT NIGHT! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!).

The Louisiana Hayride is full of phantasmagoria

The Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, home to one of the most famous place for country and rockabilly acts back in the day: The Louisiana Hayride. Acts like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Buck Owens, Eddie Bond, Bob Lumen, and Webb Pierce all famously played there. It was a place people tuned into to witness these new hillbilly cats perform.

Word has it that there have been tales of screaming and whispering going on late at night at the building, which still operates to this day. Mostly for haunted tours. Rumor has it that a woman had once been killed in the building and her spirit travels through out the auditorium. Syfy’s Ghost Hunters did a show there not too long ago. They received an EVP recording that sounded like a person talking about a “killer”. Originally I thought they were talking to Jerry Lee Lewis. But he is still alive. And will most likely out live us all.

Stories also consists of ghost touching people and doors slamming on their own. I would love to visit the place so I can try to get an autograph for Johnny Horton. If you can slam a door, then you can hold a pen.

Is it really that shocking that I decided to add an Elvis sighting?

Image result for ghost of elvis

Well there are two kinds of Elvis sighting. There are the Bigfoot-esque sightings, where folks are convinced he is still alive and roaming the world under an alias. And there is the other kind. Where his ghost pops up in Graceland, and Vegas and where ever he damn well please. Other locations include New Orleans and Nashville. Basically he seems to have not stopped touring.

At the Vegas Hilton, its been said that he has been spotted in the penthouse suite. As well as the elevator (I’m a huge fan but I still would most likely crap myself). And basement. He then travels a thousand miles or so to his home of Graceland. Most of what I’ve read. He spends a lot of time in the kitchen. I’m sure he wishes to be able to taste fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches once again(don’t judge, if you had a blog you would make the same joke).

Extra Reading

You can read about a Buddy Holly curse that I did not want to plagiarize.. Feel free to read about it HERE.

Got any better storys involving rock n roll musicians and ghost. Feel free to head to the Contact page and send me a message and I’ll include that either here in an updated post or I’ll make a whole new post. I encourage you to share this on social media. And don’t forget to LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

And as always, stop taking about your car.


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