Bopflix: Q&A with rockabilly’s premiere music video makers.

Are you into rockabilly music? Do you enjoy YouTube? Well chances are you’ve bumped into a video made by the UK film company BOPFLIX! Usually I tend to talk to bands or band members. But I thought that I’d go a little out the box and ask someone responsible for the most popular rockin videos online (as well as awesome DVDs, and promos for events…I really wanted to find a way to include this in here but I figure I’d just type this inside one of my silly parenthesis moments). As much as you probably don’t want to admit it but videos do help bands get exposure. It pops up on YouTube. You click on it and next thing you know you’re buying the album and doing back flips when you find out the artist in the video is going to VIVA. With all that said, below is a little Q&A with Bopflix’s Chris Magee.

Rockabilly Nerd:  How and when did Bopflix get started?

Bopflix: Hi, thanks for taking the time to interview Bopflix. Bopflix started around 2006/7, initially under the name Flipped Lid, but I changed it to something simpler around 2008/9 when the first big documentary I filmed and edited was released – ‘Havin’ A Ball’. I started it first as a hobby then it grew into something that became a day job.

RN:  Have you always been a part of the rockin scene?

Bopflix: I first started going to clubs when i was in my mid teens in the late 90s.

RN:  Do you have a favorite video in your arsenal?

Bopflix: My favourite video is probably The Ladykillers ‘A OK’ because it’s all done on green screen so we had a lot of fun with it, tonnes of freedom!

RN:  How does it feel like to be the most known makers of rockabilly videos?

Bopflix: Well it’s nice of you to say so. I love doing what I do because beforehand there wasn’t much around at all, and most of the time any video person – usually from outside the scene – made any kind of film, it usually misrepresented eveything, making most people on the scene very distrustful of anyone with a camera. The more videos I get to make, the more it helps to promote the scene – the bands, events and people – and hopefully play a small part in keeping it alive, bringing in new people and also recording it for the future.

RN: Any new videos or DVDs in the works you liked to share with me?

Bopflix: I have a new DVD documentary in the works for the Hangar Rockin weekend in Switzerland, music videos for Hillbilly Moon, Twisted Rod, Spo Dee O Dee and more, new promos for events and a whole barrage of session videos with many different artists (and always looking for more to work with)

RN:  Lastly, anything you’d like to say to anyone reading this?

Bopflix: Thanks for watching!

I would like to thank Chris Magee for taking the time to answer some questions. If you haven’t subscribed to Bopflix’s YouTube channel, you can go there HERE. Feel free to share this on social media. You can go LIKE the official Facebook for Rockabilly Nerd HERE.

And once again, please stop talking about your car.


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