10 Rockabilly Songs for a Halloween Party

I started Rockabilly Nerd back in late April. One thing I’ve been waiting for this whole time is the holidays. The next 3 months expect some themed posts (I’d have something for Fourth of July back in…July but there isn’t too many songs about being Murican). In today’s entry I’ll be unleashing some rockin tunes that I feel would be perfect for your Halloween party. The perfect soundtrack to getting drunk next to a bunch of girls dressed as Harley Quinn.  Oh oh before I continue, please remember. I don’t do Top Tens. I present 10 in no particular order. This isn’t even a definitive list. I do this all for sh**s and giggles.  “I’m so rockabilly I went as myself for Halloween”. Enjoy!

Marcel Bontempi “Old Man Witch”

I know it is a Dave Gardner cover. But the old school horror trailer intro adds the effect. It makes me think of fun halloweeny stuff from when I was a kid. I want this playing while I’m carving pumpkins and being chased by a witch at Knotts Scary Farm(if you’re not in southern California you are missing out).

The Bullets “While you were sleeping”

This is such a creeper song that heaven forbid I didn’t include the stroller. The perfect soundtrack to someones ex showing up to the party unexpectedly. If I were to stalk someone, this would play on my headphones on repeat.

The Sirocco Bros “Devil Bones”

This song unleashes voodoo spirits and should be listened to while wearing a necklace made from bones….like chicken bones. I don’t think the video plays the song in whole. I recommend buying their music immediately. I mean it. Get off your computer. Put your pants back on. Brush your teeth and go buy their album ASAP!

The Polecats “Gravediggers Rock”

Here is one you should have expected on here. Honestly I can’t understand a single lyric in this song. Still the organ and the creepy voice added to this makes it perfect inclusion that no one will cry about to me later about.

Imelda May “Ghost of Love”

I’m going to get so much crap for this. I’m going to get so much crap for this. Don’t care. Unleash the fury. Don’t you dare deny Darrel Higham’s guitar playing. There is a little eeriness to this song. Which helps explain that I didn’t pick this purely cause it has the word “Ghost” in the title.

Jackie Morningstar “Rockin in the Graveyard”

How many compilations have you heard this obscure classic on? 2 minutes and 39 seconds of a nice novelty song where the narrator constantly tells a ghost to wait a minute. I don’t think I would do that.

Kim Lenz “Zombie For Your Love”

Ghosts, Ghosts, Ghosts, and now we got a Zombie. That wants your love. Quite possibly for your brains but allegedly wants your love mostly.

The Rhythm Shakers “Panic”

This is the perfect song to get chased by. If I were to make a movie, this would be in a chase scene. Like a walking pineapple that throws flip flops…..I should never write a screen play.

Twisted Rod “When I watch you”

“I watch you in the shower baby, watch you in the bath, watch you in the bedroom, you can hear my laugh”. Another creepy songs but such a damn good tune from Rhythm Bomb’s Twisted rod.

Terry Teene “Curse of the Hearse”

Terry Teene, Terry Teen, Terry Teen. Terry was born in 1942. Recorded hundreds of songs, using up to 70 different names. Along with rock n roll he also had a side job as a clown. And at one point became one of the people responsible for Ronald McDonald. Also in 2016 (four years after his death) his most well known song (Curse of the Hearse) creeped the hell out of me in my basement room while I was typing this article. Congrats to Terence Knutson.

Got any better ideas for songs? Let me know in the comments. Feel free to share on social media. Go LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook HERE.

And as always, please stop talking about your car.


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