Joe Clay 1939-2016

Heaven must be having one hell of a weekender. September 26, 2016. It was announced that legendary original rockabilly artist, Joe Clay (born Claiborne Joseph Cheramie ) passed away. Weeks after his daughter posted on his Facebook that he was dealing with a terminal illness. His 50s recordings (all 9!) were rockabilly perfection. As well as mandatory listening. Sadly he didn’t become a huge success during that time period. Luckily during the later rockabilly revival he was hunted down by some European fans who found out he had been working as a bus driver. There he learned that unbeknownst to him. He had gained a rabid following. It shows more now than it did than.

It shows more now than it did than. As you are reading this, Facebook is overflowing with beautiful tributes and fan stories that I wish I could share. Unfortunately I’ve only been able to admire the man from afar. Even including him on the post Random Rockabilly Factoids!. He was the first name that popped up when I went searching for rockabilly outside of Sun Records or Johnny Burnette. To hear that another great is gone pulls on my heartstrings. I’m happy that he got a chance to know that he has fans and that he left knowing he was loved through the planet (all thanks to the wonders of the internet). I’m hoping that anyone reading this knows I’m posting this, not because I’m taking advantage for click bait. But because I feel that I would insulting him and his fans if a page called Rockabilly Nerd did not acknowledge our loss. Below is a collection of videos I’ve gathered off YouTube for your enjoyment. Enjoy and remember to make sure that the surviving rockers out there know that we appreciate what they’ve done musically. I also encourage you to leave any moments you’ve had, either seeing him live or meeting him in the comments. I’d love to read them.

I’ve made so many jokes about doing this. It finally happened. Some lady threw her panties on stage.

Lovely interview. I wish I could’ve hung out with him.

A staple in the rockin world. Rockabilly 101.

He kept rockin. Was one of the best cuts off a recent comeback rerelease off El Toro Records. The Legend is Now.

Do I really have to give an explanation?

I’ll leave you with this one. Rest in peace Joe Clay.

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And as always, please stop talking about your car!


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