Psychobilly Nerd: 10 of the Best Bass Slapping Psychobilly Songs

You basically threw your under pants at me with 10 of the best bass slappin rockabilly songs. You screamed with delight that I may have done 10 too many with 10 Of The Best Bass Slapping Rockabilly Songs Part 2. You felt I was running out of ideas with Rockabilly Songs That Should Be in a Tarantino movie Now your prayers have been answered! This months Psychobilly Nerd special is another list! This time on the Psycho side of things. Yes, Psychobilly. Rockabilly’s cool female friend with the big butt, crazy hair, that always brings pizza to the party. Today I will give you 10 of the best songs that showcase that sexy wooden instrument (bass bicycle!). All I’ve picked personally. If you disagree, then you can sign up to WordPress. Start your own blog. When can then settle things with a Blog off! Enjoy!

As Diabatz “Psycho Mad Mary”

I always joke about people hearing that clicking sound in my headphones. And wondering if you were carrying a bomb. Well this is the band that was playing when I got asked that. Fortunately these Brazilian devil girls did not cause me to arrested.

Batmobile “Bat Attack”

“And my screams were very loud” click click click click. It was either this song or “Killers Crew”. I picked this one. We can all agree that Batmobile was one of our first psychobilly bands right? If you’re not a fan I have to wonder why you’re even reading this blog!

Meantraitors “Titanic”

My hand hurts just imagining trying to copy that slapping in the song. It is almost not human!

Mad Sin “2,3,4,”

Early mad sin is very underrated. Especially this diddy! This is some of the best wood abuse from 80s! (scratch that, wood abuse just sounds terrible. Wood Abuse isn’t even a thing!)

Demented Are Go “Cripple In the Woods”

Anyone who 100% believes that every DAG song sounds exactly the same can kiss my ass. Thought I’d say that out loud.With that said, I could have picked just about any of their songs for this. But the slappin stuck out to me. So I choose this (like the lady of the lake decided to hand Excalibur to king Arthur, only difference is that instead of King Arthur we have a face painted mad man and I’m aquaphobic).

Squidbillys “Metro”

You thought I was just going to post nothing but old school guys. Part of the newest breed of psychos. Hailing from Moscow, I’m very happy this was not a Berlin cover. You could easily convince me this was mad in the 80s. I nearly fainted when I realized these guys were younger than me!

Batmobile “Killers Crew”

Screw it. Went ahead and added it to the list. Oh god! Do you hear that? It’s so damn sexy. I had to stop typing for a minute to just soak in the multiple different speeds that bass was going.

The Meteors “Aint Gonna Bring Me Down”

For a band that used an electric bass for the first half portion of their existence, they do have some sexy bass slappin. Most songs I feel try to show off P Paul’s guitar playing. Everything else is pretty secondary. But this is some of the best the band has to offer. A steady beat that without, wouldn’t make this the psycho classic it is.

The Brains “Screaming”

For some reason whenever I think of bass slapping, my brain instantly goes to the last 5 seconds of this song. While I’m talking about them. I feel these guys should have been the next Tiger Army or Nekromantix. Oh well, there is still time.

Torment “Death Trail”

Finally of course I picked one of my favorite 80s psychobilly bands Torment. Fast paced 80s psychobilly. Brings me back to the days of Klub Foot….that I watched on YouTube… know I had to have been a baby during that time…and I’ve never left the U.S….I’m talking not even visited Mexico…What was I talking about? Oh yes. All of Torment’s discography is essential listening no matter what you listen to!

Like this list? Hate it? Let me know in the comments. I encourage you to share this on social media. While you’re here go LIKE the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE!

Come back next time. When I’ll go to a show with a ruler and measure everyone’s cuffs.





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