Best Sci Fi Rockabilly and Psychobilly songs!

Space the final frontier. These are the voyages of the blog known as Rockabilly Nerd. Our 5 year journey. To explore all that is rockin. To seek out new ways to not post about your car or hair. To boldly go where no Rockabilly blog has gone before (I immediately start singing the orginal theme in a high pitched voice). I’m currently writing this Sept 8th 2016. The 50th anniversary of Star Trek. As some of you may know. I’m a trekkie! I even own a classic Trek vinyl. To celebrate this I’m going to dedicate this post to rockabilly and psychobilly songs that are sci fi themed. Enjoy!

Mars Attacks “Man From Mars”

Before anyone points it out. Yes I know its a Butch Paulson cover. But it has been scientifically proven that this is a superior version. This one brings up images of a short green man surrounded by ladies at club. I’m sure there is an adult film based on this some where.

Space Cadets “In Space”

Ok I could have picked a bunch of songs for this list. Based purely on Space Cadets songs. They are one of my favorite live acts out there. And that statement is not completely based on their sweet space suit gear the band wears on stage (my girlfriend saw them for the first time with me at this year’s Viva, turned to me and said “you’re in heaven aren’t you?”)

The Space Cadets “I’m a Space Cadet

Told you!

Dirk Robinson “Boppin Martian”

You would be a fool to assume that I wasn’t going to include at least one obscure novelty song. At least I didn’t put up any Phenomenauts songs here. Its a cute little diddy that is good to play once a year.

Batmobile “S.P.O.C.K.”

Definitely might be a cop out here. This song is only here because Spock in the title. Someone hurry up and make a YouTube Video of Leonard Nimoy dancing to this song! Factoid: I played this the day he died.

Klingonz “The Doctor Who Theme”

I could have posted “Up Uranus” in full here you know. Yes, I know we’re celebrating Star Trek. But Doctor Who first came 3 years earlier.

Frantic Vermin “Daleks”

Honestly I can find so many more Doctor Who stuff than Star Trek!

Guitar Slingers “Rise of the Cybermen”


Stray Cats “Blast off”

Brian Setzer allegedly gave Mr Spock a pompadour! This is one of my favorite of the Cats. Its kinda sad that I decided to do this after this was posted online. Oh well, enjoy your meteor shower!

Billy Lee Riley “Flying Saucer Rock N Roll”

We got the mother of them all here. The Sun Records classic! Little green men coming down from space to rock out with a rockin Arkansan (that is a word!) Billy Lee Riley. This is no novelty song. This is a real true gem in the history of Rock N Roll. How this was never featured in a Star Trek movie, I’ll never know! (see Rockabilly in movie soundtracks Part 1: It Happens)

Like this list? Hated it? Let me know in the comments. Feel free to share this on social media! While you are here go Like the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook HERE.

Come back next time when I’ll show you how to get your bettie bangs just like spocks!


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