Rockin Album Reviews #4: Rhythm Bomb’s Get Up and Dance Box Edition

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A box set of epic proportions landed on my lap recently. One of my favorite labels Rhythm Bomb Records released a limited edition, 5 disc set called Get Up and Dance. 5 DISCS!! 125 SONGS! That is a lot. Now I’ve done reviews of a 3 disc set, but never a 5 album one. After four it is officially a box set (that is my humble opinion). In this months edition of Rockin Album Reviews, I’m going to review each individual album. Cause I don’t think one goofy paragraph is enough to talk about this release (from the lovely people at Rhythm Bomb who are oh so handsome).

Perfect For Parties


I have one complaint here. That It doesn’t specifically say on the package that this is the fourth edition of the Perfect for Parties series….it is a petty one and that is basically all the complaints I have. This is a great follow up and great way to begin this set. Starts off strong with Prague’s Twisted Rod with “Come On”. I’m introduced to and super impressed by Joakim Tinderhold (who the hell is this guy I want a CD immediately). I was also reminded why I bought the Starjay’s album here. This collection is great for checking out artist I haven’t been able to hear yet (though come on who hasn’t heard of Lil Mo’s Unholy 4 or Marc and the Wild Ones). A.J. and The Rockin Trio also caught my attention. I officially have this fantasy in my head. Where there is a show and the DJ is late or his car is broke down. But fortunately for everyone I have this album in my pocket and I save the day. Everyone is dancing and applauding me. I turn to the camera and say “Thanks Rhythm Bomb” (insert sparkling tooth).



I get to hear another Strollers comp this year (first being from Western Star), it is Christmas for me! Here is where I start to really love this GUAD (Get Up and Dance….GUAD is not the capitol of any latin american country). As you can guess, I love strollers. They’re sexy. They make the ladies dance. They even make me wannna…..


AAAAgh you again!? Carol Lee begins the album with “The Weather Vane” (it almost sounds like part of the song was recorded in the shower….that has me intrigued). This begins the four Dance themed discs. Rhythm Bomb vets like Star Mountain Dreamers are here, as well as Ruby Ann, Nico Duportal,  B and the Bops appear here. Joakim Tinderholt pops up and I immediately throw a wad of cash at my stereo. Carolina and Her Rhythm Rockets do a killer cover of “Rock the Bop”.I’m being super biased when I say this is my favorite part of the whole collection. The “Strollers” disc is the equivalent of buying a bag of Luck Charms and its filled to the top with only marshmallows (mallow to the UK types). This is like buying giant bag of Starburst and it is only the red ones! Trust me on this one, I’m fat. I know what I’m talking about (Dough Wilshire’s “Bossman” is bitching tune…..thought I’d make that clear before I finish this section…continue reading)

Slow Down


I was super excited to receive this box set. Only one problem. I was not at all looking forward to the Slow Down part….Boy was I wrong. Shame shame shame on me. This isn’t full of ballads. This isn’t an album full of songs just for girls. We got honky-tonk like Rob Ryans Roadshow’s “Still On My Mind”, Cherry Casino “Just One Look”, sweet rnb with The Starjay’s “Sin Comin On”. These are sweaty numbers that you move with your lady (or guy…I’m not prejudice towards anyone reading this). This takes me to those days you don’t skip the slow song on a Eddie Cochran compilation. “Those Lonely Lonely Nights” is an excellent down and dirty bluesy track from….Joakim Tinderholt.  Ezra Lee and the Havoc brings the boogie woogie (read my interview Ezra Lee Q&A: down under piano pounding rock n roll!). Mike Penny and His Moonshiners and Aj and the Rockin Trio finish off the album perfectly. Once again, shame on me!



Grab your woman or grab your man….grab someone. This disc summons one of my favorite form of people watching. The couples movin and groovin on the dance floor. Playing this disc while typing this is causing my fingers to dance. The Jivers part of this set contains a few of my favorite Rhythm Bomb acts, Jai Malano (well former now a days), Jittery Jack, Nico Duportal, and Ruby Ann. Billie and the Kids “Them There Eyes” is a great toe tapping number. Twisted Rods “Early Morning Blues” gives me flashbacks to viva….and they weren’t even there! The Ballroom Rockets live up to their name. Killer disc my friends.



It is a scientific fact that all my friends are boppin the blues. Remember how I described the strollers disc as a bag of Starburst with only the red ones? This is a bag full of yellow ones (that’s a good thing). Love boppers! This has my favorite guitar parts. From Hanks Jalopy Demons to Aj and the Rockin Trio. Lots of blues boppers, good down dirty rock n roll in here. One thing I noticed about the titles that go into this type of song is there is always the word “bop”. This disc has 5. I’m super impressed it was not 20 of the 25 tracks. Eddy and the Backfire’s “Honky Tonk Girl” shines here. Marc and the Wild Ones don’t even need to be mentioned(I’ve done it twice!) since everyone knows they are awesome and you should already own both their albums but they do an excellent cover of “Stutterin Cindy”. I’m so sad there is no Joakim Tinderholt in here (he was the MVP of the collection).Same can be said about the Frantic Rockers. All 25 songs are real killers with absolutely no fillers.

Final thoughts: That is a lot of music. Fortunately I’m already a fan of Rhythm Bomb so a good amount of the music here I’m already familiar with. This package is a great introduction for new fans. Also a great BEST OF. To categorize them is genius. I was shocked when I went searching for Boppers and Jivers compilations and barely found any (It seemed like a no brainer to make them but they are hard to find). So you get 5 different ones right here! Catty Town’s  Eamonn Doyle did a great job picking the songs out. And Henrique San’s artwork was a nice cherry on this rockin sundae (I wanna get the boppers guy tattooed on me). Copies of this is available on the Rhythm Bomb website HERE.

You like this box set as well? Like my review? Let me know what you thought in the comments. Feel free to share this on social media. While you are at it go Like the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook HERE.

Come back next time when I’ll start a rumble with a group of 14 year olds.


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