Rockabilly in movie soundtracks Part 1: It Happens

I think we have all experienced this at least once. You’re watching a movie. A song pops up. Your ears pop up like you’re a German Sheppard. You realize a song you know is playing in a movie. You tell your friend you’re watching with that you know the song. And they let you know they don’t care! But besides that, it is nice to see someone you admire musically get a spot in a film. On this addition of Rockabilly Nerd I’m continuing with the themes I started with Rockabilly Songs That Should Be in a Tarantino movie and a little bit on Random Rockabilly Factoids!. Since everyone knows about Charlie Feathers in Kill Bill, I’m going to skip that one.

I’m going to start with something I ran into recently. If you haven’t figured out from the name of this site, I’m a Nerd. So I’m watching Star Trek: First Contact. In the video above around the 1:20 mark, this song pops up.

This Sun Records classic makes two appearances (in THE SECOND GREATEST STAR TREK FILM EVER!). (I promise not to spoil too much) The film shows the first time Human beings make contact with extraterrestrials. They’re at a bar and it plays again. So appropriate that the first taste of earth music we show them would be something from Sun (good thing it wasn’t Flying Saucers Rock N Roll).



Did you see this hunk of crap!? No you didn’t. But I did! My old roommates had a copy of this 97 straight to video threequel. Oh the look of glee on my face when I recognize Mr Heath’s guitar.

There is a scene with a fight. I believe its the kid running away from bad guys wanting to keep Willy captured. I’m probably way wrong. Don’t make me watch this again!!!

Wild Target was released in 2010 starring Rupert Grint (RON WEASLEY!!!!). Only Americans that are aware of this film is die-hard Harry Potter fans…might be true for U.K. folks as well I assume. We get treated to two Imelda May tracks!

First we get this around this beginning during a chase sequence. Then later we get “Mayham”.

Its actually a good movie. I recommend checking it out if you have the chance.


I know that you are going to lie to me and say you have never seen this. You have. I’ve seen it. You’ve seen it. Your cousin saw it. It is the rockabilly porno. Released by Vivid Alt back in 06 (I think that was the year). A division of Vivid (come on you all watch porn!). They wanted films that targeted sub cultures and stuff not touched before (there was this terrible Betty Paige theme one back in the 90s that I so so so did not see). This one was pretty cool. It was my introduction to the band 13 Cats believe it or not. As well as Luis Y Los Wild Teens.

I was going to show another video but that contained a little nudity. And I assure you I would never ever post nudie videos on Rockabilly Nerd. But the next song I’m about to post had a girl dancing around showing everything. Just close your eyes and use your imagination.

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Come back next time when I’ll argue that my browser history is more rockabilly than your browser history!


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