Jittery Jack Q&A: The Definitive Rockabilly Nerd Q&A!

Do I even have to explain who Jittery Jack is? You should be a fan by now! Either you were rockin out in the 90s to his earlier band the Raging Teens. Or you’re in the rockabilly scene nowadays and checking him out at Viva and the New England Shake-Up. If I were to make a list of modern day acts I’d put him in my Top 10 (I kinda already did, putting his latest album on my list of Ten of the Best Rockabilly Albums From The Last 5 Years). Pretty soon Jittery Jack and his guitar genius Miss Amy will be reuniting the Raging Teens next month for the Shake-Up and Mr Kevin Patey was nice enough to answer some questions for me while he was in France. The results are below (read everything in a Boston accent!).

Rockabilly Nerd: Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions. How did the idea of a Raging Teens anniversary show come about for the New England Shake-Up?

Jittery Jack: Beck Rustic, (Head Gal in Charge of the New England Shake Up), it was all her doing.  I had mentioned it was the 20th anniversary of the Raging Teens and she asked if we’d do something to commemorate it.  This time we’ll have Keith “Shoeless Shubey” Schubert on drums so it’s a real reunion!

 RN: Is this going to lead to any other activities with the Teens?

JJ: Unlikely.  Everyone is busy doing different things, Keith owns his own restaurant so taking time off is difficult.  I never say never but this is likely a one off.

 RN: Which event do you like to do more? The Shake-Up or Viva?

JJ: Viva is a lot of fun, a chance to see pals from all over the world, I truly love playing and even attending.  The Shake Up is close to home and organized by a great pal, not to mention fast becoming one of the biggest little weekenders in the world.  I’d have to say it’s a toss up!

RN: Any new material in the works? If so anyone going to be involved like Shorty Poole again?

JJ: I’m hoping to head up to Maine when I get back to the States to do some recording with Sean Mencher using the Event Records original studio equipment.  Miss Amy will be on guitar and as much as I’d love to have Shorty onboard I don’t think he’s ready for another New England winter.  That being said I always bounce my ideas by him and I’m sure he’ll be involved in the mastering process.  I love working with Shorty, I recommend him to everyone!

I recorded a record last summer in the UK, “Darrel Higham meets Jittery Jack”.  It is being pressed right now and should be out any day.  We recorded at Embassy studio which is Darrel’s own place.  I wrote half the songs and sing on all of them.  It was a blast to record, hopefully everyone digs it!

 RN: I really enjoyed your web series “Havin a time”. Is that over with or do you plan to do any more in the future (the bathtub interview was genius).

JJ: It’s been on hiatus for a bit as I’ve been busy but I do hope to revisit it again soon.  It’s funny, I didn’t really think anyone was watching but lately so many people have been asking me about it that I think it’s time for another episode.

 RN: From one dad to another, here is your chance to plug your daughter’s stuff haha.

JJ: Yeah!  My daughter Annabelle is an incredible singer/songwriter/guitarist.  Her style is sort of indie/folk and I think she’s got a bright future ahead of her.  She just did a full West Coast tour and I’m sure when school is over (she’s only 17) she’s going to be eager to get back on the road again.  Her debut album, Polaris is available on Spotify and iTunes etc…  give her a listen!

RN:  Is there anything you would like to say to anyone reading this?

JJ: Thanks for all the wonderful support I get all around the globe.  Hoping to continue the touring activity into 2017, lots more Europe, love to get back to Australia and of course the US, West Coast.  We’re tentatively heading out to your neck of the woods in November so I’ll keep you posted on dates. Cheers Billy!

Cheers to you Jack…Jittery Jack…Kevin? Thanks again for being awesome enough to particate in this. Hope to see you this November here in Cali.

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Come back next time when I’ll harass everyone asking for Social Disortion to  play at Viva.



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