10 Of The Best Bass Slapping Rockabilly Songs Part 2

You made your voices loud and clear! There is so many great songs that show off that sexy wooden instrument (the doghouse bass, double bass, ….bass bicycle) that simply doing 10 songs was not justified (you can read the original list HERE). So I decided three months later. Its time to whip out 10 more. This list includes suggestions from comments left here and my Facebook page for Rockabilly Nerd. I would like to thank YOU the reader. For metaphorically throwing a water balloon full of ketchup in my direction to get my attention. I will make sure your voices are heard! Time to enjoy ten MORE of the best bass slapping rockabilly songs!

High Noon “Bluebonnet Boogie”

Good god listen to that bass solo! I’m not too big on instrumentals but this is essential slapping (try saying “instrumentals but this is essential slapping” three times fast).

Willie Kevin and Todd “Be my baby”

I would like to thank Mr Turgis from The Rockabilly Chronicle . He mentioned the High Noon song above as well as this one. High Noon of course I’ve loved for a good while but….I have no clue who Willie Kevin and Todd are. I’m typing this totally clueless to them. I’m not totally sure how old this song is. But this bass playing is hypnotic and I think its telling me to either rob a bank or dance.

Brian Setzer Orchestra “Drive like lighting(crash like thunder)”

I’m gonna get so much hell for this! I absolutely love the bass slapping in this song. Its one of the best things BS has ever done. I know I know, this is his “swing” band. But this is not a swing song at all. Its neo-rockabilly with a horn section.

Jack Earls “Crawdad Hole”

People threw a few songs in the hat. This songs got mentioned more than any other. That is some perfect 50s Sun bass slappin. I want some crawfish after listening to this sexy number.

Dale Rocka and the Volcanoes “Midnight Ball

Here is where I pop up something newish. Great album opener for a great album. The bass playing here is as steady as a teenage couple from a mid 90s sitcom(if you’re not american, I apologize if that made no sense).

The Delta Bombers “All Through The Night”

The mandatory Delta Bombers mention of the week. At this point I’m surprised I haven’t done an entire post dedicated to my fellow bearded warriors of rock n roll. Listen to this. Play Air Stand Up Bass then sing along to the song while making eye contact with the person to your left.

The Cramps “Daisys Up Your Butterfly”

I remember listening to the album Stay Sick and realized I was hearing a stand up bass (bass bicycle if you will……..no one calls it that). It’s a beautiful thing to see one of the bands that were playing rockabilly and rockabilly inspired music in the US during the 70s using the international symbol for rockabilly (I promise to not type rockabilly again for another paragraph or so). Update 8-24-16: After posting this I was sent an email telling me that this is not a stand up bass. Its an electric bass and the clicking sound is from the drums. Oh boy did they pull the wool over my head. I’m keeping on the list in honor of the band.

The Blue Cats “The Tunnel”

I wanna thank Norwegian reader Jorden messaging me today about my posts and sneaking in this song. I have to agree. It’s such a slow song with such a fast pace slappage (not a real word but I’m going to use it from hence forth).This band was and still is brilliant.

Roy Kay Trio “Fightin Bop”

On the minority side of the rockin world. A traditional band that doesn’t include a drummer. This is one of their most rockin tunes. Playing this song on a loop will cause you to tap your toes to the point that the soles will wear out to your socks.

Elvis Presley “Mystery Train”

How dare I almost hit the end of this list. And not include some Bill Black! If it wasn’t for him none of the above songs would even exist. Bless him and all of Sun records.

How did you like this sequel? Any songs left out? Let me know in the comments. While you’re here go LIKE the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

Come back next time when I’ll try to be more 50s and do all my blogs with a typewriter and paper then post them on random telephone poles, hoping that someone will read them and give them a LIKE.




2 thoughts on “10 Of The Best Bass Slapping Rockabilly Songs Part 2”

  1. Just for fun, some early british rockabilly slap bass http://youtu.be/3NXgzHuKVs

    I think Dave Phillips of The Blue Cats is also worth mentioning.

    And perhaps you like to check out these two songs with my buddy Huey Moor slappin’ the bass:

    1. Miss Mary Ann & The Ragtime Wranglers – leaving on my mind

    2. The Ragtime Wranglers – Mojo Bag Bop

    Cheers buddy!


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