5 reasons: I wish I was going to The New England Shake-Up

This year after loving the rockabilly world for so long I finally did it. I went to Viva Las Vegas. I had the time of my life. Did I get my fill….NO! I wanna travel more. Also I wanna write about more than stuff that is going on within driving distance of my southern California town. Most of you reading this are probably not from the same spot as me. I wanna appeal to you folks. How do I talk about an event I’m most like not able to go to (I work for a living). By letting you know the reasons why I wish I was going! In this new feature: 5 Reasons. If I can’t be there. I will give you 5 reasons I should be there. So read below 5 reasons I wish I was going to The New England Shake-Up!

#1. Bloodshot Bill and spaghetti!


Canada and Italy! The two are as synonymous with one another like…..cocain and waffles ( Ricky Bobby reference anyone?). My favorite one man band from up north (he is basically the only one I’m aware up, I just didn’t wanna type Canada more than once….oh crap this parenthesis kind of defeated that purpose) performs the opening night. What is my second love, behind live shows? Food! The Sturbridge Host Hotel will have spaghetti and meatball dinner specials. Just looking at that flyer makes me wanna chomp down on my screen.

#2. The Raging Teens 20th Anniversary.

I’m a big fan of the music of Jittery Jack and Miss Amy’s guitar playing. Unfortunately I got into Mr Patey’s music only in the recent years. So when I found out there was a band before them I had to give the Teens a listen. Moments like this shouldn’t be missed. It’s great that a weekender like this can bring bands back for one night. Suck on that Coachella.

#3. Learn to Jive and Stroll!


Besides the bands playing, the other attraction at shows are…the people themselves. At an even like this there is probably a big crowd up people dancing between band sets to the DJs. The more the merrier in my opinion. I definitely need a class. I got no rhythm and two left feet (I feel I’m quoting a song and it is not coming to me at all). If I was there I would jump in there immediately to learn how to…..stroll…


Jeez I was kidding!

#4. High Noon and a killer line up of acts and DJs


High Noon and Three Blue Teardrops on the same bill! Raging Teens as I mentioned before. Kim Lenz! Babe Miller! Marti Brom!The Rip Em ups! Dave and Deke combo! Cash O Riley (remember when I included him on my post Random Rockabilly Factoids!). Every year when the bands are announced I drool over who is playing. Beck Rustic (the event’s organizer, creator, and apparently someone that can fit in your pocket) has made sure that this event has its down identity compared to other events (your Vivas, your Nashville Boogies) . I can envision myself having the time of my life !

#5. I wanna experience what a weekender is like on the East Coast.

This one is completely personal. I went to Vegas this year for the first time ever. I got bit by the traveling bug. My brain is swirling. Wanting to venture out. I’m curious on what its like throughout the United States (and outside the country but you know….baby steps).. I wanna rock out constantly. It is a drug and I’m addicted. Plus I want clams. But alas. I’m not going due to work. Feel bad for me.

Look, that’s me!


Anyone here going to The New England Shake Up? Anyone on the same page as me? Let me know in the comments. While you’re here go LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook HERE! Visit The New England Shake up website HERE! Rockabilly Nerd is in no way affiliated with this event. Other than loving the music.

Come back next time when I’ll car jack someone and rob a grocery store so I can head out to The New England Shake up.


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