Lets watch some 80s rockabilly music videos!

The 80s…I lived 7 years of it. Barely remember that decade to be honest. I think the furthest I can remember is 1988. Or not. I was to busy wetting the bed and not learning how a calender works.I was oblivious to the rockabilly world. Except for the Stray Cats but I learned about them through a Disney movie (read about that HERE!) and nostalgic VH1 specials on the 80s. You can imagine the shock of someone my age finding out that there were rockabilly videos back during said decade. Thank goodness for YouTube! I can view these gems at will. I don’t have a clue if any of these aired on MTV or whatever they had over in the uk……feel free to tell me in the comments. Lets sit back and watch some. (there is at least two where I question if they are from the 80s or the early 90s, if I was wrong let me say…..so what?)

Ray Campi with Rockabilly Man. I love Ray actually had a video. I first saw this on the Rebel Beat documentary ( future review coming in the future). This one looks fun and who doesn’t love Rockin Ronny!? You lie Ray. You do not have a greasy pompadour. But I still think you’re awesome.

Robert Gordon doing what he does best. Performing killer covers(I made at least 10 of you mad). I think this Johnny Burnette one is his most well-known cover. Nothing flashy just a nice performance and some lip syncing ( I once had to explain that all music videos involved lip syncing and this basically started an angry shouting match…thought I’d share).

Neil Young and the Shocking Pinks with Cry Cry Cry. Not a cover of the Johnny Cash classic. I merely posted this for shits and giggles. Did anyone like this album?

Shakin Pyramids with Take A Trip. I wish there was a better quality. For a band that was more on the acoustic side I feel so much energy here! Stop squinting your eyes it will not get any more clearer.

Ladies and Genltemen A-Ha with “Take On Me”….bad joke. No it’s “Make that Move” by The Rockats. This had to have been recorded over the pond on their mtv. I can’t imagine seeing this here in the U.S. It’s too awesome. Oh boy and I gave Brian Setzer hell on The Brian Setzer Debate. I question if I should have even put this video on this list but I do like this song. On a side note I really want to get a bunch of people together to reenact this video.

The Riverside Trio ! A Blackpool band on a pier playing a nice amalgamation of american styles with just three members. Impressive!…Was the guy at the beginning supposed to be funny. I don’t know…..I’m going to lose sleep over this.

I remember running into this video when I first got into the rockin world. And I read the name “The Polecats”. I wanted to find out who they were. Searched them on YouTube and this popped up and I fell in love.

I would like to point out that David Hidalgo had the greatest goatee of all time. Also for some reason I assume that all of The Paladin’s performances start with someone yelling “POWER SHAKE!”. That last one was horribly false. Nice video but I really want to reach through the screen and hand everyone a towel! Mighty sweaty in the venue.

Another Polecats video “Make a Circuit with Me”. I have the single for this song so I get all giddy when I see it in the beginning. This looks like this is straight out of a classic episode of Doctor Who (my favorite tv show!). I’m pretty sure it is based on the it since Tim Polecat is a whovian (there we had a nerd moment on Rockabilly Nerd).

This video along with almost all the videos (not the Neil Young one) makes me wish I was born a decade or two earlier. And in a different continent. I would kill to know what it was like in the 80s. I need to get my hands on a Tardis (second Doctor Who reference on this post…I’m on fire today!)

Ladies and gentlemen, THE GREATEST ROCKABILLY MUSIC VIDEO OF ALL TIME! This is art. I’m not saying this because Mark Liddel used to be one of my customers when I worked in Orange County. This is serious 80s rockabilly! The 69 action in the cars is gold! Everyone needs to see this at least once!

Like this batch of visual rock n roll? Hated it? Let me know in the comments. Also let know if there’s any great videos I missed out on. Maybe I’ll do a sequel to this. While you’re reading this go Like the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE!

Come back next time when I’ll dress up like I did when I first got into the music and explain to everyone that I’m not a mechanic, tattoo artist, or barber.


2 thoughts on “Lets watch some 80s rockabilly music videos!”

  1. I unfortunately remember the 80s, The Rockats video did make it onto MTV as did the polecats make a circuit, and of course The stray cats. Robert Gordon had a hit with the marshal Crenshaw song Someday someway , The biggest thrill for me was seeing The Rockats on American Bandstand.


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