Psychobilly Nerd: Smell of Kat Q&A

Due to how popular my first attempt at doing a special Psychobilly Nerd post went. I’m going to make it a monthly feature. I’ll do one of my normal features here but involve rockabilly’s sexy cousin Psychobilly! This month though is special. Americans are waiting for the Long Beach Psyclone (the Viva of Psychobilly here in the states). Each year fans of the music wait for the line up that Brando (the guy that books it and basically is helping keep the scene alive in southern California) has kept secret from everyone. When we finally see who is playing. There is always a good handful of acts on the list that causes everyone’s head to explode. For me it was Spain’s Smell of Kat. I discovered these guys on YouTube a few years ago and loved what I heard. Very 80s rockabilly with some balls included. A band overly worthy of playing at Psyclone. In celebration of the event coming. I wanted to talk to some acts playing. So I hunted down SOK’s lead singer Javi. He agreed to answer some questions from an excited fan. The results are right below.

Rockabilly Nerd: Thank you very much for agreeing to answer some questions. You’ll be coming to the U.S. next month for Psyclone, is this going to be your first time over here?

Javi: Yes, it will be our first time in USA and hope not the last! We are really excited about it!

RN:  A Dream of a Thousand Kats is an awesome EP! How did that recording come about?

Javi: Thanks for your kind words! We are really happy with that EP, it was our first release in 17 years! A limited edition of 330 copies were made and it became sold out in 4 months!
The 4 songs on that EP were already wrote before our split up in early 2000’s, so when we came back, we reworked them a little bit and recorded them for our comeback 7″ and we are really happy with the result!

RN:  I also see that you have more material coming with “Why So Serious?”. Anything to expect?

Javi: Yeah! That’s the tittle of our upcoming 7″EP, two original songs (Why So Serious? and Toxic Love) and a cover version of One Cup of Coffee (and a cigarette) reworked on SOK style!
You can hear a preview of it on the following link;
We recorded the three songs early that year in El Rancho Loco Rock and Roll Studio, that P. Paul Fenech owns in Italy, he produced us and did a killer work and he even played the second solo on ” Why So Serious?” and sounds amazing! We are really excited about  this release!
The limited edition 7″EP should be avalaible from september 2016, we really hope we get it on time to bring some at the Psyclone!

RN: Are you excited to be heading to this part of the planet next month?

Javi: Yeah! Sure, really excited to go to the USA, where Rock and Roll and Rockabilly was born! It will be a blast!

RN:  I notice your fans are mostly Psychobilly types out here. Do you consider your music psychobilly or neo rockabilly?

Javi: From the first day, on 1994, we always thought about ourselves as a Neo rockabilly band, but often we are labelled as a Psychobilly band.
We really define our sound as Neo rockabilly but as it doesnt exist something as a Neo rockabilly scene, guess we belong to the psychobilly scene anyway

RN: And finally, is there anything you would like to say to anyone reading this?

Javi: First, thanks to you for your interest in SOK and to all our american friends, see you soon at the Psyclone!!
Like us on facebook, www.facebook/Smellofkat to be informed of our upcoming gigs and releases and ask to the promoters in your area for us! We are ready to rockin’ in your town!

Once again I would like to thank Javi (or is it Javier….I should’ve emailed him asking first…or do I call him Dave) for being so nice to take the time to answer my questions. And in record time no less (I got one band I’ve been waiting almost two months on). The info on P Paul made me lactate a little.

Come back Next time when I’ll hand out condoms outside the Seaport Marina Hotel so no one has a Psyclone baby.


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