Rockin Album Reviews #3

It is that time of the month again. It’s time for Rockin Album Reviews. Where I review a bunch of albums I’ve come across and explain them in my whimsical and witty style. Please note, I’m in no way kissing anyone’s butt in doing these reviews. I do review albums I do not like. Also, Rockabilly Nerd does not like every album and band I hear. If I’m not a fan I just take the high road and don’t bother wasting my time talking smack about the album here.Plus if it isn’t my cup of tea but I know there is a fan base for it I’ll let that fan base know what to expect. With that said enjoy and go buy some records!

The Same Old Shoes “Real Gone Sessions” (El Toro)


Lets start with Italy’s answer to High Noon. Rockin debut! First thing I have a to say. Recorded the way I like it, on tape!  It sounds like they were pulled right out of an obscure compilation and cleaned up with some lemon pledge and BAM! You got some authentic rockabilly. I totally forgive them for having the word “baby” on three song titles. I declare these guys are worthy of appearing at viva one day. Recommended for fans of High Noon or Mike Bell and the Belltones.

The Retrobaits “Your Squeezes Don’t Leave Me” (Western Star) download (2)

One of the members of The Retrobaits gave me a HELLO on Facebook. When I realized they were on Western Star I immediately checked out their latest album. It definitely has that Alan Wilson feel to it. But these guys are very much their own. A few things came to mind about this album. One was I get flashbacks to The Jets in this album.  Mostly in the slow songs that appear (this record has more ballads than your average rockabilly album). But there are plenty of uptempo songs to give it a good balance. This is “dance in your living room with your lady” music. This is music for the love bugs. This is music to make out with your significant other to. This is what you play when you grab someone’s buttocks.  This is perfect for driving around in your car on a long car ride with your lady. This is what you listen to if you refuse to switch to water based pomade. This album will cause at least one baby to be made. That is all I’m saying.

Silvertooth Loos and the Witch “Witch Music” (Sleazy)61jIaz0SPyL._SS500_SS280

I touched on this recently on my list Ten of the Best Rockabilly Albums From The Last 5 Years. So you already know that I love this album! It’s as if the The Cramps were stuck in the swamp living off alligator meat. I’m a fan of Almon Loos’ music especially with the Hoop n Hollers. This takes it to the next level. Some of the sexiest guitars I’ve heard in a while. It almost touches on psychobilly but almost (it barely dips its toes in the waters). In the rockin world this is the most unique release in ages and I heavily recommend grabbing yourself a copy.

The Starjays “Bang! Its the Starjays” (Rhythm Bomb)61K6GHT2h5L._SS500_SS280

Once again a band I’ve mentioned a band before (you can read my article about Rhythm N Blues HERE). But I recently snagged this album up (digitally on amazon cause I was sitting at home and wanted to hear it immediately) and it is another crown jewel in Rhythm Bomb’s arsenal (I’m terrible at expressions). I’m not even going to hold back that I think this is the best thing Roy Kay has ever done (Roy Kay Trio are amazing but….I really like this!). Angelatini became one of my newest favorite females singers after hearing this (I hear she is the Cadillac of women). Musicianship it tight. To make this sound so authentic takes some very talented players. “Bang It’s The Starjays” sounds like they grabbed some obscure 40s recordings and sprinkled some crack on them (Dave Chappelle reference….also I sort of said some thing similar earlier in this article…….I do what I want). This will cause you to snap your fingers and shake your hips until you hear a weird popping sound.

The Meteors “Power of 3” (Mutant Rock)81Ucl-2+LNL._SX425_

If I can talk about Rhythm N Blues, then I can veer into psychobilly! P Paul could do an album with arm pit farts and I would probably love it. One of my favorite bands period, they have surely changed over the years. I beleive they sound even more tough and scary with each release. With every decade their sound changes just a little but keep it psycho and billy. In the 2010s these guys are releasing some of their best material. This is a great follow-up to “Doin the lord’s work” which was one of the best albums released in years. Extra cool points for doing a very original cover of  “I’m the wolf man”.I’ll admit after the first listen I was a little put off by the recording of the vocals. But after a while every song is stuff in your brain. This album will leave you feeling like you can whoop someone’s arse. I sure do and I’m a total pacifist.

Gene Vincent “Boppin N Shaking Italy” (El Toro)


Recorded for Italian television, less than a month after the passing of fellow musician Eddie Cochran (oh dear….thats really sad….kind of regretting typing that and now I understand why the ads for this fail to mention it…lets just forget I said anything). We got 2 great songs recorded in front of a crowd that obviously loves Mr Bi Bop a lula! Both tracks are awesome. “Blue Jean Bop” is one of my favorite rockin tunes. How in the hell was I not aware of “Sexy Ways”. I love this song now and will play this while dancing in the kitchen in the future in front of my girlfriend.

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Come back next time when I’ll cyber bully someone on Tumblr.


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