Ten of the Best Rockabilly Albums From The Last 5 Years

I’ve done so many songs articles. Its about time I did one for albums. Originally a Top 8, I decided to up it to 10! There has just been so many great albums over the years. I could have made a top 20 list. So go ahead and click on the YouTube playlist below as you scroll down to check out music from these amazing and sexy albums.

The Bullets “Go Man Go” (Western Star)3731_0

Produced by Alan Wilson (The Sharks), one sexy batch of guitar playing rockabilly goodness. Nobody sounds like these guys. This album will leave you sweaty and wishing you could play guitar.

Rhythm Shakers “Voodoo” (Wild Records)

000004567402The band that got me back into the rockabilly world’s sophmore effort ends of blowing away their first album. Magnificent soft structure. Sweet guitars (does anyone say “sweet” any more or is that too 90s?), Marlene’s voice brings in the tear drop in the vocal cords that made singers like Selena famous.

The Blue Cats “Best Dawn Yet” (Bluelight Records)


The neo rockabilly album on this list. Before I came across this album I had never heard their music. I love that unlike most genres, rockabilly bands can still release their best material 3 decades into their career (don’t bother naming anyone in other musical styles I’ll just ignore you).

Silvertooth Loos and The Witch “Witch Music” (Sleazy)

hqdefaultYes I know. This album is brand spanking new that is still covered in placenta. But I heard this album recently and it just slapped me across the face. This is everything I hope to hear in an album. Swampy Cramps-like guitar. Hearing this album feels like rising from the grave to whoop someones ass while drinking moonshine (and I’ve never had moonshine).

B and The Bops “All Tangled Up!” (Rhythm Bomb)download (1)

Songs from this album constantly get stuck in my head. Seriously. I had a dream where the first track was playing on a loop! Thats all I’m gonna say. Someone please inform the band that I dream of them.

Marc and the Wild Ones “The Rockin Beat of” (Rhythm Bomb)c19fc4aa5dba2ca8f92e361d7d2ab0ae

I promised I wouldn’t do too many albums off one record label. Loud, up tempo, shake your ass rock n roll! This is meant to be played on really expensive headphones while walking down the street.

Jittery Jack “Gonna have a time with” (Rhythm Bomb)imagesIf you are not from Boston, you will most like think you are from Boston, or have some odd pride for Boston after this album is over. During that time you’ll stroll and tap your toes until their is a hole in the floor. Great album and great artist to see live with Miss Amy. Also…you’ll end up talking with a fake Boston accent for about 3 weeks!

JD Mcpherson “Let the Good Times Roll” (Rounder)downloadI fell head over heels (complete coincidence that I typed that and there is a song called “head over heels” on the album) over Signs and Signifiers. I was waiting on this with so much excitement and this album surpassed my expectations. You could cry and say it is not a real rockabilly album. But I feel JD and Jimmy Sutton took rock n roll and gave it a real modern sound mixed with the old. As Sam Phillips once said “if you’re not doing something new then you’re not doing anything”. Then Sam did a mic drop.

The Wise Guyz “Hot Summer Nights” (El Toro)61B46YosIfL._SS500_SS280Every song here spanks that “Don’t touch my greasy hair” song out of the stratisphere! Just a great raw rockin album of pure rockabilly goodness.

The Delta Bombers “self titled” (Wild Records)51I7gCNRP+L._SS500_SS280The reason this list went from 8 or 10 best albums. This had a slight shift in styles for the band. Staying true to their sound but with a little more experimentation. This is one of the best  and unique Wild releases of all time. I’m on pins and needles to hear what else they are capable of doing.

Like what you read? Hated it? Leave a comment. Any albums you feel should be acknowledge or I should check out? Let me know. Feel free to share this on social media. While you’re here, go LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE!

Come back next time where I’ll explain why Bettie Paige is an inspiration to plus size women, then discover that she was so skinny you could see her ribs….its completely true. She was not fat at all!!!


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