Conan O’Brien is a rockabilly guy

Long before I got into the bass slapping, sexy guitar sounds of rockabilly. I was a chubby kid that loved (still loves) silly outlandish comedy. Who was the king of comedy for me? One person I admired, was Conan O’Brien!

I would wait and maybe sit through a few excrutiating minutes of Leno to see what that red headed wonder had in store for me. For my generation I considered him our Johnny Carson (though I never once ever watched Carson even back in the day). He was smart, goofy, and had wild hair that I would never ever emulate. As much of a music nerd as I’ve been over the years, I tended to skip the live acts on his show. I just wanted a laugh or a poop joke from Triumph. Little did my chunky self know that I was missing out on some amazing artists that I would later idolize.

Yep, that was Big Sandy and His Fly Rite Boys back in 1996. I thought that was interesting. Does Conan love the BILLY?

Turns out he does! Big Sandy isn’t the only artist to appear.

Ronnie Dawson playing Monkey Beat ! This set was “Action Packed”…get it? I believe he is back up by High Noon!

Robert Gordon, legendary rockabilly revivalist popped up back in 2008 (I know the date because it’s on the video, I didn’t have to do any intense research for that). Ridiculously funny, and with an amazing taste in music. I wonder if he has tried to record any rockabilly?

You can do better than this!

Okay better! I’m not a fan of Jack White, but its pretty awesome to hear that Eddie Cochran classic played on national tv in America! That is unbelievably unheard of now a days!

His house band, Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable band did a gig with Deke Dickerson!

Here is our homeboy impregnating a crowd with Brian Setzer! (I won’t make a joke involving them starting a band and calling it “Conan O’Brien Setzer”…you’re welcome)

He is good friends with JD McPherson (I wanna be friends with both….a man can dream).

He also mourned with us recently over Scotty Moore . Video of his thoughts on his passing HERE.

God bless him! All this time, didn’t realize he was cooler than he already was.

Being a goofy guy growing up. Then becoming a goofy adult. I’ve ran into people who weren’t so kind about my love of rockin music. Some telling me that this music isn’t for people like me. These types of people think that to live this kind of lifestyle you have to be some type of hoodlum of some sort or even some type of punker. For me, to see someone like Conan be into this style of music makes me feel like I have some type of validation. Of course over the years I’ve ran into plenty of respectful, goofy and funny people who love this. But Coco (you’ve been waiting for me to call him Coco, I know it) to me is the king of comedy and goofy goodness. I’m happy he is playing for the same team. Thank you very much sir.

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Come back next time when I do an entire article about how much Steve Martin enjoys tuba solos!


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