Rockabilly Songs That Should Be in a Tarantino movie

If the Rockin world has one guy that is spreading the good word to a mainstream audience I believe we should give praise to Quentin Tarantino. There are others guys like Conan O’Brien. But with each film he releases there a pretty big following of fans that love the music he chooses for his scenes. From Charlie Feathers and the  5,6,7,8s in Kill Bill. To his most recent cinematic masterpiece Hateful Eight, which featured Johnny Kid and the Pirates, J.D. McPherson, and KING DRAPES! A freakin Teddy Boy band made their way into an American made movie! Someone pinch me! The following list is a batch of songs I wish could make their way to Mr Tarantino’s ear. Songs I feel are worthy to be played while someone it getting disemboweled or blown up. Enjoy!

Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers “Teddy Boy Boogie”

As I mentioned before King Drapes were on the recent soundtrack. I was excited but I feel like I would be more excited if it wasn’t an instrumental (beside the chuga chuga boom boom boom part). If I were to do a film I  feel I would definitely love to include a teddy boy song to expose to an American audience. Who better than Crazy Cavan?! THE teddy boy band! Something about this song screams, getting into a fight. It’s not even a fast song but it makes me think of violence.

Jittery Jack “Something Wicked This Way Comes”

I remember listening to “Lets Have A Time” and hearing this track and going OH MY! I immediately had images of this being the opening credits to a film. Miss Amy’s guitars make it sound perfect an interlude to something badass. Lets see if that can ever happen.

Roddy Jackson “Hiccups”

Much like how he chose an obscure (obscure to the public at large) artist like Charlie Feathers. Lets take it a step farther back. Here is one of my favorite tracks from 50s piano pounder Roddy Jackson. He was on the same label as Little Richard and one of the few singers to be backed by a multi racial band back in those days.

Lil Luis y Los Wild Teens “Delincuente”

Earlier this year a lot of Wild Records artists had their music featured on the tv version of From Dusk Til Dawn. The show based on the movie that featured Mr Tarantino. The old school analog song would be perfect. Especially one of Wild’s OG spanish language releases from Lil Luis Y Los Wild Teens!

Marcel Bontempi “Big Fat Spider”

God I love this song! Basically there should be a movie featuring all of Mr Bontempi’s songs. Even with some Montesas thrown in there!

The Delta Bombers “Come Home”

There I’ve hit my quota of Delta Bombers mentions this month! The last track off their self titled Wild release, this screams cinematic goodness. I can see this played while driving through a desert…..possibly with a dead body in the trunk.

Silvertooth Loos and the Witch “I Can Eat”

Silvertooth Loos definitely blew my mind at this years VIVA! I can picture this playing while the good guy starts grabbing all the weapons he needs to vanquish some mafia nazis or something along those lines.

Ray Campi “Give Me A Taste”

Quentin Tarantino should do another Rollin Rock alum. Who better than Ray Campi! This was off Hollywood Cats and (unless someone can correct me) probably the dirtiest song he has ever done. It’s still pretty PG. Can’t even imagine where this would be included in a film….80s strip club?

Benny Joy “Crash The Party”

One of my favorite of the obscure 50s artists. Ending credits music? I think so!

Did you like the list? Are you going to steal my idea and make a movie of your own using this as a soundtrack? Any songs you think would be perfect that I didn’t include? Think Quentin should steal my idea? Cause that would be awesome!Then leave me a comment or send me an email in the contacts.  While you’re at it, go LIKE the official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE!

Come back next time where I’ll make a list of psychobilly songs that could be used in a fourth Human Centipede movie!



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