Random Rockabilly Factoids!

Lets have some fun! No reviews, interviews, or articles (that won’t give me hate mail!). I’m about to lay down random facts about rockabilly artists and rockabilly related goodness that you might not know about. Or absolutely know about cause all of this is available to know publicly. I’m just putting it into one spot!

Tim Polecat from The Polecats helps make movies!

I ran into this recently and was very shocked to see that Tim Polecat been involved in some interesting projects. One thing I haven’t totally gotten over, is that some artists aren’t just in bands. It turns out he is a skilled artist. And set designer. He has worked on music videos for artists, including Prince. And the 1991 Kevin Bacon film Pyrates. To read up on other stuff he has worked on you can check out his imdb HERE.

Cash O’Riley was on TLC’s…..Sex Sent Me To The E.R.

Michigan Rockabilly musician Cash O’Riley had an epic evening with his lady. And we get to hear about it. I’ve never heard of this show until this happened on the TLC show called Sex Sent Me To The E.R. Spoiler Alert…..HE HAD A MINOR STROKE….DURING SEX!! He is alright and still does music so I don’t feel bad about posting about a guy having a stroke. GO HERE TO WATCH A CLIP!

Stray Cats appeared in a weird kids tv movie.

In 1989 I was watching some kids programs and THIS movie popped up (I should make it clear that I was a kid). Its a weird weird WEIRD movie. Mother Goose Rock N Rhyme was a film about Mother G’s son looking for his mother. Rock stars such as ZZ Top pop up. Along with Little Richard as Nate King Cole. And the Stray Cats! This was an early introduction for me though I didn’t become a full fledged fan for another decade. So I watch this. They have Georgie Porgie. He has a bar. And there is the Stray Cats! Here they play…Cats. Full on make up and cat tails glued on to their buttocks. I feel I should emphisize has weird this movie is. You can watch the whole thing HERE and acid may be required.

Rick Grimes loves rockabilly!


In the most recent season there was an episode called “New World”. Some where in the beginning Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon get in a truck to head on a mission. Daryl begs Rick not to play any music. But its Rick Grimes, he is a Michone humping rockin cat! He starts playing Ronnie Dawson’s “Action Packed”. In that moment every rockabilly guy and girl eyes popped out of their head!

Let me explain the pic of Gene Simmons!


Don’t click away! Just bare with me here! Now this isn’t so much a FACT. As its something that has been spread around. But some of us may know that Gene Simmons is not his real name. It is Chaim Witz. Where did he get the stage name? Well rumor has it that he picked the name from former Sun Records artist…..Gene Simmons! I should play this around Kiss fans and confuse them.

Mr “Don’t Mess With My Ducktail” could have driven you home

Some of my favorite stories about the rockabilly revival of the 70s and 80s were the ones involving people finding the old obscure rockin singers. These guys were oblivious that a record they did 30 years earlier was big on the other side of the planet in the UK and Europe. Most of these guys didn’t have any hits at all during the 50s. Either their songs were a complete flop at the time or weren’t even released until the 80s when european fans wanted more stuff to release. Most of the time they picked up regular every jobs. One job that tends to get picked up that some guys went on to become bus drivers. Who in the hell was a bus driver? Turns out in New Orleans, Louisiana Joe Clay was that example. To think, people are rocking out to something you made three decades ago and you’re driving kids to school. Totally clueless until one day when you’re approached by an guy from England. I grew up just above Louisiana and that sounds like the making of a great movie script.

SpongeBob RockinPants!

If you’re like me(unless you’re a little older than me), you grew up on watching SpongeBob SquarePants….even as an adult I’ll watch it! I would have never have guessed that I would end up running into the creator and voice Tom Kenny at a J.D. McPherson show.


That is me sandwiched between Tom Kenny (said voice of SpongeBob) and Deke Dickerson. I was truely star struck and over weight. I assumed he may have just recently gotten into this type of music.

Nope he shows up occasionally at rockabilly shows. Like this one featuring Wild Recording artist Gizzelle. Its cool he has discovered the rockin world.

I was wrong! 1993! Seems our buddy has been rockin and rollin for some time now in the LA area before striking it big on kids television.

It doesn’t end there! 1989, here is a fully recorded concert with his band Tom Kenny and the Pushballs.

He still likes to perform. Here is the man singing a J.D. McPherson song. Its so nice to have someone I was a fan of for years playing on our team!

Like these nuggets of goodness? Did you learn something? Were you annoyed that I posted everything you’ve known for years? Let me know in the comments section. Also you can go Like the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE!

Come back next time where I’ll try to pomp a Hobbit’s foot hair.



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