Rockin Album Reviews #2

I know how this usually works. A blog does a review of just the latest releases. Well I live by my own rules baby! I’m a rebel! I march to the beat of my own drum. I grab the bull by the horns. I shave the chicken. I moonwalk forwards. I….. run out of generic terms. Here I picked 5 releases that I’ve recently came across that I already feel should be bronzed and placed in a museum. So future generations can listen and instantly become impregnated. Enjoy!

The Tremors : Demon Boogie Fever (Brain Drain 2009)


I got wind of these guys after a member of the band grabbed my attention (word is getting around that Rockabilly Nerd is a big deal). So I gave their music a shot. Thinking “oh god please don’t suck…I don’t wanna hurt anyones feelings!”. Low and behold, what I heard. Was some kick ass Hillbilly influenced rockabilly! Good chunk of the album are covers but they pull them off to make them their own. Lead vocalist Jimmy Tremor got a voice that would make Lux Interior proud. Great guitars that almost never go distorted. I kept listening and I almost kept thinking that they were about to go psychobilly on us. But its straight up hillbilly rockin music. These guys are definitely from North Carolina. Their sound embraces the BILLY in ROCKABILLY. Being a southerner by birth myself I just ate this up. I heavily recommend these guys if you’re a fan of old school psychobilly, Hillbilly Hellcats, Hayseed Dixie, or anything with a country twang that doesn’t take themselves too seriously (like Hank 3). You can purchase their music HERE!

The Tremors: Hillbilly Feud (Brain Drain 2014)


Yep I got two albums by a band on here! Basically if you loved the last album then you’ll love this! What I didn’t go into on the last album was the bass slapping! Probably one of the reasons I almost…ALMOST thought of them as a psycho band is purely cause of the quick and fast bass slapping! Slim Perkins slaps the hell out of it. I might just call the cops for that much abuse. Someone here on the west coast needs to book these guys for a rockabilly festival (I’m looking at you So Cal Hoedown and Horton Hayride….VIVA?!).

The Desperados: Wont Be Broken (WILD RECORDS 2015)

Grabbed this at VIVA 19. Been wanting it for the last year. Popped this in my cd player and after maybe the 3rd listen. This quickly became one of my favorite WILD releases! Hell I thought they couldn’t top “On The Rampage” but this sure as hell bitch slapped their debut. Ridiculously intense energy. Wild and Loud! I realize now that I should not have been shocked that there were mosh pits going on when they hit the stage in Santa Ana a couple of years ago (I had to get the hell out of there!). Everything is tight. Popeye once again kicks ass on bass. David Covarrubias drumming made me scream. Slim is a legit front man, like if 50s Johnny Cash had a kid with Jim Morrison and gave birth on a Ouija board. I feel the real MVP here is Mr David Espinoza (the reason I’m freaked out that I listen to people younger than me). Track after track of epic guitars. Each different from the last. These guys deserve to be huge! If you haven’t seen these guys live hurry up and go see them immediately. You can get this WILD release HERE!

Various Artists: Essential Rockabilly The Sun Story (One Day Records 2011)


If you are a fan of Sun Records, like every human being should be. You most likely own a Sun Compilation of some sort. Well this is the mother of them all (excluding box sets)! Released in a set of albums involving various record labels from the 50s called Essential Rockabilly from One Day Records. They came out with one for Sun. Where it all began. This comp is unique. In that it’s not just 4 or 5 artists ( I bought a 3 disc box set years ago and has more artists and better variety in just 2!!). If you just got the other compilations that have been released through out the years you probably never heard anything by Sonny Burgess, Gene Simmons, or Edwin Bruce. Hell they found room for female artists Barbra Pittman, and the Miller Sisters. When the title says “Essential Rockabilly” its telling the truth. As of now I declare this ESSENTIAL to your music collections. You can get yourself a copy HERE!

Restless: Originals (Bluelight 2015)


This April I got to see Restless for the first time ever at VIVA (technically the second but I was dragged out of the music festival by my friend…jerk). I was so thrilled and it was an amazing set. It was an amazing set. But I had a complaint. They didn’t play any new songs! And I absolutely love their newer material. But besides that I feel I that I could die happy, knowing that I got to see them. Now to this album. These Neo Rockabilly giants continue their streak of good albums. Starting with “Seconds Out”. Its super impressive to see a band that has been around this long record and tour so much non stop and still release great albums. Mark Harman’s guitars as good as ever. Still knows how turn a phrase. He can make the word “Hullabaloo” sound cool! Bass and drums equally electrifying! Restless still has the magic they had when “Why Don’t You Just Rock” was released 30 some odd years ago. Any fan of their early material or any 80s rockabilly needs to pick this up immediately. Best Tracks” Rat A Tat Tat, Runaway Train, Don’t Say it Unless You Mean It. You can purchase this album HERE!

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Come back next time when I’ll attempt to cuff my jeans all the way to my knees!


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