The Caezars Q&A : Band says goodbye!

HAIL CAEZAR!! I’ve loved these guy’s music for a few years now. From being the perfect fit for WILD RECORD’S rockabilly meets garage mix(Shakedown). To heading over to Ambassador Records and having a brilliant rock n roll record produced by Darrel Higham (Imelda May’s guitar player…you know he’s Darrel F***ing Higham. I didn’t even need to mention Imelda May)(Welcome to the Mainstream). What will go down as one of my life’s biggest regret. Is never seeing The Caezars live! So you can imagine how I probably acted when I went on my android phone and saw a Facebook update. The Caezars were breaking up. This announcement was followed by the news that they were doing some farewell shows (none of which were here in the US). But these guys were nice enough to chat it with me. Scroll down to see what went down.


Rockabilly Nerd: thank you very much for agreeing to talk to me. What are the reasons for the band breaking up?

The Caezars: No worries, it’s a pleasure to chat. There aren’t any concrete reasons as such, we’re all still friends, and all still loving music. It’s best viewed as a positive decision, a step forward, a spring clean.

Rockabilly Nerd: Any future plans or projects from you or any of the other band members?

The Caezars: Yeaaaa Mikey has his finger in many a’pie. As does Jim, and I’m (AJ) looking forward to teaming up with his banjo skills to bring an early country music project out. Danny is still thumping his guitar in a fantastic Rock n Roll band The DB3. There’s more in the pipeline, but we’ve always liked to tease.

RN:  What was the best moment or moments as a member of The Caezars?

The Caezars: Viva Las Vegas Festival, Moscow, Rockin Race in Spain was probably the funniest weekend of our lives. Pushing Danny round on a bin in Dresden was funnier than it should have been. In fact that whole tour with our friend Dollar Bill on the drums was the most tiring, enjoyable and boozy tour 2 kidneys could handle. I think we played some gigs as well…?

RN: What is your favorite Caezar’s album and why?

The Caezars: Ummm….. I think they all have their own merit. I don’t know myself? I really liked the latest 45, it had a good feel to it. Which I think we skated around accidentally in the past, even if the songs may have been better.

RN: I like the new and final single and video “Even the graveyards dead”. When did you guys record that?

The Caezars: Well thank you! We recorded the video some time ago with Bopflix. We shelved it when we realised we’d probably split, but it seemed silly to hide it away so it leaked out in the end. I think it might have been near my birthday because my shoes look new. So… March-ish. A Spring in the last few years haha.

RN:  And finally is there anything you would like to say to anyone reading this?

The Caezars: Thank you, really.It’s hard to put it into words and avoid dinging the cliché bell. But. All the people that were willing to donate their hard-earned money and time to our band, and our little vision and our noise, you have shaped the life of a group of young blokes. We’re forever in your debt for that, and hopefully we gave you some fun along the way too. Keep supporting music on all levels; you can’t use an illegally downloaded MP3 as a coaster when it starts skipping; and don’t be asked 3 times to move to the front. 

I would like to thank The Caezars for taking the time to chat with me. I’m very honored. I honestly thought this would be the one time someone would tell me to piss off. So if you see any of these guys in the future. Buy them a beer and tell them Rockabilly Nerd sent you. Go to their official website and BUY THEIR MUSIC HERE!! Do it! Also you can LIKE the Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE. Good luck on all your future endeavors.

Come back next time when I’ll explain to a mechanic that Black Flag was not a huge inspiration for Carl Perkins.



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