10 of the Best Rockabilly Strollers

I got a confession ladies and gentlemen. I can’t dance. I was given two left feet at birth. Sure I can walk and strut down the street. But I’m worthless in the dance floor. Thankfully, I’m a guy. So when the DJ puts on a stroller it doesn’t matter. I can sit this one out (like I did every song that night) and watch the ladies. All guys at show do it. Lets us be as creepy as we wanna be while good music is playing (some of us could be creepier but we’re not going to talk about them). What makes a stroller? There is usually some type of early R&B influence. Some songs are that, just R&B and not even rockabilly. A lot of horns. A lot of piano. Sometimes a real sexy guitar. Infectious drumming. In my opinion strollers fit right in with the rockin universe. So celebrate the stroll (and checking out ladies on the dance floor) here are 10 of my favorite strollers (or songs I consider strollers). Enjoy!

Trini Lopez “Sinner Not a Saint” 

I feel every DJ either owns this or should own it. Great R&B. Hell that would cause a guy to go out there and stroll.


Okay okay. Nevermind.

Jittery Jack “Something Wicked this way comes”

One of the newer songs on the list. I can see someone smoking while dancing to this. Or hiding a body. Few strollers can give me that image. Like really few..next to none.

Jimmy Edwards “Do that again”

Now this one I’ve never heard at a show. I came across it after finding a full Jimmy Edwards comp “Love Bus Crawl” on YouTube (you can listen to HERE). I’m not fluent on strollers. But I can see this being a good to hit the floor!

The Bullets “While you were sleeping”

Another new one in the mix. One of my favorite current artists The Bullets! “Go Man Go” is one of my favorite albums to come out the last couple of years. This is a sexy number (kinda goes with the creepy theme from earlier) but sexy nonetheless (I’m right and there is nothing wrong with me….right?  Its musically sexy!).

Freddy Cannon “Tallahassee Lassie”

Good example that there were great songs in the early 60s. Since I tend to believe that was the most evil decade in the world of music.

Mike Pedicin “Burnt Toast and Black Coffee”

This is one of my favorite strollers! Though honestly I couldn’t figure out which one I liked more. The Alex Vargas Wild Records version. Or this one. I figured I’d go with the best of the earliest versions. This song was covered more than once but this has the horns and is just plain sexy.

JD McPherson “Fire Bug”

Its that piano and drums. I tell you! I feel like you can’t have a rockabilly/rocknroll list without Jd McPherson. So here you go. The part of the post where I bring up JD. Drink it in man.

The Blonde Bomber “Strollie Bun”

I swear this post has more horns in it than the rhino section of zoo! Ska bands be jealous! Sorry for the lack of Rockabilly type rockabilly. But I’m doing this for the ladies!

Jack Rabbit Slim “Dirty Magazine”

“Let me see you strip, she’s a kittin with a whip, kitten with a whip yeah”. You ever listen to Jack Rabbit Slim and assume he just walks into porn scenarios all day long? That’s just me? Ok forget I said anything and keep strolling….scrolling. I meant scrolling.

Billy Harlan “I wanna bop”

Picture it. All the ladies (and one guy) are strollin. To a song that has the title about wanting to bop! Sure he says both in the song. But I find this funny. There is always that one guy that tries and fails. Or there is that one that knows how to do it perfectly.

Did I get you dancin? Did you like this list? Share this on social media. Leave me a message. Let me know if there is any strollers you feel should have been posted. While you’re at it go Like the Official Rockabilly Nerd Facebook page HERE.

Come back next time when I’ll learn to do the bop. Bare foot. In my home. Where there are legos!


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