So Cal Hoedown: Will it be a Hoot?

And the award for worst title goes to….me!

I’m sure all the Orange County Mike Ness worshippers are happy. No there isn’t a new Social D album out….or is there….I don’t keep up with that crap. Another event (even bigger than Horton Hayride) has come to replace Hootenanny( or Ink N Iron). Consider the So Cal Hoedown as your new step dad. I saw the logo and I was very intrigued. I read the band list. First the headliner, Wanda Jackson! I’d gladly pay 25 bucks to see her. Hell I’d pay double to see a legend like her. Next, Nekromantix. I’m down.These guys are high on my list of kick ass live bands. Alright, who is next? Throw Rag….*shrugs*. Supersuckers……*shrugs*. Deadbolt….*throws lap top out the window*. Of course this is purely my opinion. Well at least its not a line up filled with punk bands.



Now, this is not a rockabilly festival. This is a cow punk/ quasi rockabilly/ sort of americana festival that has a small handful of rockabilly bands in it (also Throw Rag has to eat, those poor kids). That is like mistakenly calling Coachella the BET Awards(heavily exaggerated but that popped in my head and I wanted to type it….its my blog!). This is in no way a slap in the face to the creators of this festival. It is brilliantly set up. The whole line up would be perfect for your average Hootenanny. Only you’d have to add one or two more punk bands and cut out two or three rockabilly acts. Don’t get me wrong. I’d definitely would go. Though I feel I’d spend a small chunk of the evening eating funnel cake…will they have funnel cake?

With a lot of festivals like this. There will be a big chunk of people who are just going to show up (I lived in Orange County for 10 years, don’t even pretend this isn’t accurate) for the headliner. Or at least they will see Throwrag, Supersuckers, and Deadbolt (I promised to not dis any bands, but I just really don’t like Deadbolt). So for your benefit I have compiled a list of artists that you should not miss out on at the So Cal Hoedown.

Slim Jim Phantom Trio 

Who in southern California hasn’t seen the former Stray Cat drummer Slim Jim Phantom play in some band or another about 10 times in the last decade? I’ve seen him in 13 Cats, Tim Polecat solo, and solo (backed by members of Danny Dean and the Home Wreckers). Here is your chance to see a former Stray Cat live. Always fun to see him. And later if he’s sitting down some where, make sure to look at him in complete shock. Since I refuse to believe he ever sits down (I’m pointing out that he plays drums standing up…you can laugh now).

Sun Demons

OG OC neo rockabilly outfit. I’ve met members before playing for other bands (The Rayford Bros). Not going to lie. These guys have totally been off my radar. Looks like they followed fellow oc rockabilly bands (like the Rockin Rebels) and got back together. I gotta tell you, I’ve been looking up their material for this particular paragraph and I’m loving what I’m hearing!I wanna hunt down there albums now.


Not rockabilly. But good outlaw country. Real country is about as underground as possible now a days. Did anyone see the CMT awards? It had Pitbull opening for it…the rapper. I think I’d feel a little rebellious seeing this Ameripolitan Award winning band. And that is a good thing.

Sandbox Bullies

I’d place these guys in the category of Revved Up Rockabilly. Orange County has a good amount of fans of Hard Fall Hearts, Three Bad Jacks, and Chop Tops fans. That is what these guys remind me of. You know, those first bands you got into right after your friend encouraged you to listen to that burned Horrorpops cd 11 years ago. Check them out. Also they once gave me a free band shirt and this is my way of paying them back.


If you didn’t borrow a Horrorpops cd then it was a probably Nekromantix one. That band from Denmark that relocated to the OC a few years back. One of the biggest psychobilly bands in existence. I’ve seen them live and i feel it impacted my life (the place was packed, there was a girl wearing high heels there and kept stepping on my feet). I don’t care if you’re not into psycho music you should see them if you haven’t already done so 20 times.

Wanda Jackson

Did you think she wasn’t included? Its Wanda Jackson…..its Wanda freakin Jackson! One of the last left of the original lady rockers. She still plays shows and festivals. God bless her!  I want to see her live and bask is her awesomeness. I wanna shake hands with her and feel like I touched history.

My conclusion: this festival is worth going to. Which is impressive. Seeing that the last two Hootenannys I didn’t even bother thinking about going. And I know. It’s not the Hoot. Its like calling your new girlfriend by your exes name constantly (in bed). Give me some time Hoedown. You’ll be successful this year. I guarantee it. And we’ll all forget the dumpster fire that was Hoot. The event happens August 13 in Downtown Santa Ana. Official website HERE.

Come back next time. Where I’ll show up to the Queen Mary, completely forgetting that Ink n Iron doesn’t exist anymore.




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